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Omnitracs LLC in Commercial Vehicle Telematics Solutions

  • Texas, USA
  • 1988
  • $101MN to $500MN
Company Overview
The solutions categories are compliance, data and analytics, planning and delivery, productivity, safety and security, and Transportation Management System (TMS). Furthermore, the company offers various platforms, including analytics, enterprise services/IVG, Roadnet Anywhere, Roadnet Transportation Suite, Sylectus Network, and XRS. These unique sets of solutions and platforms form Omnitracs’ commercial vehicle telematics portfolio. These products feature compliance, predictive analytics, optimized routing, fleet route planning, navigation, asset tracking, automation, diagnostics, tire pressure and temperature, and critical event reporting.

Omnitracs offers a wide range of products in the commercial vehicle telematics market. The company offers an innovative solutions portfolio featuring SaaS application, integrated software, and analytics platform designed for commercial fleets.

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Omnitracs LLC Presence in Commercial Vehicle Telematics Solutions
Omnitracs, being one of the oldest companies in the commercial vehicle telematics market, leverages its experience to offer an innovative range of products that address customer-specific needs. The company focuses on reaching out to its customers with the help of its technology partners and resellers. Some of the technology partners of Omnitracs are Add On Systems, Inc. (Singapore), Best Online Tracking Software (UK), Dossier Systems (US), Keystone Systems, Inc. (US), Tailored Logistics Solutions (US), Volvo (Sweden), ALK Technologies, Inc. (US), and Blue Dot Solutions (US). The company has a strong channel network comprising resellers and agents, enterprise integrators, application providers, logistics management, and data service providers to serve its customers with leading-edge telematics technology.