Best Dental Software

Dental software allows tasks such as appointment booking, patient billing, reporting, and communications to be handled by dental clinics and orthodontist laboratories. It automates healthcare and clinical procedures, such as a collection of information, creation of medical records, receipt of payments, exchange of patient information, and processing of claims. In order to increase the efficacy of their everyday procedures, best dental software is used by dental practitioners. Back office activities like billing & auditing, front office processes like customer involvement, and clinical procedures such as therapy preparation are assisted by dental apps. Users can install the software on the premises or in the cloud.

Top Dental Software in 2020

  1. EagleSoft
  2. Dentrix
  3. CS OrthoTrac
  4. Curve Hero
  5. Weave
  6. axiUm Dental
  7. Lighthouse 360
  8. Open Software
  9. CS SoftDent Software
  10. Marketing 360

Eaglesoft is a software framework for dental practices based on windows operating system. The program is among the market's most powerful dental solutions. From schedules to fees, Eaglesoft runs powerful front-office business processes. Highly developed imaging, multimedia convergence, and industry-leading assistance, responsive design and robust technologies are key characteristics. Eaglesoft is a dental app that provides applications to help users handle their everyday life, from appointment scheduling and monitoring of insurance payments to treatment arrangements and alerts, and more methods of managing the front office. Read More

Dentrix dominates the market with award-winning software that offers superior graphics features, increased performance and equally huge accessibility. In order to create the whole digital dental clinic, Dentrix is what everyone needs. Dentrix is the best option for dentists who would like to improve profitability, with optimized Dentrix digital services that boost efficiency and the Dentrix Linked software that helps users to develop the practice with Dentrix-compatible apps. Read More

CS OrthoTrac is meant to support dentists in the production and management of effective practice. The programme makes it easier to keep pace with all the everyday activities and obtain health information exactly where you need it by using electronic tools to monitor schedules, handle payment details, and record communications with patients. Optimize the appointment with OrthoTrac's highly informative treatment card for any patient that walks in the door. At a point, essential info is accessible, which ensures doctors don't have to dig for medical records anymore. It's in front of everyone right there, anytime they want it. Read More

Curve Hero, cloud-based dental solution offers a new approach for modularizing and simplifying functions such as accounting, graphics, imagery and planning in dental practice. The app for Curve Hero practice management helps users to optimize healthcare services and participation, maximize recognition of medication, and dramatically improve the efficacy of their practice. Curve Hero provides highly rated round the clock customer service and provides best-in-class cybersecurity defence, with intrusion monitoring by 3rd parties. Read More

Weave is a software company that allows professionals and office executives to develop and retain their patient and customer base by creating closer partnerships, contributing to improved results. Weave helps users to connect with consumers in whichever way they believe is better: whether that's calling, sending emails, or delivering a message. Weave helps developers to easily and reliably receive fees no matter where they have been or where the consumers are. Weave offers several payment methods which empower users to make transactions all without carrying money or cards personally. And outside the workplace, the Weave software helps anyone to keep the organization going. Read More

AxiUm provides clinical practice consistency and users can take data-driven judgments for the dental educational institution by using axiUm. Designed with versatility in consideration, axiUm encourages the development of the company without limitations to the variety of destinations and suppliers. AxiUm's unique security capabilities, such as administrator access, field-level monitoring & protection, if used as part of a robust security strategy, will help clinicians keep their patient information secured. AxiUm data will enhance events, produce reports, and interpret patterns for the entity. Read More

Lighthouse 360 is the feature-rich integrated software for patient contact that works easily with the software for practice management to save resources, complete the routine and maintain the practice operating normally. Lighthouse 360 allows users the opportunity to connect with the patients directly through text on a personal level. If the doctor is out of the clinic, or the office has to close suddenly, all the patients whose treatments are impacted will quickly receive a warning letter. Every ten minutes, Lighthouse 360 syncs with the PMS so that the data remains correct. Lighthouse 360 will be updated for any changes made to the PMS, and likewise. The Electronic Bill Pay feature of Lighthouse 360 is an instrument that streamlines the collection process by providing patients with the option to make transactions on the website of the practice. Read More

Open dental solution for the use of orthodontists is efficient, versatile, inexpensive dental practice management platform developed by dentists themselves. A full range of applications such as coupon plans, digital prescription, interactive teeth map, customized template and personalized reports, digital patient online surveys, email and interactive messaging, and the mobile phone app will include with this software. This software will be coupled with a further 100s of applications and resources and services from third parties. Read More

