Digital transformation is the outcome of changes that occur with the application of digital technologies. The use of digital transformation across business and organizational activities, processes, competencies, and business models leverages the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their impact on society. Digital transformation helps enterprises to improve the customer experience, optimize the workforce, enhance the operational activities and transform the products and services of the organization. The evolution of digital technologies, such as cloud computing, big data & analytics, mobility/social media, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and cybersecurity, has created the need for digitalization across several industries. These technologies are used by enterprises to improve or add more features to their traditional business processes while also helping to enhance customer relationships.

Top 10 Digital Transformation Solutions Startups

These are the organizations that offer established and reliable digital transformation solutions and services and also are strategically and geographically well placed.  Some of the major players that offer bot platform solutions are:

  1. InnoMinds Software
  2. Appnovation
  3. Fingent Corporation
  4. Torry Harris Business Solutions
  5. Experion Technologies
  6. Techved Consulting
  7. Hakuna Matata Solutions
  8. Trident Techno minds
  9. Razor Technology
  10. Aexonic Technologies

Top Digital Transformation Features

Digital Transformation is an assimilation of digital technologies into several business and technology areas. It bridges the gap between how the digital customer would anticipate and what actually it delivers. Below mentioned are of some of the features that businesses can consider prior to choosing an ideal digital transformation software:

  1. Cloud Deployment
  2. Agile Architecture
  3. Compliance and Data Governance
  4. Data Context
  5. Ecosystem Capabilities
  6. Managed Services
  7. Analytics
  8. Collaboration and Knowledge Management
  9. Application Development and Integration
  10. Application Modernization

Types of Digital Transformations

There are majorly five digital transformation models, which help IT leaders in recognizing the situation their business is in, and how they can best plan their continued digital transformation journey. Below mentioned are the five types of digital transformation:

  1. Legacy Transformers - Typically, these companies come across technology and organizational silos formerly built in, but face difficulties in transforming due to circumstances such as mergers, actions of their competition, or adopting latest tech.
  2. Strategic Transformers - This category of businesses isn’t sightlessly taking up digital transformation. They have a roadmap and are moving in stages with strong thought to the partners and solutions that they on-board. Strategic transformers are usually experienced in outsourcing and will easily move their business operations to the cloud.
  3. Cloud-first Transformers - Cloud-first digital transformers view digital transformation as an additional extension. With small and agile IT subdivisions, they view technology as a driver of change and growth within the organization.
  4. Digital Enterprise Natives - These companies are already technologically advanced and they consider IT as a revenue generator, rather than a department to be hesitantly accounted. Digital enterprise natives are keen on increasing revenue, being more adaptable for their customers and getting ahead of other players.
  5. Disruptors - These businesses generally have advanced and steady IT operations, and are always open to the new IT solutions.

Best Digital Transformation Solutions Startups

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Innominds helps clients drive towards digital transformation to unlock the value and gain the benefits by helping create, deliver and sustain technology solutions that offer experiences to engage customers at every touchpoint. Innominds helps companies in accelerating their digital transformation through expertise in devices, apps and analytics.

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2.7 Online

Fingent digital services help in search engine optimization, social media marketing, content marketing etc. to enable a personalized approach to consumers. It creates personalized experiences for consumers across channels. Such personalization involves harnessing data from mobile, social media, online etc. It helps in understanding customers and target products and services for better customer satisfaction.

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2.3 Online

Razor digital solutions include collaboration and knowledge management, BI and analytics, app development and integration, and security and monitoring, as well as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure Cloud implementation. Razor Technology helps client understand the radical changes they face in the digital world and enable them to create rich digital experiences for both their employees and customers.

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Appnovation integrates advanced digital strategies and cutting-edge experience design with it's legacy technical implementation and support capabilities. It helps businesses advance and inspires, create positive transformation, and champion digital innovation. It develops digital capabilities and services that are simpler, cleaner, and faster to use.

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Torry Harris enhances the digital abilities of its clients through end-to-end solutions that enable the automated acceleration of integrated marketplaces. Its digital transformation offerings understand the business models of users as well as their strategic objectives and use this information to improve value-stream mapping, create an accurate capability roadmap, and architect the solution to fulfill all business objectives.

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Experion offers its expertise in the area right from consulting to implementation. Experion Technologies kick-start digital transformation service initiatives through Minimum Viable Product development (MVP).
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Techved helps enterprises digitally transform their business processes through cutting-edge technology and innovation. Its solutions allow clients to fortify their digital capabilities and set up their businesses for a full-scale digital transformation.  The scientific user-centered design approach by Techved helps clients achieve impressive results. Techved continuously works with consumers to test and validate its concepts at various project stages.

