Smart pole refers to public street lighting that adapts to movement by pedestrians, cyclists, and automotive vehicles. The smart pole is a turnkey smart product that utilizes MPS technologies embedded within steel and aluminum poles for public safety, anti-theft, crime prevention, surveillance, anti-terrorism, and lighting applications. Smart poles integrate the latest technology components with specific features required by the integrator. Smart poles can be integrated with Wi-Fi, cameras, motion detectors, phone chargers, car chargers, speakers, etc.


Visionary leaders are the leading market players in terms of product portfolio, geographic reach, innovative technologies, and adoption of growth strategies. The SWIR market is moderately dominated by the players covering a major share of the market. These players have a broad product portfolio that caters to most of the regions globally. Visionary leaders primarily focus on acquiring the leading market position through their strong financial capabilities and well-established brand equity.


Companies under this quadrant are well-established vendors with strong business strategies such as industry coverage, inorganic growth, geographic reach, and technology innovation. However, they have a weaker product portfolio than the innovators in this matrix. They generally focus on a specific type of technology related to the product considered in this market.


The need for innovative technologies to modernize access control offerings has resulted in innovations in the access control market. Innovators demonstrate substantial product innovations compared with their competitors. These players have wide product portfolios. However, they lack effective growth strategies for their overall business.


Emerging players offer niche products and have gradually started gaining traction in the market. They lack effective business strategies, unlike other established players. These players are mostly the new entrants and require more time to gain market visibility.

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