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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Commercial Vehicle Telematics Solutions

  • 2017
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The solution is also Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC), UK customs, and tax and payment authority compliant. The solution is applicable for all types of commercial fleets and provides extensive fleet visibility.

The telematics solution offered by Volkswagen features mileage and CO2 calculator, vehicle tracking, live traffic updates, journey times and driving speed monitoring, route optimization, driver behavior, driver ratings, driver safety and fleet risk monitoring, downtime management, and roadside assistance.

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Presence in Commercial Vehicle Telematics Solutions
A leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles, Volkswagen also caters to telematics by providing a small telematics device which is offered by RAC. The company partnered with RAC Motoring Services to offer vehicle telematics in its own manufactured commercial vehicles across the UK and other regions. The company focuses on utilizing its global brand name and reach to cater to the commercial vehicle telematics market. It also has van centers to reach out to customers for the sale of its telematics device and solution.