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Diamond Vogel

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Diamond Vogel develops coatings based on various technologies including liquid, powder, solvent, water, epoxy, urethane, clear, and opaque. Industrial coatings include liquid and powder coatings. Others include architectural coatings and heavy duty protection coatings. Some of the products include, Durango Acrylic Latex Exterior Finish - BF-0574, 2K Intermix Polyurethane - HCMX-9999, Aquinity Waterborne Acrylic - DC-0516, Traffic Paint Alkyd Zone Marking Coatings - TB-5580, Federal Solvent Borne Zone Marking Paint, 2K Intermix Polyurethane Single Stage Topcoat, and others.

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Diamond Vogel offers coatings for a wide array of applications which includes architectural, automotive, industrial, traffic, wood, industrial, aerosol coatings, and others. The architectural coatings include architectural and heavy-duty protective coatings.

Some of the paints and coatings solutions offered by Diamond Vogel include:

  • Black Quench Coating
  • Hyperprime 2K Ultra Epoxy Primer
  • Power80 – Industrial Coating
  • SuperLine -Traffic Marking Paint
  • Pathway - Traffic Marking Paint
  • 2K Intermix Acrylic Polyester Urethane



Pricing has not been disclosed by the vendor. However, it is in line with the competitors in the market. Users can contact the vendor for getting more details & competitive pricing.


To know better about Diamond Vogel, the users can have a look at a website and go through the various features offered about it. For more information and demo, the users can request the website and get across the demo soon.


  • Liquid coatings offers high heat resistance
  • Offers Excellent gloss holdout
  • Offers chip and corrosion resistance
  • Powder coatings are tough, attractive, and durable
  • Automotive coatings offer color retention, and excellent chemical and abrasion resistance
  • +11
    Abrasion Resistance
  • +5
    Acrylic Resin
  • +6
    Alkyd Resin
  • +6
    Automotive OEM/Automotive Refinish
  • +9
  • +14
    Corrosion Resistance
  • +10
    Decorative Paints
  • +7
    Epoxy Resin
  • +13
    Floor Coatings/Wood Flooring
  • +7
  • +14
    Industrial Coatings
  • +5
    Interior or Exterior walls
  • +12
    Low VOC Emission Properties
  • +9
    Polyurethane Resin
  • +9
    Powder Coatings
  • +11
    Solvent borne Coatings
  • +10
    Water borne Coatings
  • +13
  • +5
  • +6
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