Top 10 Providers of Multi-Cloud Management Platform

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The Microsoft Multi-Cloud Management Platform minimizes workload in certain areas of digital infrastructure. Simplified management, faster app development, and consistent Azure services are all offered by the organization, which enable users to create, construct, and build cloud-native apps from anywhere while maintaining central visibility and control. Multi-cloud integration and financial management can assist in achieving a higher level of cloud computing.


Dell Technologies offers new automated scaling and recovery, as well as CMP solution support for both, Windows Azure Pack and Microsoft Azure public cloud, custom catalog functionality, and faster deployment times. To stay competitive in the long run and meet customer expectations, the company is constantly improving its cloud services and focusing on adding new features to its existing products. It is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and features to increase cloud adoption and client happiness.


Accenture plans to add new features and functionalities to its existing offerings through product development and upgrades. Accenture’s improved version of ACP, which includes new capabilities, allows businesses to cut cloud adoption costs. The company’s ACP has been improved to make enterprise workload migration to the cloud easier. It improves cost effectiveness, agility, governance, and control over cloud applications.


The IBM Cloud Automation Manager (CAM) provides a number of useful tools for creating cloud infrastructure while providing a better user experience. While controlling and managing service mapping and dependencies, the solution provides a simpler interface, cloud infrastructure provisioning, and quicker application delivery. With its revolutionary technology, IBM is constantly growing its new product and service offerings.

Micro Focus

Micro Focus® Hybrid Cloud Management (HCM) is a comprehensive automation platform for aggregating cloud services for IT organizations. HCM organizes IT processes and provides cloud and cost governance, along with designing, deploying, managing, and governing the whole range of hybrid resources services. It enables a team to swiftly assemble and broker a limited set of cloud services for users. Micro Focus HCM boosts productivity by coordinating repetitive IT activities through integrations and a large content library.


NetScaler Management and Analytics Systems (MAS), a multi-cloud administration platform from Citrix, provides centralized network management for applications deployed across containerized infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments. It includes an application-centric view of network services architecture, automated NetScaler service provisioning, integration with third-party orchestration platforms, and multi-cloud and hybrid compatibility.


Power distribution units (PDUs), networking devices, knowledge centers, bare-metal, public, and private cloud infrastructure are all managed by UnityOneCloud’s multi-cloud management platform. It allows customers to see all their data centers, public & private cloud infrastructure, and other infrastructure around the world. Users can keep an eye on the dashboard by building a customizable observation dashboard that includes devices (group or single), systems, networks, data centers, storage, and a database.

BMC Software

BMC Software provides strong and best multi cloud management platform solutions that help businesses enhance productivity, cut costs, gain visibility, and operate in safe settings. With the release of Control-M Workbench, a free, self-service, and standalone development environment, the company added DevOps features to its offerings. It provides enterprises with the benefit of faster and better application delivery. It helps ease the management of hybrid multi-cloud setups by supporting digital business automation.


Cisco CloudCenter (CliQr) can deploy and manage applications in a variety of contexts, including data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. The software can help update and automate a data center or expand service offerings to include public cloud application deployment. It can automate multi-cloud workload deployment and boost feature velocity, enforce multi-cloud governance uniformly, and optimize cloud service consumption to lower risk and costs.


The Jamcracker Cloud Management Platform can effortlessly manage public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure workloads. It delivers a comprehensive range of tools to manage environments across a multi-cloud environment. Jamcracker Cloud Management provides a multi-tiered content management system-based catalog with the ability to onboard and aggregate a variety of cloud services, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Users can compare, order, manage, access, and track cloud resource utilization from numerous cloud service providers using a single catalog.

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