Cloud engineering offers cloud transformation services, conforming to regulatory compliances, tailored and deployed on-premises or over the cloud. Cloud computing is rapidly gaining acceptance among businesses, enabling them to access the computing resources (software, programming platform, and infrastructure) over the internet, without heavy investment on computer software and hardware. Engineering combines the know-hows of research and innovation with the life cycle of cloud-ready products, to offer state-of-the-art Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and reduced Time-to-Market (TTM) solutions.


The MicroQuadrant matrix provides information about the major players who offer cloud engineering services. It outlines the findings and analysis on how well each market vendor performs within the predefined MicroQuadrant criteria. The vendor evaluations are based on 2 broad categories: strength of the product portfolio and the business strategy excellence. Each category carries various criteria, based on which, the vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under strength of the product portfolio includes the breadth and depth of service offerings (on the basis of the industries that the vendors cater to, their service offerings, and platform offerings), service features and functionalities, focus on service innovations (on the basis of R&D activities for new service innovations), and service differentiations and the impact on customer value. The evaluation criteria considered under the business strategy excellence includes vision alignment, effectiveness of growth strategy (on the basis of partnerships and revenue generation), channel strategy and fit (on the basis of the channel partners that the vendors cater to), and the geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence).


Aricent Inc., Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA, and Sogeti are recognized as the visionary leaders in the cloud engineering market. They have a strong portfolio of services. These vendors have been marking their market presence by offering customized solutions as per the requirement of their customers. The growth strategies of these companies have helped them advance consistently in the cloud engineering market.


VVDN Technologies, GFT Technologies SE, and Infosys Limited are recognized as the dynamic differentiators in the cloud engineering market. They have an innovative portfolio of services. They also have an extensive network of channel partners and resellers to increase the deployment of their services across a multitude of verticals. The dynamic differentiators have been consistently generating positive revenue growth in the cloud engineering market and they have boosted their market position by undertaking organic and inorganic ventures.


ITC Infotech, Trianz, Softcrylic LLC, Searce Inc., 8K Miles Software Services Limited, Calsoft Inc., Nitor Infotech, and RapidValue Solutions Inc. are recognized as the innovators in the cloud engineering market. They possess innovative services to cater to the future mobility demands. These companies have a robust potential to build strong business strategies for expanding their business and staying at par with the visionary leaders. Moreover, these vendors have been consistently offering cloud engineering services to fulfill their customers’ demands. The innovators have been at the forefront in deploying their services.


Corrus Cloud Services Pvt. Ltd., Mindstix Software Labs, Opcito Technologies, Prokarma Inc., Astadia, Inc., PCI Strategic Management, Inc., Opallios Inc., NetTantra Technologies, Nesh Technologies, ByteOrigin LLC, and InfraCloud Technologies are recognized as emerging companies in the cloud engineering market. The majority of the emerging companies have been undertaking multiple partnerships to boost their sales capabilities across various regions for offering integrated solutions and services to a wide range of clients.

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Extensive experience in developing public and private cloud platforms gives Aricent a unique advantage in architecting cloud solutions and applications
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It delivers a fast, flexible and continuous application environment on top of Microsoft Azure.
Cloe has a large catalog of technological and application resources, provided as services, that can be managed using the following functions - IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS - Platform as a Service, SaaS - Software as a Service
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ITC Infotech’s unique CloudSHYFT platform comes with add-on components including industry standard tools that orchestrates deployment of complex multi-tier compute and infrastructure resources.
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Adequate end-user training, ensuring that the cloud infrastructure and analytics applications are available and running at peak performance daily
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner with complex implementation experience
The company's expertise in the fiancial industry to bridge the gap between regulatory changes and businesses, along with the availability of 360 degree customer view is helping customers to place their trust on GFT
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A global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting
The frameworks- DQAT and Data Lego improve the quality assurance of products up to 30% enbaling customers to be rest assured about the product quality as compared to other vendors
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The company firmly believes in providing innovative customer-centric solutions, tailored to meet their custom requirements.
Deploy best-breed cloud solutions with the top Google Partner.
The company is focused on continuous innovation thorugh its products and its deep technical expertise is its USP among customers
Astadia's ability to deliver complete security to businesses is its USP
VVDN enables companies to increase efficiencies and cut costs greatly
The company's USP is its ability to mitigate the challenges of improving security, streamlining operations and managing access risk while maintaining compliance needs for clients
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ProKarma is focused on delivering enhanced digital experiences that drive fierce customer, partner and employee loyalty.
The company enbales businesses to be more productive, agile, and customer-ready through its cloud solutions
The company's ability to buils deliver enhanced scalability and customer experience is a key differentiator in the company's success
NetTantra's USP is its ability to deliver high quality consulting services to customers and partners in the fields of Blockchain and Information Technology
The company's ability to deliver continuous innovation without compromising quality and reliability of its products makes it a differentiator in the market
The company is committed to partnering with leading market players enabling it to deliver enhanced and comprehensive solutions to clients.
The company's UPS is that it delivers the most business value in the shortest possible time using its integrated expertise and agile scrum methodology
The company's USP is its ability to deliver secure and high quality user experience
The company's ability to simplify complex and critical customer problems is its USP
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