Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Companies

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In today’s technologically advanced world, cybersecurity decreases the dangers of data breaches and company exposure to cyber-attacks. It protects data and processes by preventing sensitive information from being exposed and mitigating cyber threats. Cybersecurity vendors play an important role in driving business resilience because they protect you against data theft, breaches, and other threats. Innovative security measures, real-time detection, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered risk assessment, and more are used by these firms to defend against sophisticated cyberattacks. Let’s look at the top cybersecurity companies that will be the fastest growing in 2022.

1. Fortinet

Sunnyvale, California is the headquarters of Fortinet. With offices in 60 countries, including Germany, India, France, Austria, Thailand, and Korea, the corporation has a global presence. Fortinet was formed in 2000 with the goal of providing comprehensive end-to-end security solutions. It has been renowned for its physical firewalls, antivirus software, intrusion prevention system, and endpoint security components. It creates specialised security processing unit (SPU) technologies for its clients in order to improve performance and lower costs.

The following core products and services are provided by Fortinet:

  1. To enable safe applications and communication from the data centre to the cloud, Fortinet Adaptive Cloud Security Solutions provides visibility and control across a variety of cloud cybersecurity architectures.
  2. Built on FortiOS, the Fortinet Security Fabric is a high-performance comprehensive cybersecurity mesh platform with seamless operability for threat detection and prevention.
  3. Fortinet’s threat intelligence and research teams have merged to become FortiGuard Labs, which aims to provide clients with a holistic threat intelligence solution.

What distinguishes Fortinet from the competition:

It uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to process and assess over 100 billion events per day, providing patrons with actionable real-time danger intelligence. Fortinet’s cutting-edge cybersecurity solution is made possible by the combination of FortiOS, purpose-driven SPU technology, and AI-enabled threat intelligence.

2. McAfee

McAfee is based in San Jose, California, and the company maintains operations in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France. McAfee is a well-known leader in the field of cyber security. McAfee Associates Inc. was the company’s first name. Consumers and businesses are well-protected because to the company’s integrated, user-friendly services. Award-winning anti-virus software and a clever virtual private network (VPN) are among the company’s highlights.

The following core products and services are provided by McAfee:

  1. McAfee WebAdvisor is a free service that protects consumers from online risks such as malware and phishing.
  2. The McAfee Virus Removal Service is a remote infection removal service that allows users to connect with a McAfee security professional over the phone or online, who then remotely accesses and repairs virus damage.
  3. McAfee Total Protection is a unified protection system that includes an antivirus, secure surfing, identity monitoring, and VPN for personal consumer information and privacy.

What distinguishes McAfee from the competition:

McAfee’s transparent, proactive, and intelligence-driven approach to device-to-cloud security has won them a global reputation for a wide range of use cases.

3. Check Point

The company has it headquarter in Tel Aviv, Israel, and it maintains operations in 45 countries.  This American Israeli firm is best known for Check Point Infinity, an integrated cybersecurity solution that spans cloud, networks, endpoints, mobile, and IoT.

The following core products and services are provided by Check Point:

  1. Check Point Quantum Network Security provides dynamic protection against five types of cyberattacks spanning enterprise cloud, networks, data centres, IoT, and remote users with its Check Point Quantum Network Security product.
  2. From DevOps to operations, integrated cloud-native security for assets and workloads.
  3. Check Point Harmony, which provides unified security for hyper-distributed workplaces, is designed to be an enterprise’s first line of defence.

What distinguishes Check Point from the competition:

Check Point uses AI-based threat intelligence and prevention technologies, unified security management, and cloud security automation to help businesses protect themselves against rising cyberattacks. The company is on this list because of its reputation for offering the world’s most demanding data centres with the fastest firewall at a cheap price.

4. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is based in Santa Clara, California, in the United States. It has offices in 37 different countries throughout the world. It has 57 offices around the world, in addition to its headquarters in Santa Clara. The company was established in 2005. Its main technology offers network and cloud security to businesses. It features sophisticated security access service edge (SASE) offerings and offers comprehensive threat consulting services. It builds on his experience as a lead developer of the world’s first intrusion detection system (IPS).

The following core products and services are provided by Palo Alto Networks:

  1. Prisma SD-WAN is the company’s all-in-one network security and performance optimization solution.
  2. It provides a variety of network security solutions, such as Kubernetes security, firewalls, and cloud-based security services.
  3. Extended detection and response (XDR), Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR), and other tools make security operations easier.

What distinguishes Palo Alto Networks from the competition:

Palo Alto Networks’ Okyo Garde is a one-of-a-kind hardware device that offers enterprise-grade protection to users’ homes in WFH settings. The firm has a global footprint and specialises in consulting services such as threat assessments and security programme design.

5. Rapid7

Rapid7 is based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The company has 13 locations in ten countries throughout the world. The company was established in the year 2000. Rapid7 offers a variety of cybersecurity intelligence and compliance products. This includes cloud-based solutions, on-premise vulnerability management, penetration testing, and many other services.

