Worried about eCommerce Integrations? Zoey Has You Covered

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The Zoey eCommerce Platforms combines the projected capabilities that buyers typically expect from an online commerce Platforms with accurately designed B2B capabilities. Zoey comes with experience in managing complex eCommerce scenarios and making them more efficient. The Platforms also offers a broad range of solutions that allow B2B and wholesale companies to move digital orders quickly, capitalizing on technology to improve sales. Zoey also offers capabilities that enable businesses to create websites that can provide better visibility to current as well as future customers.

Some of Zoey’s Top Class Integrations


It allows businesses to accept online payments in Zoey with the help of the Stripe Payment Gateway. Zoey is already integrated with Stripe, which is a payment gateway that comes with a very easy pricing model that businesses can benefit from. There are no monthly charges, refund costs or other hidden charges. Stripe is one of the most economical, reliable and user friendly payment gateways in the world. Moreover, all the earnings from Stripe are automatically transferred to the bank account on a 7-day rolling basis. It accepts all the main global debit or credit cards, along with Visa, MasterCard and American Express from customers anywhere in the world. Zoey also supports Stripe’s Google Pay, Apple Pay and ACH capabilities along with this integration.

NetSuite Connector

If a business wants to connect NetSuite to Zoey, its first-party connector can help. The integration allows users to sync custom objects, as well as native NetSuite objects. These syncs can be started on a set agenda, or after certain actions are completed. Businesses can send Customers & Contacts from NetSuite to Zoey as Accounts & Customers. They can also send new Accounts & Customers from Zoey to NetSuite, send Customers without an Account from Zoey to NetSuite and sync Pricing Groups in NS to Customer Groups in Zoey.

Salesforce Connector

It provides businesses with the capacity to map any Salesforce Object from Salesforce to Zoey Products, Orders, Customers or Quotes, to plan the direction and agenda for synchronization, to identify a “filter” for which records in an object will be harmonized (to set a Salesforce Field like “Sync With Zoey (Y/N)” on any SF object so Zoey knows which records from that object to sync. With this integration, users can create new products from Salesforce in Zoey, synchronize and constantly update product prices and inventory from Salesforce to Zoey and more.

QuickBooks Online Connector

If a business wants to connect QuickBooks Online to Zoey eCommerce Platforms, its first-party connector can prove to be helpful. They can sync orders, create invoices, and link Net Terms with QuickBooks Online. The integration allows businesses to create QuickBooks Invoices whenever a Zoey Order is created, invoice Zoey orders when QuickBooks invoices are paid, and create and synchronize Zoey customers and accounts.


LiveChat is a live chat and messaging Platforms that can be easily integrated into the user’s Zoey store. It helps capture more leads and close more sales. Having LiveChat on the website means that users can provide instant answers and a more personalized experience to shoppers. For businesses, it means more fulfilled customers, more resolved problems, and more sold products.


Does your business need an easy way to add PayPal to your Zoey store? It is highly recommended that you try PayPal Express Checkout. The setup is fast and simple; plus, there’s no application process and no set-up fees. Moreover, adding PayPal as a payment gateway is an excellent business decision. More than 179 million shoppers choose to pay with PayPal, so adding it to the site links businesses with an enormous audience of potential customers. PayPal Express Checkout also leverages PayPal’s OneTouch technology, which turns a normal checkout into a one-click experience. The comfort of checkout created by OneTouch enhances checkout speed, increasing conversions and sales on the site.

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