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360Quadrants is the only comparison platform that combines expert analyst and crowdsourced insights.

360Quadrants brings together four market stakeholder i.e. experts, buyers, vendors and veteran analyst to help businesses make informed partnering decisions. Input from multiple stakeholders makes the platform a source of unbiased information and insights, which eases the buying process for the businesses.

Platform enables you to do following:

  • Buyers: simplify and de-risk complex purchase decisions
  • Vendors: positioning to win their ideal new customers
  • Experts: grow their personal brand

360Quadrants covers emerging technologies and provides you with relative positioning of vendors and products. Platform gathers reviews that influences the scores which are used to position the company on the Quadrant. Companies are positioned as Visionary leaders, Innovators, Dynamic differentiators and Emerging companies on the Quadrant.

Scoring Methodology

Vendors are rated on basis of product maturity, strategy maturity, use-case maturity, investment maturity, technology maturity and business outcome maturity. These maturities are combination of various preferred buying criteria like use-cases covered, breadth of features, geographies catered and many others.


Visionary leaders: Vendors who fall into this category receive high scores for most of the evaluation criteria. They have strong and established product portfolios and a very strong market presence. They provide mature and reputable data integration tools and also have strong business strategies.

Innovators: Innovators are the vendors who have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. They have very focused product portfolios. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall businesses.

Dynamic differentiators: They are established vendors with very strong business strategies. However, they offer less products in the market. They focus on a specific type of technology related to the product.

Emerging companies: The emerging players specialize in offering highly niche solutions and services. They do not have strong business strategies as compared to the established vendors.

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