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Airbus is a pioneer in the development of stratospheric unmanned aerial vehicles. Unmanned aircraft systems for defense and commercial uses are available from Airbus Defense and Space. MALE UAV, micro UAV, and stratospheric UAV are among the company's UAV products. The corporation has final assembly lines for airplanes and helicopters throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

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Airbus is a global leader in the aerospace, space, and associated services industries. For more than 40 years, the firm has served customers in the aerospace and military industries. Airbus, Defense and Space, and Helicopters are the three businesses that operate at 180 locations across the world.

Airbus’s UAV products include:

MALE RPAS – It is a combat air system that has been specifically designed for conducting homeland operations with full operational power.

Atlante – It guarantees intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions by day and night for ground forces positioned in theatre.

Survey Copter – It is an Airbus subsidiary that designs fixed and rotary wings mini-UAVs.

KZO - It is an unmanned aircraft particularly appropriate for high-speed reconnaissance missions.


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Unlike other unmanned aircraft, Zephyr is the first stratospheric UAS of its kind, providing a persistent and adaptable solution. Its endurance allows it to fly for months at a stretch at 70,000 feet above the ground, above the weather, and normal aviation traffic.

Zephyr's continuous flight is unrivaled, combining the persistence of a geostationary satellite with the flexibility of a regular airplane or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS). Zephyr set a new record for endurance during a test flight in 2018, flying for 25 days, 23 hours, and 57 minutes without refueling.

The Aliaca UAS is designed for use on naval ships and can carry out missions that require a range of more than 50 kilometers and a three-hour endurance. It may execute a variety of tasks ahead of the ships, including ISR, target tracking and notification, search-and-rescue, and anti-piracy operations.

DeckFinder is a local positioning system that allows manned and remotely piloted aerial aircraft (RPAS) to identify their relative position even in the most extreme weather. In GPS-shaded areas with no reference points or visual signals, the autonomous navigation system makes take-off and landing operations easier and safer.

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