Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Software

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Comparing 20 vendors in Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Software.

Anomali uses the modern day advanced algorithms with support from established cyber threat intelligence sources. It has a precise threat detection mechanism and the automated system is capable of narrowing down the analysis in a very short time. 

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Apex One’s main USP is its very fast responsiveness and ability to detect and eliminate threats from a number of sources such as USB drives, telephones, internet viruses, and other potentially harmful sources. To keep up this speed and agility, it uses a number of methods such as virtual patching, automatic update downloads and constant connectivity to the local networks.

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The Great Bay Network Intelligence Platform helps companies and large-scale organisations with easy asset inventory and onboarding capabilities, by automating network authentication and streamlines device onboarding process. Furthermore, it helps detect network threats and resolves them within a few hours, speeding up response time.

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