CS SoftDent Software is developed to help users maintain dental practice performance with a collection of dental solutions to help improve efficiency. In one conveniently accessible place, SoftDent positions all the monetary, medical and clinical records. People waste less time working on finding evidence and more time giving quality treatment. Users will remove the need to physically monitor the number of aligners a patient has been given whether written in-house or outsourced. Read More

Marketing 360 is a versatile dental practice-built marketing tool. It is an integrated digital marketing system which is completely controlled. Marketing 360 conducts the search, appraisal and delivery of prospective clients. It includes ad campaigns and also automatic respondents and powerful succession planning for all clients, together with the possibility of saving the marketing platform data. The software will automatically react in one form or another, based on the behaviour of the customer. Read More

Market Overview

The best dental software offers doctors and other healthcare practitioners with the means to manage regular operations. The characteristics of such systems vary from arranging meetings, information collection and sharing, contact lists, and documentation, to dental background tracking, patient reports, and treatment schedules. This can also provide dentistry personnel contact systems that assist with medical coverage and tracking claims. Front office staff and dentists use these resources to ensure that their organizations run efficiently and that sensitive data is kept safely and readily available.

To help address the patient's needs, the dental sector is continuously evolving. New developments are growing in the dental profession each year. Data reveals that the next year will be packed with innovative in-house and evolving dental innovations, including advanced technology, best corporate practices, and new approaches to improve patient care and even Robo-dentists. Quick dental innovation will stimulate growth, including the conversion of stand-alone practice management software into combined EHR/practise management systems and advanced instruments. It is also anticipated that growing venture capital investment and government assistance would boost global business growth. Business development can be due to continued technical developments in the industry, growing the global ageing populations, and active oral healthcare government policies.

It is predicted that growth in the ageing population and technical developments in dental equipment would increase the growth of the industry. That being said, mostly during the projected timeline, factors such as the high price of the digital dental device and the difficulty of operating software could impede market development. The global demand for dental devices has been led mainly by technical developments in dental devices, increasing penetration of automated dental testing method, ageing population growth, dental surgeries that are gaining traction due to evolving lifestyles and food consumption, and the rising dental industry.

The global market for best dental software has been subdivided into type, application, and installation. The industry has been divided into practice management solutions, patient communication software, software for clinical preparation, software for patient education, and software for dental imaging, depending on the type. The industry has been split into healthcare and managerial solutions depending on usage. The industry is segmented into the on-site system and the web-based/cloud-based system based on implementation.

Web-based dentist information is accessible exclusively by a web browser and no application on the computer of the patient is installed or needed at all. The data and applications are both centrally managed and accessible through the web. That's one of the key benefits of best dental software developed mostly on the internet. And in the present industry environment, the most used software is web-based; however cloud-based software is expected to expand in the next few years. The usage of specific versions of the framework in the web-based model is one of the main differences between the web-based patient portal model and the cloud-based framework, while the given model is uniform for all clients in the cloud-based framework. In comparison, unlike cloud-based, the key factor influencing the growth of the network-based model segment is that it operates only on the web browsers of the vendor.

The HITEC Act is being introduced to enhance the delivery of healthcare and to provide patients with better treatment. Increasing medical insurance is awaited by the implementation of healthcare IT solutions, especially by large hospitals such as dental clinics. These variables are projected to raise the demand for dental care, thus pushing the potential need for dental apps.


This section provides information on the vendors who provide best dental software and are selected by the research analysts and industry experts to be positioned on the quadrant. The vendors are ranked on the basis of two critical parameters: product maturity and business maturity. One includes the product range and portfolio offered by the vendor as well as the services related to the product offering while the later parameter includes geographical reach and product enhancements along with organic and inorganic growth strategies.


The visionary leaders included are EagleSoft and Dentrix


The vendors included in this category are Weave, Curve Hero and Open Dental Solution. 


The vendors included in this category are CS OrthoTrac and axiUm dental solution.


