Computer Aided Manufacturing Software is defined as the use of software to control Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and automate manufacturing and assembly processes. CAM software helps manufacturers in high-volume production and transform raw material into desired discrete products with precise dimension and material consistency. Generally, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and CAM software are used simultaneously by manufacturers. CAD software helps in the designing and documentation of products, while CAE software provides the analysis of products and components and the outputs of CAD and CAE software are provided to CNC machines with the help of CAM software for making uniform products at a low maintenance cost.


Computer Aided Manufacturing Software vendors who fall into this category receive high scores for most of the evaluation criteria. They have a strong and established product portfolio, and a very strong market presence. They provide mature and reputable solutions. They also have strong business strategies.


Innovators in the Computer Aided Manufacturing Software category are vendors that have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. They have a much-focused product portfolio. However, they do not have a very strong growth strategy for their overall business.


They are established vendors in Computer Aided Manufacturing Software category with very strong business strategies. However, they are low in their product portfolios. They focus on specific type of technology related to the product.


They are vendors with niche product offerings in Computer Aided Manufacturing Software category and are starting to gain their position in the market. They do not have much strong business strategies, as compared to other established vendors. They might be new entrants in the market and require some more time before getting significant traction in the market.

Rapid advancement in technology has transformed the way organizations design and manufacture their products. Manual processes can lead to variation in speed and accuracy, and errors in the manufacturing process, as operators can suffer from fatigue and monotony. CAM solution empowers organizations to improve speed and precision, and shorten their lead times. Vendors offer various services, including, training and education, and support and maintenance, to enable enterprises to speed up and smoothen their manufacturing process. This section includes an overview of CAM solutions and services available in the market. Furthermore, it discusses the current and forecasts trends of various CAM solution and services     


CAM solution facilitates organizations to design and manufacture their products with the help of CNC machines. This solution enables organizations to minimize errors in designing and manufacturing processes. Moreover, it can be easily integrated with the designing tool, thereby providing enhanced ability to adopt changes and increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes. CAM solution enables organizations to manage design changes in an easy and fast manner. The solution empowers various stakeholders in an organization, including machinists, designers, and engineers, to carry out their tasks effectively, thereby reducing the overall time taken in the manufacturing of a product.


Services play a crucial role in efficiently carrying out various tasks performed in the entire manufacturing process of an organization. The CAM market has been categorized into 2 types of support and maintenance, and training and education. These services enable enterprises to make most of the CAM solution required to enhance their manufacturing processes. It enables enterprises to ensure the successful implementation of CAM solutions as per the unique requirements of organizations.


Training and education services are aimed at offering comprehensive training with respect to CAM solutions. These services help organizations build necessary expertise in its team pertaining to deployment and usage of CAM solutions. Moreover, they have been widely adopted by organizations, owing to the growing need for certified CAM professionals in the global market. Training services and education programs enable organizations to remove knowledge gaps by providing updated information to employees about the ongoing technological advancements and product updates. CAM solution providers offer learning materials, such as whitepapers, video tutorials, and blogs, along with online training, to educate professionals enabling them to make maximum utilization of CAM solutions.


Support services facilitate organizations with the required assistance related to the implementation and usage of CAM solutions. Maintenance services enable enterprises to have routine maintenance and management for ensuring manufacturing processes are executing continually without any error. CAM solution providers offer support and maintenance services to clients 24X7 throughout the year. The support and maintenance segment is considered as one of the crucial aspects of the CAM market. Any solution failure or set back can hamper the ongoing production and machine efficiency. The demand for support and maintenance services is growing, as it enables organizations to reap the maximum advantage from investments they have made in the deployment of CAM solutions.

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Below criteria are most commonly used for comparing Computer Aided Manufacturing Software tools.
  • Support
    • Support Services Offered
      • Technical Support
      • Customer Support
      • Post Sales Support
      • Others, please specify
    • Pre-Sales Support activities
      • Software Requirement Specification (SRS)
      • Product Demos
      • Proof of Concept
      • Dedicated Account Manager (DAM)
  • Feature and Functionality
    • End Users Catered
    • Use Cases
    • Type of Organizations Served
      • Large Organizations
      • Small and Medium Enterprises
    • Services Offered
      • Training and Education
      • Support and Maintenance
    • Products Offered
      • Solutions
      • Services
  • Deployment
    • Deployment Model
      • On-Premise
      • Hosted / On-Cloud
    • Delivery Model
      • Directly
      • Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors / MSSPs


  • 1

    Hexagon is a globally renowned provider of solutions for metrology, production, and design and engineering. Hexagon’s product portfolio comprises a comprehensive range of products for CAD CAM Software. The company’s solutions are used across a wide range of industries including aerospace and defense, consumer goods and retails, energy, process and utilities, architecture, engineering and construction, financial and business services, life sciences, high-tech, industrial equipment, natural resources, marine and offshore, and transportation and mobility. Hexagon caters to various regions including North America, Europe, MEA, APAC, and Latin America.

