Who are Digital Transformation Consulting Providers?

Digital Transformation Consulting Providers help enterprises to improve performances, efficiencies, and business processes. The evolution of digital technologies, such as cloud computing, big data & analytics, mobility, disruptive technology, and social media, has created the need for digitalization across several industries.

According to 360 Quadrant analysis, the following have been identified as the top 10 Digital Transformation Consulting Providers

Top 10 Digital Transformation Consulting Providers

  1. Google Inc
  2. SAP SE
  3. IBM Corporation
  4. Microsoft Corporation
  5. Dell Inc
  6. com Inc
  7. Cognizant Technology Solutions
  8. Cisco Systems Inc
  9. Amazon
  10. HPE

Digital transformation is the outcome of changes that occur with the application of digital technologies. The use of digital transformation across business and organizational activities, processes, competencies, and business models leverages the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their impact on society.

Digital Transformation Consulting Providers enable enterprises to improve or add more features to their traditional business processes while also helping to enhance customer relationships.

Digital Transformation Consulting Providers offer similar services to those offered by cloud consultants, mobility consultants, and IT strategy consulting. Digital consultants initially try to understand a business, carefully considering its technology goals and budget. Prior to that will they suggest solutions and generally help out with the implementation of the company’s decisions. Often, a range of digital solutions (such as accounting and finance software or database management software) will be implemented, as well as new strategies and protocols. Whether implementing an online shopping feature or designing a mobile application, improving customer experience and satisfaction can often be a driving factor in digital transformations. Businesses interested in transitioning all or some aspects of their business to digital platforms may consider partnering with a digital transformation consulting provider.


Vendor competitive leadership mapping provides information about the major vendors of digital transformation solutions and services and outlines the findings and analysis on how well each market vendor performs within our criteria. The vendor evaluations in Best Digital Transformation Consulting Providers are based on two broad categories — Product Maturity and Company Maturity. Each category carries various criteria, based on which the vendors will be evaluated.


These vendors in the Digital Transformation Consulting Providers category have a strong portfolio of solutions and services offering in the digital transformation market. They have been marking their presence in the digital transformation market by offering highly customized and easily deployable solutions for end-use industries, such as BFSI, healthcare, telecom & IT, automotive, education, retail & consumer goods, media & entertainment, manufacturing, government, and others. They also adopt robust business strategies to achieve continued growth in the digital transformation market.


These vendors in Digital Transformation Consulting Providers have an innovative portfolio of solutions and services, and an extensive network of channel partners and resellers to increase the deployment of their solutions and services across various verticals. Over the years, the dynamic differentiators have been consistently generating positive revenue growth in the digital transformation market, with their market position fueled by the organic and inorganic ventures undertaken.


These companies have an innovative portfolio of digital transformation solutions and services, and a strong potential for growth to be at par with the visionary leaders. They have been consistently providing innovative as well as customized digital transformation solutions to their clients. Innovators in Digital Transformation Consulting Providers have been at the forefront in deploying their solutions for niche and custom requests requiring the processing of high-performance workloads.


Emerging companies in Digital Transformation Consulting Providers specialize in offering highly niche and tailor-made solutions and services to their clients. The majority of the emerging companies have been undertaking multiple acquisitions and increasing their sales capabilities across regions to offer integrated services to a wide range of clients.

What’s driving the market?

  • Improve Productivity- Productivity seems to be one of the top drivers of digital transformation. It is observed that in a globally competitive environment, managers are continually tasked with doing more with the same or even fewer resources. Falling birth rates combined with increased retirement’s impact productivity. To enhance productivity, digital transformation is evidently seen as the path forward.
  • Significant to Business Success- Healthy competition is the second-most prominent driver for digital transformation. If productivity improvements are the ‘push’ or greatest attraction of digital transformation, fear of being marginalized represents the ‘pull’. That fear can be paralyzing if a proper roadmap and design on what is needed to maintain a competitive advantage are not implemented. The fear of losing competitive advantage can be reduced by laying out a digital transformation roadmap, in conjunction with experts.
  • Improve Security- Security is one of the important drivers of digital transformation. Security breaches continue to increase with a large number of cybercriminals finding ways around complicated defenses and managing to stay a step ahead. As per the major global survey, security spending is increasing virtually across all verticals and hence investment in digital transformation is the best solution. Many organizations are implementing AI/ML techniques to automate threat detection and eradication effort.

What are the major applications of Digital Transformation Solutions?

