A Complete Guide to the Top Cybersecurity Companies

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Top Cybersecurity Companies

In 2021, data breaches cost companies $4.24 million per incident.

Can your company afford this huge hit? Probably not.

You’ve worked hard to build your business from the ground up, so don’t let one data breach take it down.

It’s always a good idea to have the best technology installed on all devices, such as top firewalls and antivirus programs. Having GRC software helps as well. But the best way to upgrade your online safety is to work with cybersecurity companies, as they’ll have the expertise to keep you safe and secure.

There are quite a few of them around, so it might be difficult to whittle down your options. So keep reading for a guide to the top cybersecurity companies around.


IBM is a household name that’s been around since 1911. Today, it’s present in over 171 countries, which is a testimony to its success.

In 2020, Forrester recognized IBM as a leader in global managed security services. This company is also a Level 1 MSSP Competency Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

It’s true that IBM focuses on a wider range of technology, but ultimately, it also offers comprehensive cybersecurity services that are tough to beat. They have services like data monitoring, encryption, zero-trust services, application security, and more. And not only that, but it’s also fantastic to partner with if you need enterprise security services.

IBM has an online self-assessment test that’s easy for companies to use. Add in their flexibility and power, and IBM is practically unmatched in quality.


McAfee’s another household name in cybersecurity, seeing as the company’s been around since 1987. There’s a good chance that you’ve used their individual antivirus solutions in your home. It should then come as no surprise that McAfee also has cybersecurity solutions for organizations and enterprises.

McAfee’s got great features in addition to antivirus protection, such as gaming security, identity protection, and a secure virtual private network (VPN). As for enterprise security, you’ll enjoy integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and McAfee LiveSafe support for Samsung computers.

McAfee has regular updates to its services to ensure all current threats are covered.


Microsoft is already a big name in the tech space, so naturally, it’s got its reach in cybersecurity as well. Because it’s such a giant in this industry, Microsoft doesn’t disappoint with its capabilities.

For individual plans, you’ll get features like parental controls and safe driving reports. And as for enterprise plans, you’ll benefit from advanced threat protection, as well as file activity monitoring and customizable access permissions.

Not only does Microsoft have top-of-the-line cybersecurity features, but you’ll also get their handy programs bundled together. For example, you’ll get Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Additional features include cloud storage and premium creative content.

Current customers say the 365 threat protection tool is amazing. Not only is it cost-effective, but it has a wide variety of defense mechanisms against the toughest of threats.

VMware Carbon Black

45% of full-time American employees worked from home at least part of the time in 2021, and this trend won’t go away. In fact, it’ll only increase, as more employers realize the importance of remote work.

Because of this, you’ll need endpoint security. This is protection for your network when it’s accessed through remote devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops, and other wireless devices).

VMware Carbon Black is focused completely on endpoint security. Like many other companies in this article, it aims to proactively find threats before they can cause havoc. This is done through analyses of attackers’ behavior patterns.

When looking at next-generation antivirus vendors, VMware Carbon Black has the least false positives.


An important part of cybersecurity is employee awareness. The workforce acts as the first line of defense; if they know what to look for, then things like antivirus software don’t even need to kick in.

To provide your company with comprehensive cybersecurity training, count on KnowBe4. In 2020, Forrester Research recognized this company as a leader in security awareness. Considering the SEO started the business in 2011 by hiring the world’s most wanted hacker (Kevin Mitnick), you can bet that this company knows cybersecurity inside and out.

Not only does KnowBe4 have training modules, but it also has a simulated phishing program. As with the other companies on this list, it receives regular updates so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re staying on top of the latest threats.

If you’re on the fence about starting a paid account with this business, you can always start with a free demo. This will allow you to see if their services fit your needs without a financial commitment.


This English company focuses on the power of artificial intelligence (AI). While yes, it’s important for humans to recognize the warning signs of data breaches, Darktrace aims to harness AI so we don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

This cybersecurity agency has developed an Enterprise Immune System, which can detect and eliminate online threats, much like human immune systems. This is thanks to its machine learning and AI, which thoroughly understand how a company works and what threats to look for.

This is a piece of technology you want on your side, especially if your organization is often targeted for cyberattacks.

Choose From the Top Cybersecurity Companies

There’s a good selection of top cybersecurity companies to work with. Each has its own strengths, which makes it a good idea to pick and choose those best for your company’s needs.

Creating a good mix of technology is vital to your business’s success. Make sure your digital defenses are up to scratch by only going with the best.

You now know about the best cybersecurity options around. Upgrade your data security even further by signing up for 360Quadrants today. We’ve got the right software for your company.

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