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    • Enterprise
    • Stockholm, Sweden
    • Founded: 1992
    • $1BN to $5BN
    • 15,001 to 20,000
  • 2

    Autodesk offerings in the CAM arena are designed to support the various processes of manufacturing including CNC machining, inspection, and modeling. The company's product, and professional-grade tools help customers manufacture complex, innovative products and components with maximum quality, control, and production efficiency. In the CAM market, Autodesk adopted strategies, such as agreements, product upgradations, acquisitions, partnerships, and new product launches to gain a competitive edge in the market.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1982
    • $1BN to $5BN
    • 5,001 to 10,000
  • 3

    Dassault Systèmes offers SOLIDWORKS CAM solution to enable enterprises to transform their processes from design to manufacturing. Dassault Systèmes also offers various services including consulting, training, and support services.

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    • Enterprise
    • 501 to 1,000
  • 4

    Siemens is one of the global market leaders in offering automation technologies for the manufacturing industries. The company’s solutions and services in the arena of CAM marketspace enable commercial customers to optimize entire value chains from product design and development to production and services. Siemens provides next-generation solutions to help manufacturers transform their operations into a digital enterprise. These solutions create a digital twin of products and allow engineers to predict performance accurately and define the language for how products communicate with us through the IoT. The company’s Digital Factory division addresses the ever-increasing needs of the manufacturing sector.

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    • Enterprise
    • Bavaria, Germany
    • Founded: 1847
    • $50BN to $100BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • 5

    3D Systems offers 3D printers, materials, software, haptic design tools, 3D scanners, and virtual surgical simulators. The comprehensive manufacturing solutions offered by the company are designed to shorten product delivery time. Cimatron CAM solution offered by the company addresses the entire tool-making process—from quoting to design, applying engineering changes and NC programming. With the growing technological changes in the manufacturing industry, 3D Systems has been focusing on the ongoing R&D programs to develop new CAM solutions and associated services to improve and expand the capabilities of the existing solution. The company protects its technology platforms and materials as proprietary through patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. 3D Systems provides a comprehensive range of 3D printers, print materials, software, haptic devices, scanners, and virtual surgical simulators. These products and services of the company are used across a wide range of industries, encompassing aerospace and defense, architecture, arts and entertainment, automotive, culinary, education, energy, healthcare, hobbyist, and jewelry. The services portfolio of the company comprises warranty, maintenance, and training services; on-demand solutions; software services, including software licensing, maintenance, and others; and healthcare services.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1986
    • $500MN to $1BN
    • 1,001 to 5,000
    • Enterprise
    • 1 to 50
  • 7

    HCL has established itself as a renowned provider of services including software-led IT solutions, remote infrastructure management, engineering and R&D services, and BPO. Moreover, HCL delivers a wide array of products, solutions, services, and IT through its Mode 1-2-3 strategy. The strategy is designed around advanced technologies, such as digital, cloud, IoT, analytics, infrastructure management and engineering services, automation, and cybersecurity. The company operates through 3 business segments, namely, software services, BPO services, and infrastructure services. The software services segment includes application development and maintenance, enterprise application, next-generation Software as a service (SaaS) application services, and engineering and R&D services. Under the infrastructure services segment, HCL manages its customers’ IT assets. Its BPO services include contact centers and help desk services. In the CAM marketspace, HCL offers CAMWorks, an automated solution to maximize productivity. CAMWorks utilizes feature-based machining, which helps art features to get recognized automatically. This automatic recognition of features eliminates repetitive programming tasks. CAMWorks has the capability to capture and store the best practices so that it can be used later for easier programming.

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    • Enterprise
    • Uttar Pradesh, India
    • Founded: 1991
    • $5BN to $10BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • 8

    PTC offers Creo CAD/CAM solution in the global market. PTC offers various services including advisory, implementation, education, and support. The company caters to various industry verticals including aerospace and defense, automotive, electronics and high-tech, life sciences, manufacturing, oil and gas, and retail and consumer products.

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    • Enterprise
    • 1 to 50
    • Enterprise
    • 1 to 50
  • 10

    OPEN MIND Technologies is a renowned provider of CAD/CAM solutions. OPEN MIND Technologies offers hyperMILL CAM that comes with various capabilities ncluding 2.5D milling, 3D milling, 5-axis milling, High Performance Cutting, drilling, mill turn, wire spark erosion (EDM), NC simulation, postprocessors, measuring workpieces, automated programming, CAD integrations, and CAM viewer.

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    • Enterprise
  • 11

    BobCAD-CAM offers BobCAD-CAM software and BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS to global customers. BobCAD-CAM integrates CAD and CAM functionality in a single interface for a seamless transition from the design process to toolpath programming, simulation, and G-code processing. The BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS is a gold-certified plug-in for SOLIDWORKS. The company offers its software in two packages, namely, advantage standard and advantage premium, and the package gets upgraded and updated in every 12 months.

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    • Enterprise
    • Enterprise
    • 1 to 50
    • Enterprise
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
    • Enterprise
    • 1 to 50
  • 15

    CNC Software is a globally renowned provider of CAD/CAM software tools for the manufacturing industry. The company offers a comprehensive suite of CAM solutions to solve complex machining and design problems. CNC Software serves various industries including aerospace, consumer goods, education, energy/power, government/military, heavy industry, medical, and transportation.

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    • Enterprise
    • Enterprise
    • 1 to 50


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