  • Banking Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI) - The BFSI vertical makes use of high-end digital technology to make transactions secure, simple, and error-free. The development of financial services and technologies, such as mobile banking applications, omnichannel banking, and digital banking analytics helps customers to streamline and automate digital banking operations. The development of advanced technologies has led to an increased need for the integration of data from websites, web portals, and mobile-based apps, which can be achieved with the help of digital transformation. The use of cloud computing in the BFSI sector results in reduced costs and improved flexibility, as there is no requirement for investment in new hardware or software.
  • Healthcare- The healthcare vertical has witnessed considerable growth in terms of use of digital transformation practices, such as cloud, big data & analytics for management of electronic health records and healthcare information management. Presently, customers in the healthcare vertical are connected and informed regarding health issues and practices. Digital Transformation Consulting Providers help the efficient flow of data in the healthcare industry ecosystem. One of the major challenges in the healthcare vertical is the lack of standardized data, as over 80% of the medical data is unstructured. A significant portion of the data generated in this vertical is in the form of images from patient’s scans, conversations about healthcare issues and practices in social media, and information from monitoring devices. Big data & analytics are used for predictive analysis to generate insights by integrating all the data related to a patient. The use of digital transformation in healthcare organizations also involves predicting trends in the healthcare sector and evaluating effective treatments.
  • Retail & consumer goods- Presently, retailers are using the web, e-commerce, and various applications to retain and attract their customers digitally. Digital transformation requires seamless integration of customer services, merchandising, pricing, inventory, and supply chain processes, which enables shoppers to save time and maximize convenience. Cloud solutions enable retailers to have the centralized item and customer information databases, and flexible distribution systems to help customers receive orders. A majority of the consumers own smartphones, which can be used as barcode scanners to view product information. Social media and mobile technologies give manufacturers and retailers more direct and informal access to their customers.

Type of Digital Transformation Solutions based on Technology-

  • Cloud computing- Cloud computing solutions are cost-efficient, as these solutions can be deployed even with a basic on-premise IT infrastructure. In cases where a company’s data centers are insufficient to handle all its IT requirements, cloud services can enhance its IT capabilities without the need for large investments for new data centers. In addition to reducing the purchase, installation, and operational costs for IT resources, cloud services reduce costs and staff expenditure by reducing the need to monitor computer systems and secure data. Cloud computing solutions require low initial investment and employ a pay-as-you-go approach where the amount consumers need to pay is determined by the degree to which services are used and the type of services used. The cloud-computing model facilitates on-demand procurement of services, such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Thus, cloud computing offers enterprises several benefits, such as pay-as-use, faster time-to-market, and on-demand elastic infrastructure.
  • Big Data & Analytics- The big data & analytics concept has dramatically improved enterprise data management and has brought greater accuracy and clarity in prediction and analysis. The rise in the amount of unstructured data from several sources and the need to optimize large workloads of data has led to various advancements in big data & analytics solutions. However, the lack of skilled personnel and the absence of robust security measures and solutions may inhibit advancements in big data solutions in the coming years. In recent years, extensive efforts by key vendors in the ecosystem have led to the establishment of advanced training and learning centers, and the launch of various certification courses to overcome these challenges.
  • Mobility- Mobile devices are widely used to access the internet, enterprise data, and personalized information. However, the requirement of every organization is unique, in terms of control over devices, applications, and content. Therefore, based on the specific nature of the requirement, organizations customize their mobility solutions. Mobility solutions are being rapidly adopted in organizations across several industry verticals. The mobility market is expected to witness tremendous growth during the forecast period, driven by factors such as expanding mobile workforce leading to rising to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, rising security concerns, and proliferation of mobile applications and the resultant need to ensure strict adherence to well-defined regulatory and compliance measures.
  • Disruptive Technology- Disruptive technologies have the potential to reshape the digital transformation market. These technologies play a key role in transforming business processes with less effort and increasing the revenue of an organization. Disruptive technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions.
  • Internet Of Things (IoT)- Organizations adopt advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) to achieve successful digital transformation. IoT is an interconnected system of devices/objects which communicate with each other to perform various business functions. IoT generates a substantial amount of data that needs to be deposited, managed, and analyzed efficiently. The insights obtained after analysis of data are used to drive actionable steps that can improve business operations. The concept of IoT has helped organizations across various industry verticals to increase operational efficiency and provide proficient customer service. IoT-based technology solutions enable companies to increase the operational efficiency of business processes through real-time monitoring. It has bridged the gap between remote monitoring and collaborative functioning.
  • Blockchain Technology- Blockchain technology has transformed the way of working for many industries, such as banking, finance, and healthcare. Blockchain technology is a decentralized and shared digital distributed ledger that records the cryptocurrency transactions, such as bitcoin and ether, in the form of “blocks.” Each time a block gets completed, a new block is generated, which is linked to each other in a proper linear, chronological order like a chain, with every block containing a hash of the previous block. Blockchain technology is transparent & immutable, helps in fast transactions, and reduces the total cost of ownership. Furthermore, this blockchain technology is mostly used in the banking financial services & insurance (BFSI) vertical. The key opportunities in the blockchain technology, in the coming years, would be disruption in technology across various industries, high adoption of blockchain technology for payments, smart contracts, and digital identities.
  • Artificial Intelligence- Artificial intelligence (AI) is an umbrella term used for technologies, such as natural language processing, machine learning, and expert systems. AI technology can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. Organizations have significantly changed the way they conduct their businesses by adopting advanced technologies, such as AI. The emergence of AI has transformed the way in which data is collected and analyzed. The technology builds data models automatically in digital forms. AI also collects data from multiple sources and uses the information as a knowledge store, which can help businesses in several ways, such as identify and analyze buying patterns and trends or predict the needs of consumers to boost customer experience.

