Data center interconnect is the linking of two or more data centers to achieve business objectives. This interconnectivity between data centers enables them to work together, share resources, and/or pass workloads between one another. DCI is accomplished using mainly networking tools and techniques along with supported software and data center management processes."


Visionary leaders are the leading market players in terms of product portfolio, geographic reach, innovative technologies, and adoption of growth strategies. The SWIR market is moderately dominated by the players covering a major share of the market. These players have a broad product portfolio that caters to most of the regions globally. Visionary leaders primarily focus on acquiring the leading market position through their strong financial capabilities and well-established brand equity.


Dynamic differentiators are established vendors with strong business strategies. However, they have a weak product portfolio. They generally focus on a specific type of technology related to the product. There are many companies in the eye tracking market that largely depend on their competitive R&D. These companies are closely monitoring and developing eye-tracking technology and devices for various applications, and expect to generate revenue by collaborating with other companies or licensing their technology.


The need for innovative technologies to modernize access control offerings has resulted in innovations in the access control market. Innovators demonstrate substantial product innovations compared with their competitors. These players have wide product portfolios. However, they lack effective growth strategies for their overall business.


The emerging companies have niche service offerings. Their business strategies are not as strong as that of the established vendors. The emerging vendors include the new entrants in the market and require time to gain significant traction in the market.

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