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Azuqua USP

Azuqua Integration Software is an efficient software that connects apps and integrates workflow in real-time through a no-code structure. Which means no input of complex coding is necessary to share your data across platforms as Azuqua Integration Software makes it all happen in a few minutes. Also, the pricing is very economical. Request Azuqua Pricing to get more information.


Azuqua Integration Software is a new authentic no-code cloud integration based platform powering the SaaS applications, IT teams and many more business users everywhere. It is designed to venture beyond plug and play integrations, making enterprise-grade scenarios possible with hundreds of comprehensive API connectors all over the world.

Azuqua pricing

Azuqua pricing starts at around $250 per month. With affordable rubrics in the Azuqua pricing plan, the software will facilitate young business owners who want to take part in more bold business fields so that the global economy can improve. Azuqua pricing is hence user friendly. 

Azuqua demo

It is an efficient software that connects all the apps in real-time so that a common work aura can be shared among the colleagues. It is possible for you to request a demo to gain an insight into the working of the software and its applicability to your organisation.

Azuqua Features

This cloud-based integration platform is code independent and packed with the following features -

Multiple data sources: Multiple data sources are available in the software, which means information can be accessed from multiple databases. Multiple data sources facilitate the exploration of data by a much wider capacity.

Web services: Web-based authentic services at the disposal of the clients to facilitate their marketing processes more. Web management and organization facilitates the business ventures of the clients with a greater capacity.

Synchronize data across apps: Connect work across the platform of apps without going through the trouble of using code-based instructions. Connects data through real-time, adding a touch of efficiency and authentication throughout the app. 

Integrate and automate apps: Makes automation and integration of works across apps efficient alongside user-friendly access. Takes very few minutes to integrate and automate data resources across the platforms.
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