Simplify and de-risk complex buying decisions

84% of buyers look for inputs from existing users before making a purchase. Buyers seek out to get reviews from peers, experts and vendors to get the real-world insight before making a buying decision.

How can 360 be helpful to you?
Share your problem
Speak out the business problem you have and let the industry experts and vendors provide their differentiated solutions. Your problem will no more be a hurdle in your success.
Set your buying criteria
Decide what buying criteria are relevant to you and also determine the importance they hold for you. 360Quadrants lets you list down the products depending on your requirements and compare them to get the best solution.   
Make Bias Free decision
360 tells you the most searched buying criteria and suggests you how you can improve your rating on them to increase your chances of getting the deal.
Connect and Negotiate with vendors
70% of buyer's journey is completed before he even approaches the sales people, so getting yourself listed on 360 platform gives you an opportunity for buyers to get in direct touch with you while they are evaluating you
Dive in Granular Comparison
360 platforms allows you to attract the potential clients by addressing their business problems and offering them your differentiated solution. Just write down what might be troubling your prospective client and we will make sure he gets it


Looking for a solution which caters to your specific requirements, let our Analyst help you out.

"No one size fits all" Generate your personalised quadrant, that meets your specific requirements.