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Roka USP

ROKA helps the users in remote payment of cash without burdensome methods, manual dependencies or office visits. It takes care of advances and cash for work expenses through a Roka Card which is issued to every employee. The cash can also be disbursed remotely. The process of spending, controlling, workflows and configurations are also automated. It also enables posting data to ERPs in real-time helping in saving money and reducing leakages. It renders more time for the staff to focus on more value-added activities for your company. 

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Roka is an Indian company providing a payment platform which is created to streamline corporate payments. It sets certain principles of security, innovation and facilitates ease of use. Additionally, it also provides the users with a VISA/MasterCard/RuPay Prepaid card in association with YES Bank. It enables users to assess and manage their expenditures by examining their costs and using integrated tools from the software. 

Roka Features

  • Expense Limit Control
    • Track and manage the expenditure done
    • Receive a notification when the limit is exceeded

  • Integrated Travel Controls
    • Manage travel booking permissions to keep a check on expenses and avoid unimportant expenditure
    • Enable or disable permissions for groups according to the distribution of work and its progress

  • Multilevel approval workflow
    • Add or remove the approvers to maintain proper account
    • Assign, alter and customize limits for every member according to respective responsibilities

  • Real-time visibility
    • Get updates and notifications each time a payment is made
    • Receive a catalog of all the payments instantly along with the bank names and amount

Roka Pricing

Roka offers two different sales packages for its customers. Depending upon the size and needs of the organization, the user can choose from the two different subscription choices mentioned below:

  1. Free- up to 50 users
  2. Enterprise- unlimited users
    For the pricing of Enterprise package, the user has to contact the customer service in order to get the pricing details. 

Roka Demo

Roka offers a free demo of its paid subscription for which the user has to register and request for the demo on the official website following which the customer service will contact for details.


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Roka Reviews


James Smith

May 04, 2020

“Higher productivity level”

Roka automates many tasks that are time-consuming, it, therefore, generates higher business profits as the user can focus more on creative tasks.
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Buyer, Finance, SME

May 04, 2020

“Easy data management”

Roka works according to the needs of workflows, approval processes, and access management. The user can decide data visibility, who can approve, who can manage the expenses for which group of people etc. making data management easy.
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