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Istation USP

Istation’s USP is its individualised learning. It includes numerous verbal explanations which are slow and detailed. Students get a lot of information and can study according to their learning capability. The lessons are further adapted based on the pace of understanding of the student.  

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Istation is a supplemental learning system which is based on computer-based assessments and instructions for reading and writing from grade Pre K to 12. There are game-based lessons and activities which are led by animated characters. The learning content is adapted according to every individual student. Students get regular assessments which are monitored monthly and a progress report is made.

Istation Features

Opening line features of the software

  • Regular assessments

    • On-demand assessments are also provided.
    • Students’ progress is monitored after every month based on the assessments.

  • Individualised profile

    • The profile is made based on every student’s own capability.
    • Students receive immediate reports at the end of every assessment.

  • Ease for educators

    • Teachers can customise the topics with the help of flexible resources.
    • Teachers also have access to printable study material.

  • Parent portal

    • Parents can access their children’s report every day.
    • They can have a look at their kids’ assignments anytime.

Istation Pricing

Istation pricing varies according to the number of individual products purchased. It can be bought by schools as individual student licences in the form of Istation’s Indicators of Progress for every student. The Istation pricing might range from $5-39 per student and $1500-11,000 per campus.

Istation Demo

Istation provides a free demo to its users. The users can create a free demo account without having to worry about istation pricing. They can get access to online resources where some of the reading and writing assessments can be seen. Users can also see how the school drives the instruction and formative data.


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Janna's requirement
"Can istation be purchased for a small number of students? I might be homeschooling about 10 students. I really like what istation has to offer. How much per student? "
Martha's requirement
"Can you send me a price on this? Using the price for a college class. "
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Istation Reviews


Buyer, Education, SME

May 07, 2020

“Istation in all grades”

I love that IStation prompts the scholar at login to take a reading assessment that''s used to base passages and activities given on their differentiated reading level. This program also reads aloud passages, which is a tremendous help to those in need of phonics instruction. It also allows teachers immediate feedback on progress and provides the differentiated printable text.
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James Smith

May 07, 2020

“Fun Program with Easy Administration”

This software serves as the main technical administrator for this program and overall, the configuration works well. Both eh Chrome and iPad apps are designed for ease of use and straightforward administration. Also useful to be able to define allowable public IP range to prevent unauthorized testing.
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