Community Guidelines


  • User: Any person visiting the platform
  • Vendor: A company that has product offerings to market and/or sell
  • Buyer: A company/individual looking to buy a product
  • Expert: A person who is knowledgeable about a particular subject

Community Guidelines For


At 360Quadrants, we contribute to business progress by empowering vendors, buyers, and industry experts to express their feedback, experiences, opinions, and analyses on one platform in order to enable the users of the platform to get a fair idea of the products and services featured. 360Quadrants intends to help users make informed business decisions. Our Community Guidelines help ensure that our users are presented with only the most trustworthy information that can be used to select business-suitable software, services, and products.


We verify user identity either through their business email address or the account through which the review, rating, or recommendation is made. We ensure that users are not allowed to post reviews and comments if a conflict of interest is present. Competitors, partners, and customers also cannot rate or review companies or products for personal gain.

We try our best to ensure that all reviews and comments are genuine.

We do not have any undisclosed connections with our users, nor do we pay them for their comments, suggestions, or reviews.

Authentication of Reviews:

Our team manually authenticates users based on the information provided by them. The ratings on our platform only include data from the profiles of verified users and other public sources.

Integrity of Data:

We at 360Quadrants do not compromise on the integrity of the information provided by our users. To this end, the data entered by our users is unchanged by us. We also give users the right to edit their inputs; however, such edits are subject to verification and approval by our team.

Review of Data:

We ensure that any data that is defamatory, unprofessional, irrelevant, or copied from unauthorized sources is removed/deleted from

Protection of User Privacy

  • All your data is processed and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy accepted by you Privacy Policy
  • All users can choose to anonymize their identities at their discretion. This does not affect our verification/authentication procedures.
  • We may use social media or other legal means to re-verify your identity in order to ensure that we do not have fake identities or manipulated opinions, reviews, comments, or recommendations on our websites—positive or negative—to support a group of users or a specific user.

User Guidelines for Reviews

  • Give genuine reviews
  • Focus on the subject matter and avoid giving irrelevant information
  • Give realistic and self-experienced reviews; reviews based on hearsay may be removed
  • Do not submit a review unless you have used the products or services being reviewed

User Guidelines for Participating on

Our goal is to ensure that the reviews on our platform are unbiased, transparent, safe, and useful for the community. Abuse of these guidelines will result in the removal of your reviews or comments. We may take appropriate legal action if targeted reviews are used to damage the reputation of any user or their products, services, or software. Not adhering to user guidelines repeatedly may result in a lifetime ban.

  • Real Name and Identity: Ensure that you use your real name and identity when posting any reviews.
  • Genuine Reviews: Reviews should not be used to demean or damage the reputation of any product or service. However, users are free to post reviews that accurately reflect their personal experiences.
  • Post meaningful reviews that are useful to the community.
  • Please be respectful of each other. No use of defamatory or derogatory language is allowed.
  • Users are free to edit the contents of their reviews as and when necessary. Edits may reflect a change in opinion. The deletion of reviews is permitted.
  • 360Quadrants disclaims all liabilities arising out of the reviews and posts of users. The user will be solely responsible for any and all losses and damages arising out of fake reviews, posts, or other content.
  • Users are strongly advised to go through each policy listed on the website for a better understanding of their rights, duties, responsibilities, and liabilities.

These COMMUNITY GUIDELINES may be amended by from time to time without prior notice.

Please reach out to [email protected] for queries.