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Expensify USP

Expensify expense management software is a tool that helps in automating the pre-accounting process from unlimited receipt scanning to expense approvals and reimbursement. It also detects identical receipts, guarantees precise exchange rates and authorizes the validity of every transaction. It allows the user to import personal and business card transactions into Expensify in order to automate receipt merging and coding. The users can also give permissions to colleagues to create and approve reports while giving the auditors review-only access. it is available at an affordable Expensify pricing point.

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Expensify is an expense management systems that allows the users to track their receipts and manage expenses on the go. The users have to simply take a photo of the receipt and Expensify automatically transcribes the details. It can categorize and code every receipt, and also submit automated business expenses for approval or reimbursement. Through its features such as corporate card reconciliation, direct syncs with all major accounting software, multi-level approval workflows, the user’s time is saved along with smart calculations.

Expensify Pricing:

Expensify offers four different pricing units depending upon the user requirement and the business size. The price ranges from $4.99 for individuals to $9 per month per user for groups. The following are the details:

  1. For individuals
    1. Track- $4.99/month/user
    2. Submit- $4.99/month/user
  2. For groups
    1. Collect- $5/month/user
    2. Control- $9/month/user

For additional information regarding the pricing, users may contact the support team.

Expensify Expense Management Software Demo:

Expensify provides a demo for all its packages on its website. In order to avail of the demo, the user has to log in to the website and place a request for the same.  Expensify also offers other learning tools such as blogs, webinars, guides and FAQ’s.

Expensify Expense Management Software Features:

  • One-Click Receipt Scanning
      • Get expense report by taking and uploading the picture of the receipt
      • Manage expenses efficiently without the need for manual entries
  • Automatic Approval Workflows
      • Create expense policy rules for the organization
      • Configure Expensify to flag expenses requiring manager’s review
  • Automatic Accounting sync
      • Get automatically updated accounts after every transaction
      • Receive constant visibility into the business’s finances
  • Next-day Reimbursement
    • Generate transactions as soon as reports are approved
    • Transfer the money into employee’s bank through ACH direct deposi


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  • +8
    Advanced Integrations
  • +5
    Ease of Booking
  • +9
    Invoice Creation and Delivery
  • +11
    Project Accounting
  • +12
    Revenue Recognition
  • +7
    Trip Notifications
  • +5
    Automated Reminders
  • +8
  • +7
    Live Support Chat
  • +6
    Policy Compliance Management
  • +13
    Standard Integrations
  • +5
    System Integration
  • +6
  • +14
  • +10
    Bank / Credit Card Integration
  • +11
    Cloud, Web-based, SaaS
  • +14
    Currency Conversions
  • +12
    Digital Receipt Management
  • +9
    Ease of Creating Expense Reports
  • +13
    Employee Reimbursement
  • -12
  • -8
    Digital Invoices
  • -11
    Due Dates
  • -8
    Embedded AI / Machine Learning
  • -5
    Expense Automation
  • -7
  • -10
    Invoice Templates
  • -13
    KPIs Monitoring
  • -6
    Mobile Functionality
  • -14
    Payment Tracking
  • -9
    Recurring Invoices
  • -10
    Electronic Payments
  • -6
    Itinerary Management
  • -14
    Maintenance & Troubleshoot
  • -7
    PCI Regulation Compliant
  • -9
    Mileage Tracking
  • -10
    Receipt Capture

Expensify Reviews


Buyer, Food & Beverages, SME

May 04, 2020

“Useful Configurable Policy Rules”

Expensify Expense Management enables the user to create policy rules which are thereafter enforced by the tool, making the process simpler and convenient.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Advanced Tax tracking”

Expensify Expense Management syncs tax rates from the user’s accounting package and lets the user set custom tax names, rates, codes, and defaults for every expense policy.
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