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SuperProcure is an adaptable, adjustable and handy software helping shippers to reduce logistics spend, manage vendors and track real-time performance. SuperProcure is light and cloud-based software therefore no complex installation process is required and the platform can be accessed from anywhere and any device using internet connectivity. SuperProcure includes features such as automatic billing, accounting, and flexible pricing model makes it a perfect choice for small scale organizations to large industries depending on their requirements.  Request SuperProcure Pricing to get more information.


SuperProcure is a cloud-based software providing logistics workflow automation. SuperProcure reduces logistics expenditure of the shippers by automating crucial business procedures such as floating requirements to transporters, taking bids from transporters and managing day-to-day dispatch allocation. The software offers an inbuilt reverse auction engine that automates the operation of freight negotiations.  

SuperProcure Features

  • Order Management
  • Manages multiple dispatches through a single platform
  • Integrates offline orders on the platform to track and monitor dispatches

  • Tech-driven Procurement
  • Automates routine billing process and tracks real-time data of feed
  • Helps to gain insight into pricing trends and schedule dispatches appropriately
  • Grants access from any device with internet connectivity and does not require complex installation

  • Transportation Management 
  • Saves freight cost through automated reverse auction engine
  • Uses AI to track the real-time location of trucks and fleets.

  • Vendor Management 
  • Manages vendor accounting and billing processes
  • Track demands and generates accurate forecasts of the orders

  • Audit Compliant
  • Tracks daily prices on a single platform
  • Manages bids and sorts the most economical offer through data analysis.    

SuperProcure Pricing

SuperProcure Pricing can be requested by registering on the platform and requesting through their 24/7 customer support to all users from large manufacturers transporting products to distributors to a distributor sending goods to a retail partner. SuperProcure Pricing offers fair pricing to all customers according to their requirements.

SuperProcure Demo

SuperProcure provides a simple and interactive overview of the platform for the user via an animated video where different functionalities of the platform are elaborated. Interested users can sign-up and book a demo where they can understand and use different features of the platform and move forward with the paid package according to the requirement of the organization.


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SuperProcure Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 02, 2020

“Reducing Expenditure of the Customer”

SuperProcure gets accurate pricing from various vendors on the platform and compares them which results in extracting the best deal for the customer.
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Transportation and Logistics

May 02, 2020

“Pioneer in Logistics Management”

SuperProcure uses tech-driven solutions to automate the workflow and with advanced data analytics provides accurate and precise reports on dashboards.
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