The following core products and services are provided by Rapid7:

  1. Rapid7’s Metasploit is a widely used tool for penetration testing.
  2. Nexpose is a vulnerability scanner from Rapid7 that allows you to detect and fix problems on your own network.
  3. The company’s flagship Insight Platform provides businesses with all the tools they need to identify danger vectors, detect suspicious behaviour, and respond quickly.

What distinguishes Rapid7 from the competition:

Metasploit, the company’s community edition product, is one of the world’s most popular penetration testing and ethical hacking tools. Rapid7 also offers premium support services for the Insight Platform, which is a 360-degree solution for enterprise monitoring and security.

6. Trend Micro

Trend Micro’s headquarters are in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It has three other offices in Japan and 68 offices in 42 countries globally, in addition to Shibuya City. In 1998, the company was established. Trend Micro offers a variety of security devices for both home and business use. Hybrid cloud security, network security, user protection, and threat detection and response are among the company’s four major solution buckets. It also provides customised IoT and risk management solutions.

The following core products and services are provided by Trend Micro:

  1. Trend Micro Cloud One is a security services platform for businesses who build apps on the cloud.
  2. Antivirus software, internet security, password management, and mobile protection systems are among its security products for home usage.
  3. It offers a variety of network defence and end-user protection solutions.

What distinguishes Trend Micro from the competition:

Trend Micro is one of the few cybersecurity vendors that offers solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) environments. It provides specialised services that aid in the protection of smart car ecosystems. It also provides a platform for enterprise users to protect 5G networks.

7. Mimecast

Mimecast’s headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. The organisation has 14 offices in nine countries, in addition to London. Mimecast was established in the year 2003. Microsoft settings, notably Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, can benefit from the company’s cloud-based email security. AI cybersecurity solutions, domain-based message authentication reporting and conformance (DMARC) analysers, and threat intelligence are among the company’s other offerings.

The following core products and services are provided by Mimecast:

  1. Its key solutions include email and web security, and it defends businesses from spear-phishing, malware, spam, and zero-day threats.
  2. It also aids in the training of security awareness.
  3. Through threat intelligence and an API environment, it assists in the optimization of existing cybersecurity solutions.

What distinguishes Mimecast from the competition:

Mimecast is one of the only significant cybersecurity service provider that sells to small businesses. Its solutions for businesses with fewer than 50 employees are robust, comprehensive, and cost-effective. Mimecast was named the winner of the CRN Tech Innovator Award in the Email Security category in 2021.

8. CrowdStrike

The company’s headquarter is in Sunnyvale, California, United States. It also has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, Australia, and Romania. In 2011, CrowdStrike was established. It focuses on next-generation cyber threat removal, response and recovery services, and cloud workload security. It’s also pushed out tools for digital risk monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and automated malware analysis to assist businesses stay ahead of cyber threats. In order to bolster their data security and Falcon protection measures, the corporation purchased three companies in 2020.

The following core products and services are provided by CrowdStrike:

  1. Falcon X allows for digital risk monitoring, as well as situational awareness and quick protection against digital threats.
  2. Falcon XDR is a premium endpoint solution that provides multi-platform telemetry, cross-platform attack indicators, and threat analysis in a single package.
  3. Its container security product provides total insight into container environments, which secures cloud-native applications.

What distinguishes CrowdStrike from the competition:

To protect against breaches, hacks, and ransomware, CrowdStrike offers a single-agent solution. It offers completely managed services while removing the need for on-premises infrastructure by combining technological excellence with deep security experience.

9. Zscaler

Zscaler’s headquarters are in San Jose, California, United States. It has 24 offices in 14 different countries. In 2007, the company was established. Zscaler primarily serves businesses with 10,000 or more employees in the United States. It offers businesses a cloud-based security platform that is founded on zero-trust concepts.

The following core products and services are provided by Zscaler:

  1. Zscaler B2B aided businesses in providing seamless B2B customer experiences while maintaining security.
  2. It offers zero-trust network access for both private and corporate applications.
  3. It provides deception technologies to hook and prevent skilled attackers.

What distinguishes Zscaler from the competition:

Its cybersecurity solutions are based on the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange, a cloud-based architecture that allows for least-privileged access across 150 data centres across the world. The data is co-located within a defined data centre ecosystem, and access decisions are made depending on the user’s current environment.

10. CyberArk

The headquarters of CyberArk are in Newton, Massachusetts, United States. It also has 22 offices in 15 other countries. CyberArk is a leading provider of identity-based security solutions, specialising in the identity and access management (IAM) market. It simplifies privileged access management for financial services, energy, retail, healthcare, and government organisations.

The following core products and services are provided by CyberArk:

  1. Its access-related services enable customers and employees maintain identity-based security.
  2. The Conjur Secrets tools from CyberArk assist protect credentials used by apps, scripts, and other non-human identities.
  3. It provides solutions for cloud entitlement, endpoint privilege, and vendor privilege management.

What distinguishes CyberArk from the competition:

CyberArk provides open-source secret management software that might be quite useful for developers that are working on privacy-sensitive apps. The CyberArk blueprint can help businesses streamline their deployment and increase their chances of success. For security use cases, CyberArk also offers robotic process automation (RPA) and bots.

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