Top Automotive Cybersecurity companies in North America

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Cybersecurity vendors specializing in Automotive

It is now more important than ever to protect road cars from cyber-threats. The electronic control unit (ECU), which provides important communication and essential capabilities for operating, monitoring, and customising vehicle subsystems, is one of the main attack vectors. The complexity of vehicle functions is increasing the requirements for information security in the car. In addition to safeguarding internal vehicle data, the vehicle’s connections to the outside world must be protected from illegal access.

For the car sector, cybersecurity is a difficult problem to solve now and in the future. In the coming decade, automakers and suppliers will have to put in a lot of work to comply with cybersecurity regulations and standards. In the automobile cybersecurity sector, there are just a few software vendors. The following is a quick rundown of ten firms:

Top 10 Automotive Cybersecurity Companies

1. Aptiv

Location: Plymouth, Michigan

Aptiv is a multinational technology business that creates solutions that make mobility safer, greener, and more connected. Aptiv creates self-driving vehicle software and computing platforms. The cybersecurity technologies developed by the corporation secure everything from a car’s infotainment system to its wiring.

Aptiv’s self-driving cars were the first to be tested in Singapore, and the company expects to have them completely operational by 2022. Aptiv has already offered over 100,000 robotaxi trips to passengers in Las Vegas, in conjunction with the ride-hailing service Lyft, and wants to expand its service over the next two years.

2. Britive

Location: Los Angeles, California

Britive is a cloud-native security product that provides API-Location Integrations and application access management. With a dynamic and intelligent privileged access administration solution for multi-cloud settings, the Britive platform supports teams across cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and security activities. Its software is used by enterprises in a variety of industries, including automotive, to secure cloud data and manage user permission.

The Britive platform enables businesses to deploy cloud security best practises such as just-in-time (JIT) access and zero standing privileges (ZSP) to avoid security breaches and operational disruptions while enhancing efficiency and user productivity. Britive enables the rapid detection of privileged access blind spots such as “overprivileged” users (human or machine IDs) and proposes the necessary changes. Britive enables continual management and control for cloud applications and platforms through continuous scanning and reporting.

Toyota was able to reduce the setup of user authorisation and role-based action control privileges for Toyota user accounts from three days to 30 seconds utilising Britive platform technology, according to a 2021 Britive blog article.

3. CENTRI Technology

Location: Seattle, Washington

For the Internet of Things, CENTRI provides superior data security. Its software-only solution enables IoT professionals, developers, and device makers to swiftly get to market with purpose-built IoT security, safeguarding data from creation to consumption. With heavyweight industry-standard encryption and compression packed into a lightweight tiny footprint appropriate for low-power IoT endpoint devices, CENTRI helps you to mitigate today’s data transfer threats in a standards-based network infrastructure.

Centri develops cybersecurity solutions for IoT-enabled automotive devices. The Centri IoTAS is a chip and mobile software that protects automobile sensors as well as data that aids automobiles in learning crucial driver navigation preferences such as best routes and addresses.

To protect IoT-enabled autotech devices, the IoTAS platform does not require an internet connection. Instead, it uses identity management technology to connect to all trustworthy devices, which uses about 40% less bandwidth than BLE and TLS.

4. Dellfer

Location: San Mateo, California

Dellfer is a cybersecurity firm specialising on autotech software coding. People who create and install linked devices are given more power by the company. It gives DevOps the tools they need to add endpoint protection during the factory build process. The secured devices send forensic data to a cloud server in the field, allowing SecOps to track thwarted cyber-attacks and system health.

Embedded code from the company aids IoT-enabled cars in combating cyber-attacks throughout the vehicle’s system. To update important fixes, you do not require an Internet connection. Instead, the organisation enforces security by deploying code execution pathways during runtime.

Dellfer teamed up with DENSO, the world’s second-largest mobility provider, to help put Dellfer’s IoT cybersecurity tools in a larger number of vehicles.

5. Harman

Location: Stamford, Connecticut

Harman, Location Stamford, Connecticut, creates connected products and solutions for automakers, consumers, and businesses around the world, including linked automotive systems, audio and video devices, enterprise automation solutions, and Internet of Things services. HARMAN audio and linked car solutions are installed in more than 50 million cars on the road today. Their software services link, integrate, and secure billions of mobile devices and systems across all platforms, from work and home to car and mobile. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. acquired HARMAN as a wholly owned subsidiary in March 2017.