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Hakuna Matata makes custom-built, scalable and flexible solutions that are purposefully designed to enhance productivity, increase global competitiveness, get closer to clients and deliver compelling customer experience. It serve as a technology partner to enterprises, across industries, with a focus on enabling them to create and sustain value through the transformative power of advanced technologies.

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Trident Techno Minds enables digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights through an integrated set of emerging technologies.
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Businesses leverage high-quality and cost-effective solutions from Aexonic Technologies to stay ahead of the curve. These solutions provide clients with ideas and information relating to current and emerging market trends. They also help clients establish continuous connectivity with their end-users. Aexonic Technologies helps enterprises study the effects of digital transformation on existing as well as future employees, enabling them to apply suitable holistic change management techniques.

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Alcor offers its expertise in cutting-edge technology in the fields of IT strategy, analytics, and mobility. Its digital consulting portfolio is consumed across multiple industries and aids clients in enterprise architecture, IT strategy, outsourcing management, and governance.

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EvolutionCo is a provider of digital consulting and strategy software that helps businesses solve their problems using innovative methods. The company focuses on an inside-out approach to create experiences that not only solve business problems but also generate opportunities for all stakeholders. Offerings from EvolutionCo assess and overhaul legacy business processes in order to give enterprises a competitive edge that helps them stay relevant. Through its advisory capabilities, EvolutionCo helps businesses align their core objectives with the correct technology.

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Zykoon Technologies provides robust management solutions that enable reliable and timely information to be collected from on-premise visitors. This visitor management suite of products collects accurate information from visitors and automatically communicates this information to the host, creating a smooth digital experience for all stakeholders. The company also offers several other modules, including one that helps HR departments to track employee attendance through face recognition and QR codes. These solutions track employee productivity without infringing on their privacy.

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Limitscale Technologies is a digital commerce company that crafts digital experiences for brands and enables them to accelerate excellence and innovation through creative minds. Solutions from Limitscale help digitize several non-digital business processes and improve existing digitized business processes through creativity and innovation.

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Digital transformation solutions transforms static business document processes into a digital format that  helps in streamlining the  internal process and improves business efficiencies. Digital Transformation Solutions tailor makes digital solutions for business to utilize digital transformation to create better customer experiences and increase process efficiencies.

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Moogsoft AIOps analyzes events across all IT systems in an enterprise so that operations teams can rapidly resolve issues that threaten SLAs or customer experiences. The Moogsoft AIOps platform streamlines IT operations and provides Ops teams with the rapid incident resolution capabilities that they need to avoid outages, meet SLAs, and help accelerate the digital transformation of their business. Moogsoft AIOps automatically takes in real-time information from diverse sources across the enterprise, processes the data to correlate important events, and generates corrective insights. This accelerates mean time to resolution, improves service assurance, and simplifies the management of cloud infrastructure.

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Avi Networks allows ease for application services such as load balancing, application analytics, and security in any data center or cloud. The Avi Networks Platform provides agile, software-based ADC capabilities and actionable insights with auto-scaling and automation driven. The company is committed to giving elastic application to enterprises. Avi Networks is highly flexible and agile solutions which is cost-effective. It is a fit for customers who are looking for digital transformation.

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Budderfly is a top digital transformation in energy consumption conservation through its exclusive Energy Efficient as a Service model. It implements proprietary energy intelligence software, energy efficiency upgrades, HVAC controls, variable frequency drives, and refrigeration controls.Budderfly creates systems of patented IoT devices that meter and report on all elements of energy use. Its constant services and positive maintenance guarantees that a building's energy infrastructure never becomes outdated.

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IFTTT is the world’s leading connectivity platform. They benefit global enterprises quicken the digital transformation of their products into integrated services, vividly reducing their development costs while extending compatibility and lifetime value. It helps clients with best connectivity solutions.

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Relayr is a growing IoT company, which delivers IoT solutions on the market for the digital transformation industries. Its IoT middleware platform, device management, and analytics capabilities, open-source SDKs solutions are reliable and are used by hundreds of companies. Businesses are empowered to implement fully interoperable IoT solutions with Relayr business solutions to achieve their business objectives.

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It is a leading digital transformation which helps companies in advisory, implementation , custom configuration , change management and managed services. It helps in businesses to achieve strategic growth and increase value to clients . It helps clients in understanding digital transformation, implementing it and utilising the benefits.

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SnapLogic helps to program business processes, quicken analytics, and drive digital transformation. It is the leader in self-service integration. The company’s Enterprise Integration Cloud makes it fast and easy to connect with applications, data, APIs, and things. It helps users to connect with application and data across the enterprise to improve decision making, business processes and have better business outcomes.

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