The vendors included in this category are LightHouse 360, CS SoftDent and Marketing 360

Types of Dental Solutions

Many terms are used for dental applications: dental practice management system, dental clinic applications, dental clinic management software, or software for a dental practice. Users might have learned about applications for dental imaging and software for dental smile design or perhaps even electronic dental records (EDR), electronic health records (EHR), administration of dental practice, and software for dental offices (DOS). They can indeed be organized into four main verticals - clinical, administrative, imaging and patient engagement. Medical and logistical needs of dentists with pre-configured practice management and clinical programmes are taken care of by the most common and best dental solutions.

Clinical: The app is tailored for dental professionals in particular. It offers user-friendly and robust functionality covering regular medical documents that are image-enabled.

Administrative: It has separate administrative assistance for dental procedures. It is comparable to other levels of medical office administration, providing features such as automated claims for drug assistance and data management, etc.

Imaging: Dental imaging software is typically created by optical dental radiography sensor manufacturers.

Patient engagement: Combining with other dental apps, better patient engagement programmes have an online portal where patients can fill out registration forms, plan visits, order medication refills, bill payment, and more.

Who uses Dental Software?

Dental System is primarily used by dentists, office administrators, and visitors. When engaging with some reservation feature or form of scheduling notification, patients access this software. The clinical component of best dental software, its database capabilities, and any incorporation are used by dentists and dental associates. The administrative component of dental practice management software is used by office managers to simplify everyday operating procedures and workflows.

Features of Dental Software

A variety of health and administrative requirements can be met by the best dental software. Popular software features include:

Medical Documents - Dentists and orthodontists must graph and write reports correctly and reliably. Digitized and streamlined maps and other methods of clinical documents make it easy to preserve and arrange them safely, as well as promote integrated clinical processes. Neither dentists nor administrative assistants have to search through dusty paper archives of paperwork that is possibly lost.

Appointment management - Best dental software facilitates workplace effectiveness with built-in appointment booking. Patients can benefit from the streamlined features of appointment booking promised by dental practice management solutions. Thanks to the transparency provided by an appointment booking system or patient portal, the programme will streamline the whole appointments scheduling process for both patients and doctors. The overall patient registration process can also be streamlined via appointment scheduling feature.

Staffing - Dental office management software optimizes workforce scheduling procedures on the contrary of appointment booking. To quickly break down the dentist's duties, the app can set up colour labelling or other personalizations. The program also encourages and guarantees seamless processes of treatment by clearly stating who is dealing with the patient, what activities are taking place or going on, as well as other relevant details for the scheduling of each day.

Billing - Accounting applications for dental practice makes the practice’s financial processes simpler. The platform helps procedures to simplify patient estimation and delivery of bills and standardize claim applications.

Patient information - Dental practices produce and rely on dental medical information in the same manner as hospitals use electronic medical records. Dental health reports should be maintained continuously in order to provide treatment accurately and effectively. Best Dental software helps to enable that. In comparison, cloud-based dental solution provides remote access to patient information if required by the dentist or dental associate.

Graphical Teeth mapping - Best dental software applications make it easier to distinguish cavities, root canals, dentures, crowns, broken teeth, etc. with graphical images of each tooth and gum.

Dental-Specific Templates- Best dental software tools can provide users with a text-based sample for all standard treatments, and in an emergency operation, the EDR also helps users to easily add a prototype. Routine tests, fillings, root canals, crowns, teeth extracted, and all other adjustable templates may be used in these templates.

Dental Imaging - In a manner that benefits the doctor, X-rays as well as other photographic images are processed and viewed. One may also be permitted to weigh a tooth or describe a certain area of interest. Although there are independent options for dental imaging applications, going for dental solution which already has this for the sake of incorporation makes complete sense.

Customer Service - In addition to the basic work, dentists don't usually plan to operate a clinic. Customer care is essential, therefore, so that dentists can continue providing a high-quality standard of treatment, satisfy clients, and not spend time correcting mistakes or searching alternative solutions for a broken solution.

Security and Regulation - Dental procedures must be consistent with the laws of HIPAA. This ensures that all health records must be in order, and to prevent paying fines, all operating procedures must be routinely reviewed. In order to keep confidential patient data secure, encryption and data protection measures are important. Look for tools for dental practice administration that provides a wide variety of safety precautions to accommodate every situation.