Best Digital Transformation Consulting Providers 2022

Comparing 25 vendors in Digital Transformation Solutions across 99 criteria.
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Google has continuously increased its spending on R&D over the years. The company has also been investing in infrastructure, analytics, data management, and AI. As more and more digital experiences are being built in the cloud, the company's cloud products help enterprises of all sizes take advantage of the latest technologies and run their businesses more efficiently.
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SAP provides a wide range of solutions and software in the digital transformation market, which includes SAP S/4HANA Cloud that acts as a digital core to connect enterprises, people, and business networks with disruptive technologies such as analytics, Big Data, Blockchain, cloud computing, Internet of Things, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. SAP helps create new products and services through the use of these disruptive technologies.
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IBM is globally recognized for being a digital transformation consulting provider. The company offers a wide range of products and services under digital transformation, such as IBM Garage, Internet of Things (IoT), IT infrastructure, cloud, and mobility. Under IT infrastructure, the company offers IBM Z mainframes, LinuxONE, and storage.
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Microsoft offers a wide range of products in the digital transformation market. Emerging technologies, specifically the Internet of Things (IoT), provide enterprises the ability to embed software and technology directly into their products and services. These technologies help communicate and gather data for a wide range of analytics, security-enhancing, and value-adding applications.
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Dell EMC provides a wide range of virtual infrastructure technologies, solutions, and services powered by Intel Xeon processors. The company offers software that acts as a pervasive approach to the IT transformation, enabling enterprises to support the growing digital business demands. Its hybrid cloud provides a cost-effective and successful digital transformation.
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Customer 360 Platform is the  leading cloud platform for the digital transformation. The customer 360 platform is trusted, integrated, intelligent, and sustainable. The platform helps build connected customer experiences on an agile app development that is integrated with CRM.

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Cognizant aid clients to build digital businesses. It provides digital services depending on an organization's needs to help it increase productivity by being cost-effective digital transformation consulting provider. Cognizant aligns its digital services in three digital practice areas, namely, Cognizant Digital Business, Cognizant Digital Operations, and Cognizant Digital Systems & Technology.
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Cisco is renowned for its Digital Transformation Solutions that includes developing, manufacturing and selling hardware, telecommunications equipment, technological networks, and other high-technology products and services. This diverse solution specializes in several particular tech markets such as domain security, and energy management and the Internet of Things (IoT). With the aid of this technology, any consumer can enhance their data-driven solution techniques by a simple click. Thus, Digital Transformation Solutions software is one of a kind.

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AWS Digital transformation provides a guide to the growing demand for digital services and transforming the organisation using Cloud services. The solution eliminates the budget constraints which the organisation faces while enhancing the technology. The AWS cloud can expedite the path from idea to execution, helping to step beyond the IT office to communicate value and build consensus among the stakeholders.

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HPE offers a comprehensive set of products and services in the global digital transformation market, including cloud, big data analytics & applications, and mobility and IoT solutions. Big data analytics & applications include HPE Vertica, the leading analytics database technology for structured and semi-structured data.
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Oracle provides a wide range of products and solutions in the digital transformation market, including cloud, big data, mobile, analytics, and others. The company offers the Oracle cloud as a solution to help its customers streamline their business processes.
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CA Technologies offers advanced analytics, agile management, cloud, IT operations management, and security as a solution for its clients. Application Programming Interface Management (API Management), the building blocks of updated application and software development is offered by the company as an enterprise solution.
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Fujitsu helps organizations of all shapes and sizes to become more agile, profitable and efficient in the most volatile commercial environments. By understanding business objectives, and harnessing the full power of digital, the company tries to help the organisation to stay ahead of the competitors.

