Position your product right

In a researched conducted across 488 B2B buyers responsible for buying decisions worth $4.2 billion, 62% said they are looking to hear from vendors when they are actively looking for a solution to a problem. 71% said, they want to hear from vendors when they are looking for new ideas and possibilities to improve their business.

How can 360 be advantageous for your business
Position yourself Niche
360 allows you to get yourself positioned in niche quadrant depending on the sector you cater to and region you are present in.  Promote your presence in niche.
Showcase your strengths
Get your unique strengths to be noticed by prospective buyers and tag your competitors to show how you stand ahead of them  
See what buyers are looking for
360 tells you the most searched buying criteria and suggests you how you can improve your rating on them to increase your chances of getting the deal.
Connect with active buyers
70% of buyer's journey is completed before he even approaches the sales people, so getting yourself listed on 360 platform gives you an opportunity for buyers to get in direct touch with you while they are evaluating you
Address buyers’ problems
360 platforms allows you to attract the potential clients by addressing their business problems and offering them your differentiated solution. Just write down what might be troubling your prospective client and we will make sure he gets it
Bias free analysis
Having the analysis from 4 stakeholders viz. Buyers, Industry Experts, other companies and our analysts would lead to a bias free review of your product, thus boosting buyers' s faith in you.


Claim the business

First search for your product to make sure its listed in our quadrant. Once you land on your product page, just click on "Claim your Business" option below your product name and fill a form that follows so that we can get back to you for verification. You can also write to us at [email protected] for the same. 360 currently lists around 2500+ products in 100 emerging technologies in Information and Communication Technology domain. The list is constantly increasing, please follow us on LinkedIn or check the site frequently to stay updated.
If you don't see your product there, get in touch with us, we’ll help you get listed. 

Add Product details

To make sure your prospects get the right information, add the product details by clicking on "Manage" option on your product page, post approval. Provide your USP and differentiated strengths to make you clearly stand out in the market. Tag competitors to showcase your excellence. Selecting the regions you have presence in and sectors you cater to will help you promote your niche positioning. 

Improve your Rating

To improve your ratings, we would advise you to ask your clients to review you on our platform. Also you can provide us the Email IDs of your clients in "Add Product" section so that we can reach out to your clients to get reviews for you.

make the most out of it

Increase your credibility

360 platform lets you market yourself and make sure the prospective buyers get the right message. We advise you to add your existing clients to enhance buyer community's faith in you. Upload the testimonials, case studies and videos to get the visibility you deserve.

Actively engage

Answer the questions of prospective buyers, it would increase the trust of buyer in your expertise. Defend your weakness whenever you are tagged by your competition to state your point. Rest be assured, we will notify you whenever a buyer shows interest in you or is looking for a solution matching your offering.