The Harman SHIELD, developed in collaboration with IBM, secures crucial entry points of a car’s network against hackers. It also does a threat analysis on a regular basis to determine which points are the most vulnerable at any time.

At the 2019 CES conference in Las Vegas, Harman unveiled the Ignite 3.0, an automotive-based assistant for cars. The company’s SHIELD cybersecurity infrastructure backs up the technology.

6. Intertrust

Location: Sunnyvale, California

Intertrust Technologies is a software firm situated in Silicon Valley that focuses on trustworthy computing products and services. Intertrust has grown to become a leading provider of trusted distributed computing, based on a history of innovation and significant contributions to the fields of computer security and digital trust.

Intertrust creates technologies that allow drivers customise their cybersecurity requirements and overall experience. Tools that safeguard a vehicle’s infotainment centre, prevent unauthorised entry, and prevent the collection of personal data are among the company’s offerings.

WhiteCryption, one of Intertrust’s key software products, speeds up and secures material transmission to drivers. Personagraph, another programme, encrypts a driver’s personal information.


Location: Santa Clara, California

The GPU was invented by NVIDIA in 1999, and it drove the expansion of the PC gaming sector while also redefining current computer graphics and revolutionising parallel computing. GPU deep learning has lately sparked modern AI, the next phase of computing, with the GPU serving as the brain of computers, robotics, and self-driving cars that can sense and interpret the world. NVIDIA is rapidly being referred to as “the AI computing firm.”

To operate and defend self-driving automobiles, NVIDIA uses AI-powered data processors and semiconductors. Autonomous vehicles can securely learn and relay driving data thanks to the company’s software and cloud-based technology.

Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Toyota, Volkswagen, and others have employed NVIDIA deep learning algorithms to power and protect self-driving vehicles.

8. Ixia

Location: Calabasas, California

Customers may connect and safeguard their networks with Keysight Network Visibility Security, previously Ixia. From the hardware level through all layers of the OSI stack, Keysight offers a complete Automotive Cybersecurity solution. Automated end-to-end device security testing covers all access interfaces on a platform, allowing you to find and patch vulnerabilities faster, allowing you to get to market faster. Keysight’s application and threat intelligence (ATI) database is a subscription-based solution that allows you to test your devices for known vulnerabilities and integrate your own threat database.

The Keysight Automotive Cybersecurity Penetration Test Platform is a scalable platform that allows you to validate the cyber-attack resistance of your ECU/TCU, subcomponents, and full car. The Penetration Test Solution is built on the UXM platform from Keysight, Ixia Security expertise, and the PathWave Lab Operations platform from Keysight for test case management and regression testing.

9. Arxan

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Arxan is a division of, the industry’s first integrated value stream management, software delivery, and application security company, which was founded in 2001. Arxan offers RASP-based security solutions for mobile devices, PCs, servers, and embedded systems, including the Internet of Things. Code obfuscation, pre-damage, encryption, string encryption, symbol stripping, and renaming are all used to protect apps from being compromised. Arxan’s patented guarding technology defends applications against assaults, detects attacks at run-time, and deters attacks to halt hackers, provide alarms, or fix, making clients’ applications genuinely resilient.

Arxan presently protects over 500 million devices in a variety of industries, including financial services, automotive (connected autos), healthcare (connected medical devices), digital media, gaming, high tech/independent software vendors (ISVs), and others.

10. VisualThreat

Founded Year 2013

Location Santa Clara, California

VisualThreat is a connected automobile security company that provides vehicle firewall and over-the-air (OTA) ECU update solutions. It provides end-to-end connected-car security solutions to reduce cyber-attack penetration.

OEMs and tier providers can use VisualThreat’s connected car security technology to incorporate and strengthen security functionalities in telematics devices, TSP cloud platforms, and automotive apps. To fight against cyber-attacks, the solution uses a vehicle cybersecurity protection framework that includes (FUSE) – Firewall, Umbrella policy, Security Over the Air (SOTA), and Event Intelligence.

Car design security testing, firewall, and security OTA as custom SDK & API, automotive mobile app security, monitoring dashboard, and anti-fraud of automobiles are among the company’s services.

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