Greg Samuel
Greg Samuel
Predictive Analytics Software

Freshworks CRM

Recommended 24 Apr, 2020

Easy to use interface, with interactive report generation and deep view of sales pipeline

Kapture CRM

Recommended 24 Apr, 2020

Multiple packages with varied features along with free trial to understand the suitability.


Recommended 13 Aug, 2020

Great Choice to start with your Location-Based Marketing. The cooling period of push notification is a great addition. I recommend Plot Projects as a Geo-fencing Marketing solution
We are an industrial equipment manufacturers and we are located around the globe. Our sales and services are highly diversified and to track the customers from whole world we need a cloud based CRM solution as we face problems such as user tracking, losing customers due to delayed communication, and much more. We need to have a CRM software which can integrate our existing systems and can align our sales activities and processes through automation. Other thing is we have more number of leads generated from marketing campaigns and want to capture each and every lead from the source itself.
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24 Apr, 2020
Modified Buyers Criteria, CRM Software