Benefits of best Dental Software

In more than a few respects, dental solution applications have increased the productivity of dentistry professionals. They have not only embellished their services but have also strengthened their customer experience. Here are a couple of benefits of using software for dentists:

Helps to streamline the procedures

In a dental clinic, critical processes consist of onboarding new patients, informing these patients about the different care plans, recording patient details, communicating with patients, making bills, and much more. All these procedures can be streamlined by a secure dental practice management system. Completing the reporting process and eliminating mistakes would make it easier for you. The more detailed the programme is, the more easily the dental care workers can follow the system on the job every day. Having a platform that streamlines dental care processes is often a wise decision. The market is packed with sophisticated instruments that you can choose from. You will browse, read and find out why people enjoy weaving and other comparable brands that provide solutions for dental practice management when you study online.

Develops constructive patient bonds

Any good provider of dental care would give meaning to patient bonds. Developing and maintaining favourable patient relationships becomes simple when you deploy the right systems. You will make the most of the app, right from a streamlined billing process to end-to-end follow-ups to timely scheduling. If you notice, however, that the programme is slow and results in more errors than advantages, make sure to amend it. Instead of adding to it, defective software may influence your patient bonds.

It will inspire dental care workers

The approach or programme for dental practice management that you want to invest in helps your dental care workers perform their duties efficiently. Everyone is relaxed and convinced of their positions and tasks, right from the trained office manager to assistants to the hygienists. And the opposite can happen when the device or programme is difficult to understand, problematic or slow. Your dental care employees are not going to feel motivated and not perform to their best capacity. Good software helps keep the dental care personnel on the right track.

It keeps the data safe and stable

Keeping patient data healthy today is a key obligation for providers of dental care. It could cost a dentist as much as $50,000 for a HIPAA if you store a single defective or insecure email in your inbox. In addition, the dentist would not be visited by any patient who is not strict about keeping patient data secure. An in-built messaging facility that allows users to build and get safe emails is a decent programme. They don't have to be worried all the time worrying that hackers will make the device vulnerable to data threats. Via a dedicated patient channel, the secure interactions of dental care workers and dentists with their patients take place. It is generated and responded to through integrated messaging. The secure built-in encryption keeps all the information protected. Hence, through this app, people can share their e-mail and connect with dental care workers. It removes the personal email requirement.

Assists in streamlining the life

Ultimately, the advanced and new era of dental practice management applications is a superior instrument. And one of this tool's key duties is to simplify stuff for you. For example, to have a good understanding of the way the system operates, you do not need to worry much. Through a perceptual software interface, this know-how should come simple. Just in case you see any problems, there's a support team to provide you with the help you need. Instead of building a new one, the system needs to correct the issues. The famous programme is easy and simple to use.

Streamlines patient contact and adds value

The required appointment confirmations and reminders allow a schedule to be maintained by the patients. It also helps them to reduce the range of missed appointments and to reduce downtime as well. Studies and research show that smooth and successful contact with patients can have a significant impact on the patient’s view of the valuable treatment that providers of dental care provided. It also helps them assess the success of dental treatment and also the authenticity of the dental care provider. In such matters, the moment a patient creates a favourable picture of a company; it means that they have enjoyed the company-to-customer experience. And, with their loyalty, they are most likely to return this favour. This loyalty can be translated by word of mouth ads in the form of recommending a dental care provider to others.

Compliance is important

To steer clear of serious problems, it is often easier to abide by the requisite rules. A successful programme will track and remain consistent with the HIPAA regulations. For all forms of fee changes, upgrades, coding changes and many more, it will remain compliant. You add value to your business when you invest in dental practice management tools! The goal is to work and take care of your customers to the best of your abilities. The goal is to work and take care of your customers to the best of your abilities. Therefore, for you to invest in it, it is important that the programme should include the above and other services.

Trends Related to the Dental Software market

The overall opinion on why dentists embrace solutions for handling medical clinic seems to be that their practice will become successful. Dental practice procedures, moreover, are being hampered by the need to differentiate themselves from healthcare professionals competitively. In order to better and more rapidly serve their patients, practices are now becoming focused on exploiting technology which helps them streamline daily workflows. Inside the dental practice management market, here are a few trends to look for.

AI-Infused Technology - Best dental software is made smarter by artificial intelligence (AI). There are so many advantages to the incorporation of AI into facets of dental solution: streamlined planning, optimized patient contact, efficient synchronization between the company's medical and management branches, and also optimized dental recruitment.