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Hitachi’s Digital Transformation solutions turn digital ideas into practical, scalable solutions to transform operational processes, improve customer experience and create new business models to drive innovation and growth. Hitachi Solutions helps to bring it all together, making it real so the organization can generate greater efficiency and deliver continuous, incremental value at every touchpoint of your transformation journey.

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Capgemini provides its clients a wide range of services and digital expertise through its different business units. While the specific market needs are varied, the transition toward a digital enterprise is a common objective for clients in areas such as financial services, consumer products, retail & distribution, and the automotive sector. Capgemini meets those needs by continually enhancing its digital skills and by drawing on its rich ecosystem of partners.
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Accenture Digital help businesses evolve from simply thinking digital to being digital. The digital transformation solution combines the strength of three focus areas—Applied Intelligence, Industry X.O and Interactive. This helps to reimagine, redesign and reinvent what they do and discover new possibilities for growth. The company partners with clients to scale and deliver breakthrough innovations, applying the New Now.

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Adobe is a leading provider of digital media and digital marketing solutions. It offers products such as Advertising Cloud, Experience Manager, Audience Manager, Adobe Sign, and Adobe Stock. The company caters to various verticals, including government, financial services, retail, media & entertainment, and telecommunications.
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The Hybrid Cloud Integration Platform from TIBCO provides organisations faster and more efficient digital transformation. The platform provide a compelling customer experience by connecting anything, anyone, and anywhere from core on-premises systems all the way to edge IoT devices. The platform offers all the key components for hybrid integration, each one focusing on specific use cases and deployment options that are highly integrated to work together to reduce complexity and efforts across teams.

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Alcor provides unique technology expertise in areas of IT strategy, Analytics and Mobility. Alcor’s digital consulting practice is based on years of experience in defining measurable IT services for internal as well as external customers. The consultants experience includes IT strategy, enterprise architecture, outsourcing management and governance in a variety of industries.

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Fedr8 with its unrivalled application migration knowledge using Green Rain accelerates decisions and migration times, delivering to target, time and budget. The Green Rain software suite manages each individual application migration at a static source code level meaning the very largest projects are bespoke, granular and accurate.

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Equinix Professional Services is one of the largest global platforms of interconnected data centres and business ecosystems, supporting companies and industries in markets across the globe. Equinix Professional Services helps solve major challenges businesses face managing digital transformation. Equinix developed Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA), a proven and repeatable strategic approach to directly and securely interconnect people, locations, clouds, and data.

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Agilone is an excellent data exploration and analytics platform. It is built to handle a vast volume of data from varied sources, and hence it assists advanced B2C enterprises. With assistance from business intelligence and machine learning, it helps enterprises restore the one-on-one relationships they once had with their customers before channel-specific marketing came into the picture.

With a single view of customers throughout all channels, the platform helps understand the customer’s behaviour. It facilitates omnichannel customer relationship and helps in database administration, campaign management, and more.
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Domino Data Lab is a data science platform that helps data scientists around the world to develop and test ideas faster. Its’ automatic work tracking feature allows scientists to spend more time in research.

The technology foundation is designed to meet the unique needs of model development and testing. It comes with pre-configured and optimized computing research stacks which contain tools and languages like python, SAS, RStudio, H2O, and more.
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Exago provides business intelligence solutions for software companies. Reporting is the foundation of a good BI, and the platform makes sure that the foundation remains strong. The BI solutions offered by the platform are entirely browser-based. It facilities organizations that look to provide their customers are reporting, dashboards, and analytics solutions. The BI solution is easy to use and flexible. It can be tailored to match the source applications. Exago is the best BI and analytics solution for SaaS environment. It gets tightly integrated into SaaS and company applications and can even be used by non-technical professionals to create reports and dashboard.

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Qlik Analytics gives the power to transform every single aspect of business – so the business can lead in the digital era. The end-to-end data management and analytics platform empowers everyone in business to lead with data and transform the business digitally to have a competitive edge. Qlik analytics helps businesses to Understand customer behavior, Reinvent business processes, Discover new revenue streams and Balance risk & reward.

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