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PTC INC in Commercial Vehicle Telematics Solutions

PTC INC Overview

Axeda telematics comprises various features such as emergency services, remote vehicle diagnostics, vehicle tracking and recovery, driver safety and no-texting services, driver management, speed tracking, idling time tracking, parking location, distances and hard stops indications, and insurance and claims management. PTC focuses on product innovations and conforms to compliances by acknowledging the upcoming ELD mandates in the telematics industry. PTC also offers professional services for supporting the Axeda vehicle telematics solutions. PTC focuses on the analysis of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission reports with the help of its telematics solutions.


PTC offers commercial vehicle telematics solutions under the Axeda vehicle telematics products and solutions category. Axeda vehicle telematics solutions and the data generated from them can be deployed on the Axeda cloud provided by PTC.

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PTC INC Presence in Commercial Vehicle Telematics Solutions
PTC has devised its strategies focusing on a higher regional reach. It has a presence in the regions of North America, Europe, and APAC. The company invests heavily in R&D activities. For instance, in 2016, PTC invested 16.69% of its total revenue on R&D to improvise the quality and functionality of its products. In 2016, one-third of the company’s employees were engaged in R&D initiatives. The company earns a majority of its revenue from the Americas (43% in 2016) and Europe (37% in 2016). The company strategizes to expand its reach in the commercial vehicle telematics market with the help of technology partners, channel partners, system integrators, consultants, and resellers. PTC has more than 750 technology and service partners and about 1,350 service professionals to build a strong ecosystem with its clients.