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Odoo ERP
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Odoo is being used by a large number of people across the globe today due to a number of apps that are being included in it for offering the right services to the companies. Accounting, managing expenses, CRM, proper documentation, inventory management, timesheet management are some of the important options that users can enjoy by signing up with the software Request Odoo ERP Pricing to get more information.


Odoo is an online Accounting Software exactly for such people who tend to keep a keen eye on the company’s business management. Users can use it for free and can do major activities in accounting in much lesser time. Due to an enormous number of productive features, the software has become very handy. It is designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and budgets.

Odoo Pricing

Users can use the software for free for the first 15 days. After the trial period, the Odoo pricing of $72 is charged for one year. Also, there are some designed Odoo Pricing plans such as:

Odoo Pricing Plans

  1. Basic 420 USD per year
  2. Standard – 740 USD per year
  3. Custom – 1200 USD per year
  4. Pro – 2400 USD per year

Odoo Demo

Odoo offers a free trial of 15 days. Also, the site offers details about its different features in an impressive way. For some features, there are also videos provided that can be watched with a single click. If the users wish to have a demo, they can schedule a demo on the website.


Odoo Features

Bank Synchronization
  • Sync bank statements automatically through the software for tracking different transactions that have taken place
  • Import files of bank statements and other financial details in order to get a record of them for future references
Managing Expenses
  • Control invoices of the suppliers so that you can have tight control over the expenses for the business
  • Forecast the future bills of suppliers by checking out the past few invoices and analyzing the future needs
  • Create invoices that are highly professional in looks and track payments easily through the software system
  • Create recurring billings so that there can be regular automatic follow-ups on these payments and the amount can be recovered at the proper time
Easy Reconciliation
  • Use the reconciliation tool to automate 95% reconciliation and save a good amount of time



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  • +9
    Invoice Customization
  • +6
    Journal Entries
  • +14
    Purchase Orders
  • +9
  • +5
    File Exports
  • +13
    Track Cash Flow
  • +13
  • +11
    Budgeting / Forecasting
  • +10
    Custom Reporting
  • +12
  • +6
    Integration APIs
  • +11
    Inventory Tracking / Ordering
  • +14
    Multi-Entity / Consolidation
  • +6
  • +12
    AP Automation
  • +10
    AR Automation
  • +8
    Audit Trail
  • +8
    Data Import and Export Tools
  • +13
    Payment Processing
  • +11
  • -10
  • -7
    Check/W-2 Printing
  • -6
    Direct Deposit
  • -14
    Income and Expenses
  • -8
    Tax Calculation
  • -7
  • -6
  • -5
    Technical Services
  • -14
    Training & Education
  • -11
  • -9
    Financial Statements
  • -10
    Payment Integration
  • -12
    Sales and Marketing
  • -6
    Centralized Inventory Database

Odoo ERP Reviews


Buyer, Ecommerce

May 20, 2020

“Good Looking Software”

Odoo is not just efficient in its services but also great in its looks. The software allows you to create impressive-looking invoices to be sent out to your clients and customers. Affordable price
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Buyer, Construction, Enterprise

May 20, 2020

“Impressive Services”

Apart from the basic accounting services, this open-source model offers a huge number of app options that can be added upon by the users to get added services for their business.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the key features of Odoo?

The key features of This software are as follows: Asset Management, Multiple Company, Accounts Receivable, Multi-Currency, Budgeting & Forecasting, Analytics, Financial Accounting, Project Accounting, Account Tracking, Multi-Company and Multi-Country accounting.

Who are the typical users of Odoo?

This software is largely used by startups and third party agencies such as tax consultants and also freelancers uses it to support large enterprises. Also this software has large number of applications in big enterprises as it offers various types of integration.

Which operating system does Odoo support?

This software supports the following operation system : Web App, Windows, Mac.

Which mobile platforms does this software support?

This software can be installed on android and IOS mobile platforms to have mobility and time effectiveness.

What is the deployment type?

This software provides on-premises installment as well as cloud-based implementation according to the users choice and business requirements

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