360 Quadrants is a scientific research methodology by MarketsandMarkets to understand market leaders in 6000+ micro markets. It focuses on emerging technologies, offering you a comparison of how vendors stack up against each other. It assesses vendors based on two main factors: their market presence and product footprint, resulting in a graphical competitive positioning of four types of entities in fast-growing markets: Market Leaders, Contenders, Innovators, and Emerging Companies.

At 360 Quadrants, we empower:

  • Buyers: Identify and compare companies to make buying decisions.
  • Vendors: Use positioning to win customers.

Our Quadrant leverages data and analyst insights to identify market leaders across 14 B2B Industries ranging from chemicals to healthcare, 50 countries starting from the USA to Japan. It encompasses 96,000 companies, including Fortune 500 corporations and successful startups. The platform offers users access to impartial information, empowering them to make informed business decisions.


At 360 Quadrants, our vision is to revolutionize the landscape of market research and insights. We strive to become the foremost destination for businesses seeking comprehensive and reliable market data across diverse industries and technologies. By leveraging our cutting-edge methodologies and a team of expert analysts, we aim to provide unbiased, accurate, and actionable insights that empower businesses to make informed decisions and thrive in dynamic markets. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success drives us to become the trusted partner in driving growth and shaping the future of market research.


  • 2023 - Launched World's First Hydrogen Quadrant Series
    • Top 20 Hydrogen Generation Companies, Worldwide 2023
    • Top 7 Blue Hydrogen Companies, Worldwide 2023
    • Top 12 Electrolyzer Manufacturers, Worldwide 2023
    • Top 11 Hydrogen Fueling Station Companies, Worldwide 2023
  • 2022 - Launched World's First Chemical Quadrant Series
    • Top 20 Lubricants Companies, Worldwide 2023
    • Top 16 Paints and Coatings Companies, Worldwide 2023
    • Top 21 Sustainable Packaging Companies, Worldwide 2023
    • Top 20 Personal Care Ingredients Companies, Worldwide 2023
    • Top 20 Composites Companies, Worldwide 2023


The 360 Quadrants’ framework systematically evaluates various technology/service providers using two dimensions: product footprint (X-axis) and market presence (Y-axis). While the product footprint axis assesses the depth and breadth of a company's product or service offering, the market presence axis gauges the company's reach, influence, and market recognition.

Market Leaders:

Positioned in the upper-right quadrant, Market Leaders exemplify a combination of an expansive product offering and a formidable market presence. These organizations not only deliver comprehensive solutions but also boast a well-established and influential position in the market. Market Leaders are recognized for their reliability, consistent innovation, and widespread acceptance among customers. Their dominance in both product capabilities and market influence solidifies their status as leaders in their respective industries.


Nestled in the upper-left quadrant, Contenders possess a substantial market presence but may encounter challenges in terms of product innovation or differentiation. These companies have already secured a notable customer base and market recognition, positioning them as contenders. While their current offerings are competitive, Contenders have the potential to evolve and enhance their product capabilities to become more visionary and competitive in the future.


Situated in the lower-right quadrant, Innovators are distinguished by their exceptional product innovation and uniqueness. While they may not match the market presence of Market Leaders, Innovators challenge industry norms by introducing cutting-edge solutions. These companies push industry boundaries with forward-thinking approaches and have the potential to become major players despite lower corporate growth strategies.

Emerging Companies:

Residing in the lower-left quadrant, Emerging Companies showcase a promising product footprint but are in the early stages of establishing their market presence. These companies may excel in specific niche areas or offer unique features that differentiate them, but their impact on the overall market is still evolving. Emerging Companies are considered niche players with significant growth potential as they expand their reach and recognition in the market.


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