Zoey — High-End B2B Ecommerce Platforms

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For B2B and wholesale organizations, Zoey is a strong commerce platform. It is a SaaS-based B2B eCommerce solution for small and medium-sized enterprises that lets wholesalers, franchisees, and distributors take orders on any device, at any time. Zoey is a best-in-class solution that blends great B2B features with current B2C capabilities. Quote creation, customer groups, access limitations, rapid order capabilities, and more Zoey B2B features are available. Merchants can also use B2C-standard features to help their customers’ self-serve basic demands like reordering, order status, and account management. On any device, the Zoey mobile app allows you to check up information and place orders at any time.

Zoey – High-End B2B Ecommerce Platforms

Zoey is a lesser-known ecommerce solution than some of its competitors, but it has a lot of useful features. Most of the North American Companies use Zoey’s services for B2B and wholesale transactions.

Zoey is a mobile software that allows B2B enterprises to accept orders, produce sales quotes, and look up product and pricing info while on the road. The software also includes a self-service order site for buyers to place web orders. The Best eCommerce Platforms assist businesses in creating websites that increase visibility to current and new consumers.

Zoey is distinct from some of the other market-leading platforms because it is specifically developed for B2B. Zoey has you covered if you want to take orders online, on any device, at any time. You may set up a web-based environment to allow customers to serve themselves online, as well as a Zoey Android or iPhone app to assist you access information no matter where you are.

The Zoey eCommerce platforms is not specifically designed for startups. Its extensive features are only suitable for B2B companies who have already made a name for themselves before moving to Zoey. Zoey can service advanced small businesses as well as their mid-sized B2B counterparts with ease. We can dig deeper into the types of ecommerce platforms you can create using Zoey and what makes it so appealing.

Customer Management

Zoey has implemented a variety of customer management techniques. For starters, Zoey has a Request-a-Quote feature that allows you to submit possible orders for assessment and quotation. It essentially allows customers to create draft orders, which are subsequently fine-tuned by customer service teams to set all critical factors such as cost and shipping. By restricting visitor access to certain site features and items, you can manage what your prospects can view and order.

Customer segmentation is another service offered by Zoey. You may provide customized buying experiences by categorizing clients into different groups. This applies to every step of the process, including product display, pricing, order volume, payment, and shipment.

If you sell both B2B and B2C, this feature will come in handy for customizing experiences for each group of purchasers, such as frequent consumers and businesses. When it comes to B2B buyers, they prefer to order in bulk. In fact, one of the main reasons why B2B outsells B2C in terms of sales volume is because of this.

Zoey’s Mobile App for iOS 3.0

The Zoey mobile sales rep app is designed to allow salespeople to work on any device, at any time. The new iOS 3.0, Zoey improves the salesperson experience by adding more functionality to the Zoey App, making it easier to create and manage Drafts, Quotes, and Orders. It is designed to function in tandem with Zoey Web and Zoey Admin’s new drafting capabilities.

One can now convert a Quote to an Order within the App, in addition to converting a Draft to a Quote or Order on the Zoey Admin and Web.  Before converting to order, you can also edit Quotes on the App to make any necessary changes. Quotes and Orders can be deleted as needed from the App.

Zoey supports multiple currencies, languages, and packaging options. When seeking information or creating orders on behalf of their customers, salespeople can use the same tools. In addition, Zoey included Multi-Packaging capability, allowing orders in amounts determined by your company’s varied packaging scenarios.

Salespeople can use the Zoey App to search for products based on their qualities. Other data management improvements made by Zoey App include sales reps being able to mark Default Addresses for Accounts to speed up order creation. They can also update the Sales Reps associated with Accounts (with the Account Owner’s approval).


Zoey has over 100 interfaces with the most common business systems, ensuring that data can be obtained in the most efficient manner possible at all times. Zoey has a library of pre-built apps and connections that allow it to connect to a variety of powerful technologies. Subscriptions, POS, marketing, inventory management, accounting, and payment processing are only a few of the major areas. There are more than 30 payment processing alternatives available. Google, Facebook, eBay, and Amazon are just a few of the important sites that can be integrated with Zoey.

The Zoey REST API allows you to manage a variety of functionalities, including customer management, customer addresses management, product management, sales order retrieval, and inventory management. It authenticates the application to access the Zoey service using the three-legged OAuth 1.0a protocol. The response formats supported by the Zoey API are XML and JSON.

The Zoey REST API has four verbs to manage resources: GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE. One can use HTTP GET to get the data’s contents, HTTP DELETE to delete the data, and POST/PUT to create or edit the data. Customers, customer addresses, sales orders, inventory, and goods may all be managed via the Zoey REST API.

The Zoey Platform also includes features that allow businesses to create websites that improve visibility for current and potential customers. Zoey blends the anticipated capabilities that buyers normally expect from an online commerce Platform with B2B capabilities that are meticulously crafted. Zoey will assist you with integrating with some of the industry’s most popular platforms –

Oracle NetSuite and Zoey

Zoey makes it simple to receive online orders from customers and for salespeople to create orders on their behalf, all within a solution that works seamlessly with NetSuite as your data hub. Zoey assists you in getting up and running quickly by making it simple to set up your different business rules, such as customer segmentation around pricing, catalogue, and more, as well as linking to your NetSuite installation to transfer data seamlessly between the two platforms.

Salesforce and Zoey

Any Salesforce object may be mapped to Zoey products, orders, customers, or quotes with the Zoey Salesforce connector. It allows you to control the direction and timing of synchronization. Salesforce Relational and Formula fields are supported. Users may synchronize and regularly update product prices and inventory from Salesforce to Zoey, as well as create new goods from Salesforce in Zoey.

Zoey is a QuickBooks Online user

Zoey makes it simple to accept online orders from customers and for salespeople to create orders on their behalf, all within a solution that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online as your accounting software. Zoey assists you in getting up and running quickly by making it simple to set up your various business rules, such as customer segmentation around pricing, catalog, and more, and linking to your QuickBooks Online account to transfer data seamlessly between the two platforms.

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