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Get to know the strength and weaknesses of top vendors in Road Safety Solutions market. Compare vendors against their competitors on the basis of criteria, the scores of which are derived by ratings from buyers, industry experts, MnM analysts and vendors. Set comparison preferences option allows you to decide features which are important to you and evaluate vendors considering them as your parameters.


  • Support

    • Services Offered

      Managed Services | Consulting and Training | System Integration and Deployment | Support and Maintenance |
    • Products/Solutions Offered

      Red Light Enforcement | Speed Enforcement | Bus Lane Enforcement | Section Enforcement | Automatic License Plate Recognition/Automatic Number Plate Recognition | Incident Detection and Response |
    • Pre-Sales Activities

  • Feature and Functionality

    • Solution portfolio on the basis of diversification

    • Verticals

    • Use Cases

    • Type of Services

    • Type of Organization

    • Solution features Offered

      Fixed Speed Enforcement | Mobile Speed Enforcement | Weight Enforcement | Back-Office Systems | Rail Road Crossing Safety | School Bus Stop-Arm Enforcement | High Resolution Image Capture |
    • Products

    • End Users

  • Deployment

    • R & D spend

    • Strategies for New Product development plans

    • Kind of Delivery

  • Partner Ecosystem

    • Inorganic growth strategies

    • Company''s partner ecosystem

      Solution Providers | System Integrators | Technology Providers | Value Added Resellers (VAR) | Others please specify |
  • Geographic Footprint

    • Physical Offices

      Phisical Presence in North America | Phisical Presence in Europe | Phisical Presence in APAC | Phisical Presence in MEA | Phisical Presence in Latin America |
    • Overall Presence

      Overall Presence in North America | Overall Presence in Europe | Overall Presence in APAC | Overall Presence in MEA | Overall Presence in Latin America |
  • Financial Performance

    • Total revenue

    • Growth of company''s revenue

    • Business Strategy Alignment with the Vision

    • Business strategies of the company

      New Product Launch/Enhancement | Mergers & Acquisition | Agreement/Partnership |
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