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The Reprise License Manager (RLM) is a flexible and easy-to-use license manager with the power to serve enterprise users. License on-premises or in the cloud and use numerous licensing models. They provide a pricing model that makes it affordable for publishers of all sizes. 

Reprise eDiscovery gives license protection to ensure that the software is used within the terms and conditions specified. It includes a simple API and complex license models.

Reprise Pricing:

Reprise Pricing is transparent to every user and it is disruptive in nature. The starting price to avail the service of the software begins from $149 per year. It follows a system of value-based pricing. The price varies according to the needs of the user, for details on Reprise pricing plans, customer service should be contacted through the help of the official website by filling in all the credentials.

Reprise eDiscovery Demo:

Reprise software provides a demo on its website via animations and videos. Interested users can request a free demo as well. 

Reprise eDiscovery Features:

  • Mobile Licensing 
  • Allows borrowing or roaming a license to a soon-to-be-disconnected system.
  • Hand out these borrowed licenses to clients on its new network.
  • Extras Included
  • Enjoy functionality expected only at an extra cost, including public-key encryption, a capacity planning management tool.
  • Allows customers to forecast their need for additional license servers, and unencrypted logs.
  • Understands license usage, allocates usage to projects and justifies the acquisition of additional licenses.
  • Equally at Home On-Premises or in the Cloud
  • Allows deploy on-premises or in the cloud licenses with the same release of the product. 
  • Integrates the RLM API into the application.
  • Convenient Trial Modes
  • Convert trials into permanent licenses later.
  • Support trials and demonstration versions of the product, whether customers are connected to the Internet or not.
  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Build with a single API and enjoy license management on every major platform, including Linux/Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, and platform-independent Java.
  • Support license servers on platforms that are not maintained in-house.
  • Includes a generic license server - a small file of settings that replaces a platform-dependent server.


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Reprise Reviews


Asset Management Manager, Energy Utility

May 02, 2020

“Suits all Needs”

Very flexible licensing model. Easy to use API. Very responsive technical support.
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James Smith

May 02, 2020

“Works well in all Current Products”

It is fairly easy to install. The license files are text and rather compact and one format supports both node-locked and license server models. The API has simple calls, but also more advanced ones. Reprise is also very good at customer service.
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