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Workato USP

Workato integration software has an intuitive interface. What makes it the best is its recipes IQ, which is the multiple algorithms available that are made based on the integration and automation events. Along with this, Workato pricing is optimal. It also features reusable integrations and smart versioning for a better experience. Request Workato Pricing to get more information.


Workato integration software automates all the work for their consumers. The best part is it works on all the aspects- marketing, finance, IT, human resource, sales and support, and integrates their functions for better results and higher speed. It changes the number of sales and optimizes them according to the company's calibre by optimal management. 

Workato Pricing

Workato Pricing starts at $10000/year for setting up the workplace which automates and integrates everything that is needed- apps, tasks and jobs, connections, and users- all unlimited. Whatever is required after this can be bought in packs of 10, 25, 50 and 100 which can be bought with a fair billing policy. 

Workato Demo

Workato integration software pricing prepares a demo for your specific needs based on the information given. The business should go to the website and fill it up. The Pricing for the demo is nil.

Workato Features

Here are the features that make it a viable choice as a consumer:

Streamline Marketing 
  • It conducts intent-based marketing, ABM orchestration, event-lead capture and enables multi-touch attribution
  • Its automated lead management and routing along with the function to cleanse data make it possible to streamline effortlessly 

Accelerates IT with automation 
  • It is an expert in IT integration as it uses IAM provisioning, remote work helpdesk, and threat detection
  • Along with this, it leads to automated compliance, ticket escalation, and employee onboarding

Transformation of Human Resource 
  • It has a learning management system with a systematized hiring process
  • It approves vacations, manages payroll, and benefits and comes with a wellness bot which promotes positivity in the workplace

Simplifies Finance
  • With a back reconciliation system and easy procurement to pay and quoting cash
  • It comes with continuous and close reporting


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Workato Reviews


Buyer, Software, SME

May 05, 2020

“Chat bot customization”

Workato offers its users to create chat bots with a personal input giving them names and icons depending upon their required functions.
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 05, 2020

“Powerful Connectors”

This platform comes loaded with a wide range of pre-build connectors to connect databases, on-premise applications and cloud applications. It also provides built-in optimisations and assures secured connectivity.
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