Better Collaboration with Digital Images - Dental practice management software is composed primarily of a clinical and administrative database and digital imaging functionality. Many systems for dental practice management have a digital imaging capability, but others do need incorporation by third parties. The growing integration of digital imaging technologies leads to improved communication and interactions between doctor and patient. The convergence also promises to schedule care more accurately and reduce unnecessary clinical procedures.

Mobile Technologies - In HIPAA-compliant instant messages and email activities, health care practices engage in every discipline. Each day, individuals are on smartphones and respond best to comfortable contact forms. Why go through the hassle of contacting a dental office and sending a voice message to make an appointment while there is tech to standardize the whole booking process, from application to a notification to in-person consumption? The area of patient engagement has been revamped by HIPAA-compliant communication with telehealth applications and mobile technologies.

Online Identity Management - Consumer feedback practices are pushing their entry further into health care business, and policies must be in place for dental practices to answer or build on public patient feedback. Some tools for dental practice management have features for identity management or social media platforms tracking, although others do not currently have it. Solutions who deem themselves "all in one" acknowledge the need for packaged features of reputation management or simplifying workflows for standalone instruments.

Advantages of the best Dental Software

Not only have dental technology applications benefited dentists, but they have also enhanced the service of patients. Here are some of the few advantages of using apps for dental clinics.

Reduced system failure - Dental platform is developed to automate and simplify manual routine processes, removing a great deal of human interaction, reducing the level of user mistakes and improving efficiency.

Online Billing - It will help users keep a closer track on the payments and even the working capital as payment and billing goes online.

Consumer Service - It also builds satisfaction for the customers as their operations become successful. Automated notifications and warnings are only one indication of how one of many functions of dental clinic apps helps patients.

Information management - Users can create databases for new and current clients with dental solutions to keep a database of their health records.

Workflow Automation - A broad variety of activities can be automated by dental solution, from attendance to appointments to payments. Many functions are simplified and can be easily done with only a single click of a mouse.

Potential Issues with the best Dental software

Best dental software inside a dental practice does not solve every single problem. Pain points can arise from poorly implemented software for practice management or from any inefficiencies arising after deployment.

Need to Digitize - A chartless practice is totally separate from a paperless office. However, both include digital copies of clinical and patient information. This, in essence, allows dental practice to embark on the path of digitization. This is a major undertaking, one that will be of great benefit (such as enabling access to and exchange of patient information and compliance with regulations and litigation), but needs a large dental practice investment.

Get to the Cloud - Practice management systems based on servers still exist and remain popular. Despite cloud-based applications offering more versatility for physicians when it comes to remote control, possibilities for integration, and data storage, on-site options thrive due to security implications. Issues occur when practices want to shift from a legacy system to a more modern one, and any conceivable expense must be defined and planned by the administrator.

Interoperability - Even the most advanced tools for dental practice management may need to be combined with an external third-party solution. Practice management software that, for example, refuses or makes it very hard for users to connect their current marketing tool and would undeniably trigger post-implementation frustration.

Too Many Functions - Although consumers may be tempted to go all-in on a practice management solution from a well-known industry brand, if the solution ends up being too detailed for their actual needs, they do not do their practice any favours. Most dental solutions do not allow customers to choose their preferred features, and these robust platforms come with a heavy price tag.

Software and Services related to best dental software

In order to increase the efficacy of everyday procedures, dental solution is being used by dental clinics. Back office operations such as billing & auditing, front office processes such as customer involvement, and clinical procedures such as therapy preparation are assisted by dental apps. People can install the software on the premises or in the cloud. On a regular basis, dental offices use many kinds of applications. The most famous types of dental solution are as below:

Patient records management software - The dentist uses the best dental software for patient record management to organize the data of patients in that clinic. Computer health management program is used for the compilation, diagnosis, preservation and retrieval of medical information for patients and the creation of case information. Dentistry machines were initially used to collect dental records as a substitute for traditional dental papers. The term 'computer-based dental recording' was eventually replaced by the term electronic medical record (EMR), because the latter better describes the process and setting wherein the patient information is managed.

Patient communication software - Patient communication software makes it easy to promote the constructive involvement of a patient in protecting their wellbeing, creating a collaborative partnership between patient and doctor, and enhancing the overall patient experience. Nursing homes, physician practices, and other healthcare organizations are being increasingly exposed to the same types of demands that retail and service industries face; as a consequence, consumers expect their healthcare professionals to have compassion, recognition, instant contact, and simple access to knowledge.

