Scoring Methodology

360Quadrants combines inputs from four key stakeholders—industry experts, buyers, vendors, and analysts—to rate products and vendors. We use a patent-pending inhouse algorithm on collected inputs to rate products & vendors based on criteria identified under product maturity and company maturity. These ratings are then used to place products & vendors on the relevant quadrant.

Product maturity consists of criteria categorized under the following parameters:

  • Breadth and Depth of Product/Service Offering
  • Product Features & Functionality
  • Product Differentiation and its Impact on Customer Value

Company maturity consists of criteria categorized under the following parameters:

  • Geographic Footprint
  • Partner Ecosystem
  • Financial Stability
  • Sector Footprint [Clientele Coverage]


Each identified stakeholder of the platform has a varied weight attached to its input (ratings and reviews). Inputs from buyers (past or present clients of vendors) have the highest weight, followed by inputs from industry experts, 360Quadrants analysts, and vendors (competitors).

Scores attached to inputs within the stakeholder category are calculated based on the following parameters:

  • User’s Designation and User’s Company Categorization (Refer Vendor Categorization)
  • User’s Contribution and Reactions to User’s Contribution

The weight attached to User’s Designation or User’s Company is defined by 360Quadrants. Changes to User’s Company or User’s Designation are subject to inputs received after the change is brought to the notice of the 360Quadrants team. Such changes will not be retrospective in nature.


360Quadrants creates a quadrant when the below requirements are met:

  • Presence of at least 20-25 vendors in the space
  • Criteria needed to evaluate vendors are identified
  • Analyst rating for all vendors being evaluated is complete


Data used by 360Quadrants analysts for the evaluation of vendors is gathered through the following sources:

  • Data aggregated from online sources and social networks
  • Data received from paid mediums
  • Primary connects with vendors


Vendors are categorized as enterprises, SMEs, or start-ups. Various combinations of employee count and revenue are considered for this categorization. Please refer to the table below to get a general idea about categorization

Type Revenue Employee Count
Enterprise 501 Million & Above 5000+
SME 51-500 Million 101-5000
Start-up 0-50 Million 0-100

Disclaimer: Quadrants are updated every quarter based on inputs received from multiple stakeholders. The 360Quadrants team moderates and validates the inputs received but does not hold accountability for the content on the platform.