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Oracle GoldenGate
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Oracle GoldenGate USP

The primary USP of the Oracle GoldenGate Backup Software is its real-time data integration and extended support for cloud environments. It also offers high-speed and high-volume comparison in-between two different databases with different sets of values. It also enables visual management and monitors the solution in a better way. 

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Oracle GoldenGate Backup Software is an extensive software package that allows us to replicate, filter, and modify the data between Oracle databases and other supported heterogeneous databases. It provides real-time data integration with data replication and transactional change data capture. It offers a simplified interface for better management and enables the high availability solutions on a large scale.

Oracle GoldenGate Pricing

Its pricing is based on the type of usage and the actual requirement. It offers a wide range of pricing plans for varied usage types. The data integration plan is available at $350 per user license with an additional cost of $77 for the software update, license, and support. Similarly, the data integration plan for the big database starts at $400 per user license with an additional cost of $88 for the software update and support.


It offers the trial version free for all the users. It offers a 30-day free trial without any technical support and certain limitations. These limitations can be removed by choosing a proper Its pricing plan. Users can register on Oracle website and avail the free trial.


Oracle GoldenGate Backup Software offers some remarkable features like:

Real-time data movement: It allows to modify, replicate and update the changes in a real-time scenario. Supports low latency data migration and transformations

Subtle and speedy: It enables high performance and maintains consistency in data migration. Enables verification between operational and analytical enterprise systems. A complete package for a database solution

Supports different databases: It supports data replication between oracle and other heterogeneous databases. Different versions and releases are supported
Functionality can be expanded with different add-ons and technical support

Easy to use and scalable: Supports up-gradation with zero downtime. Uses simple architecture for better functioning. Supports live reporting. Supports a large number of certified products for better security


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Oracle GoldenGate Reviews


James Smith

Apr 28, 2020

“Easy to configure and deploy”

Oracle GoldenGate comes with simplified configuration and management tools that enable a high-performance analytical enterprise solution
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Buyer, Software, SME

Apr 28, 2020

“Enhanced security protocols”

It provides enterprise-class security solutions with support for expanded heterogeneity. Availability of different Oracle GoldenGate pricing plans makes it highly customizable and save money
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