Dental membership plan management software - Many practices provide subscription programmes for their clients in an attempt to draw uninsured patients and reduce their reliance on insurance providers. It is difficult and time-consuming to handle memberships, and practices also explore a system that can simplify this process. Best programme for the dental membership scheme streamlines the method of vendor collection.

Dental imaging software - A critical application for dentists is dental imaging software because it provides everyone with the ability to capture and archive dental X-rays. Few systems for dental practice management provide built-in software for dental imaging, but most of them combine with fine-tuned digital imaging applications.

Practice management software - Management systems for medical practice help doctors and their employers monitor patient records, administer fee collection, conduct billing processes, produce reports and plan visits via software for patient scheduling. Practice management systems will significantly increase the performance of a physician's medical practice and also raise medical insurance firms as well as other services' payments.

Best Dental Software

Comparing 25 vendors in Dental Software across 71 criteria.

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Eaglesoft is an entire dental practice management solution that help you to manage your daily routine from patient scheduling to treatment plans and recalls. The software has served nearly 30,000 active users. Eaglesoft system successfully handles office workflows, insurance claims, clinical processes, paperless charting, patient experience and business performance. It is a simple and user-friendly solution that effectively streamlines your daily operations and help to increase your efficiency.  

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Dentrix® by Henry Schein One is a practice management solution that provide solutions for both sides of practice - business side and the clinical side. Dentrix software takes care of dental clinics appointment scheduling, payment processing, patient records and more. Dentrix provides data-driven business insights, integrated e-Services and professional training and support for better patient care. Dentrix offers charting capabilities and imaging connectivity to help you to build your digital dental office.

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CS OrthoTrac is a module under the Carestream Dental product suite. CS OrthoTrac software helps orthodontists build and maintain efficient practices. It manages day to day operations, tracks appointments, clinical and billing information, and patient correspondences with automated tools. OrthoTrac’s highly intuitive treatment card helps you to streamline the visit of every patient and provide access to clinical information right when you need it.

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Curve Hero is a cloud-based dental practice management software that offers office management solution. The software allow you to access your patient data from anywhere in the world. Curve Hero is designed for small to mid-size private dental practices. It is built on the simple premise that offers more secure, more efficient and more profitable patient support. The software offers a web-based dashboard that allows you to track daily schedules at a glance.

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Weave is a dental practice management software and communications solution that helps practitioners improve efficiency and build strong patient relationships. Weave software streamlines daily operations and keeps important information at the fingertips. The software can identify problem areas in the front office and provide solutions to adjust accordingly. Weave is an easy-to-use solution that allows dental practices of all sizes to help practitioners work more efficiently.

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axiUm Dental is designed to address the needs of educational institutions such as dental hygiene schools and dental organizations. axiUm Dental system includes electronic health record, billing and practice management applications. It is a HIPAA-compliant solution and ONC-ATCB certified system. axiUm Dental includes an orthodontics and periodontics module. It allows users to view appointments and referrals and keep track of patient communication.

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Lighthouse 360 is an easy-to-use and all-in-one automated patient communication dental practice management software that helps to simplify the tedious tasks of dentists such as appointment confirmations, recall reminders, patient reviews, and more. The software can help you save your time, focus more on patients, fill the schedule, and keep your practice running smoothly and acquire new patients.

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Open Dental software is a powerful, flexible and affordable dental practice management software that offers appointments, charting, document scanning, insurance billing, and Rx services. This is user-friendly software and can be customizable to suit any practice sizes. Open Dental offers unmatched technical support, extensive training resources, and a supportive online community to users. Open Dental software keeps the data control in the hands of the user.

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CS SoftDent is a comprehensive and intuitive dental practice management software that helps dental practitioners deliver correct diagnoses and identify the correct treatment. CS SoftDent is designed for solo to multi-dentist clinics. It provides full automation tools that allow practitioners to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on taking care of patients and their needs.

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Marketing 360 is a powerful and flexible marketing platform designed for dental practices. It is a fully managed integrated marketing solution that keeps your day-to-day operations organized and efficiently manages your patient’s communication, calendars, and more. The patients can schedule their appointments right from the website and you can manage all of your appointments from a single and easy-to-use dashboard.

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