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Symantec Endpoint Encryption
California, USA
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Symantec Corporation specializes as a security company and has achieved growth in the encryption software market by delivering information-centric encryption, endpoint encryption, file sharing encryption, desktop email encryption, gateway email encryption, cloud data protection and security, and command line. Symantec Endpoint Encryption helps enterprises to secure their sensitive data with the help of encryption and also facilitates in complying with government regulations. Symantec Information Centric Encryption protects sensitive data in the on-premises and cloud environments. Symantec Information Centric Encryption provides the capabilities of Symantec Data Loss Prevention and Symantec CloudSOC technologies. Symantec Information Centric Encryption provides features, such as encryption support for various file formats, cloud file storage encryption support to Box and OneDrive, and deletion of data accessed by unauthorized users. Symantec Endpoint Encryption also offers File Share Encryption, which provides automatic encryption of files stored in the cloud and endpoint environments. Request Symantec Endpoint Encryption Pricing to get more information.


Symantec Corporation Endpoint Encryption provides businesses with disk encryption and removable media encryption with centralized management. Its features include : Single sign on support, Media support, Flexible recovery, and compatibility with native OS encryption functionality. Symantec also provides Desktop Email Encryption and Symantec Gateway Email Encryption solutions. Symantec Desktop Email Encryption efficiently encrypts and decrypts email data in the Windows and Mac OS based endpoints. Symantec Gateway Email Encryption supports encryption for web browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. Symantec offers Cloud Data Protection Gateway, which integrates with the cloud services platforms and protects sensitive enterprise data by monitoring traffic. Cloud Data Protection Gateway also enables tokenization, which is compliant with PCI-DSS and provides complete visibility in the cloud environment by offering audit entries that have user, location, date, and time details.

360 Quadrants

Strengths and Weaknesses
  • +13 Managed Services
  • +12 Professional Services
  • +5 Consulting Service
  • +14 Support and Maintenance
  • +6 Training and education
  • +9 On-Site Support
  • +10 Remote Support
  • +9 AES
  • +10 IaaS
  • +9 PaaS
  • +8 SaaS
  • +7 Large Enterprises
  • +10 Cloud
  • +14 Directly
  • +9 On-Premise
  • +5 Through Partners / Third-Party Vendors
  • +12 Cloud Encryption
  • +11 Communication Encryption (Voice email, and message)
  • +10 Database and Application Encryption
  • +13 Data Encryption
  • -14 Data Loss Prevention
  • -8 Disk Encryption
  • -8 SMEs
  • -6 Application-level encryption
  • -7 Column-level encryption
  • -12 Data-at-rest encryption
  • -11 Data-in-motion encryption
  • -13 Data-in- process/use encryption
  • -5 File level encryption
  • -10 Customer Redressal Mechanism/Program
  • -9 Level of Support
  • -10 Patented inhouse algorithm
  • -7 Others
  • -8 Application-level tokenization
  • -14 Virtual machine instance encryption
  • -11 Others (RSA, Blowfish, DES)
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Top Features

  1. Solutions Offered / File/Folder Encryption
  2. Solutions Offered / Database and Application Encryption
  3. Solutions Offered / Communication Encryption (Voice email, and message)
  4. Solutions Offered / Cloud Encryption
  5. Support and Services / Data Encryption
  6. Support and Services / Data Loss Prevention
  7. Support and Services / Tokenization
  8. Support and Services / Key Management
  9. Deployment Model / SaaS
  10. Solutions Offered / Disk Encryption