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Our platform empowers businesses to make better decisions.Market leading businesses and
academics research using our data and base decision making on our products.
“360Quadrants exhaustive list of criteria across technology spaces has made it a go-to platform for making buying decisions. I have been a frequently used platform for research.”
“Direct engagement with buyers and experts has helped us in identifying and prioritizing features for our product enhancement. The intuitive way of managing the product profile is a breeze.”
“360Quadrants has helped me to be updated with the latest industry trends by providing me an opportunity to connect with individuals solving the latest business problems. The granularity in the division of use-case and their solution is excellent.”
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Why 360Quadrants
We’re disrupting global technology spend
360Quadrants provides you with access to the unbiased information about vendors in multiple technology spaces. The platform enables you to compare and connect to vendors. The platform facilitates deeper insight using direct engagement with industry experts and analysts. 360Quadrants aims at reducing the B2B buying cycle by facilitating the decision making to be faster and smarter.
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How 360Quadrants works
360Quadrants is the only comparison platform that combines expert analysis with crowdsourced insights. Four perspectives and a white-box
methodology make it unbiased. Fine-grained market niches and granular, personalized selection criteria make it yours.
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11939+ VENDORS
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