What is Enterprise Key Management Software?

Enterprise key management is a system that empowers clients with professional key management solutions, which offer encryption keys across a variety of databases and operating systems.

According to 360 Quadrant analysis, the following have been identified as the top 10 vendors in the Best Enterprise key management Software:

Top 10 Enterprise key management Software-

  1. Thales Group
  2. HPE
  3. Dell Inc
  4. IBM Corporation
  5. Gemalto
  6. Amazon
  7. Oracle Corporation
  8. Venafi
  9. Box Inc
  10. Broadcom Limited

Top applications of Enterprise Key Management Software

Enterprises are required to protect customer data from security vulnerabilities. Some of the applications are:

  1. Communication Encryption
  2. Cloud Encryption
  3. File/Folder Encryption
  4. Disk Encryption
  5. Database Encryption

Top Features of Enterprise Key Management Software

Enterprise key management services are vital to ensure the proper implementation and integration of enterprise key management solutions. Some of the features are:

  1. Audit Trail
  2. Access Controls/Permissions
  3. Key Holder Management
  4. Overdue Tracking
  5. Lock Management

Top Free Enterprise Key Management Software

  1. Egnyte
  2. HashiCorp Vault
  3. ManageEngine Key Manager Plus
  4. Ekran System
  5. Unbound Key Control
  6. KeyCop Manager
  7. Key Organizer
  8. Keyzapp
  9. Logitout
  10. SimpleK

Enterprise key management solutions offer fast, reliable, secure, and easy-to-use hosting services for the protection of users’ keys. Additionally, enterprise key management solutions enable clients to efficiently store, backup, protect, and organize encryption keys.


The MicroQuadrant highlights the top vendors in the enterprise key management market. The MicroQuadrant provides information about the major players, who offer enterprise key management solutions and services, and outlines the findings and analysis on how well each market vendor performs within our criteria. The vendor evaluations are based on 2 broad categories: product offerings and business strategies. Each category carries various criteria, based on which, the vendors are evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product offerings includes the breadth of offerings, delivery (based on industries that the vendors cater to, deployment models, and subscriptions), and support (based on pre and post-sales support services). The evaluation criteria considered under business strategies includes the reach (on the basis of geographic presence), industry coverage (on the basis of end-users that the vendors cater to), and inorganic growth (on the basis of partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions).


Amazon Web Services, Inc., Gemalto N.V, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, IBM Corporation, Oracle Corporation, RSA Information Security LLC, Subsidiary of DELL EMC, Thales e-Security, Inc., and Venafi, Inc. are the leading players in the enterprise key management solutions and services segments and have been recognized as vanguards. They have a strong portfolio of enterprise key management solutions or platform and associated services. These vendors have marked their presence by offering solutions and services that are required by most organizations.


Box, Inc., CA Technologies, Google, Inc, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., Quantum Corporation, and Townsend Security have been categorized under the dynamic players. They have strong business strategies with extensive channel network and reach. Over the years, these dynamic players have been consistently generating a positive revenue growth in the enterprise key management market with their given set of product offerings. Their market positions have been enhanced by organic and inorganic strategies over the period.


CipherCloud, VirtuCrypt, WinMagic, Egnyte, Inc., and Zettaset, Inc. have been recognized as innovators. They have a wide portfolio of enterprise key management solutions and services, and a strong potential to build strong business strategies for their business growth to be at par with the vanguards. These vendors have been providing enterprise key management offerings as per their customer’s demands. These innovators have been at the forefront in deploying their solutions for niche and custom requests made by their clients.


Dyadic Security, Hytrust Inc., Datalocker Inc., Eruces, Inc., Linoma Software, and Pkware, Inc. have been recognized as emerging players in the enterprise key management market. The emerging players are specialized in offering highly niche and tailor-made solutions and services to their clients.

Best Enterprise Key Management Software

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PKWARE is a software solution company that provides data encryption and data compression software to enterprises operating or associated with financial services, banking, healthcare, and government agencies.

The creator of.ZIP format also introduced a data protection solution known as Smartcrypt, which is a solution to data discovery and encryption key management. Along with serving its data encryption solutions, the company continues to expand its.ZIP file format standard by introducing ZIP Reader–a ZIP file reader, PKZIP–reduces the file size or used to decompress files, and SecureZIP–compress and encrypt files, emails, and attachments.
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Thales-e-Security offers Vormetric data security platform. Thales eSecurity key Management is a combination of varied products such as data security manager, transparent encryption, transparent encryption live data transformation extension, transparent encryption docker extension, a vaultless tokenization with dynamic data masking cloud encryption gateway application encryption key management, key management-as-a-service, security intelligence logs, and protection for Teradata database, which can be deployed individually. Vormetric data security is a highly scalable, efficient data security platform enabling its commercial clientele to address crucial security challenge or compliance requirement. Thales-eSecurity Key Management offers key authority, Vormetric key management, and Vormetric key management-as-a-service for managing enterprise key used to encrypt sensitive data. Thales eSecurity Key Management solution helps to manages keys of integrated vormetric transparent encryption, vormetric application encryption, and third-party encryption solution. Thales’s enterprise key management solution is accomplished with advance features such as simplified key management, reduced downtime, centralized reporting, and supports multitenant operations.
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IBM offers a wide range of products and solutions in security market space. Some of the featured security solutions offered by IBM include security intelligence and analytics, advanced fraud protection, identity and access management, data security and privacy, application security, and infrastructure protection.IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager platform offers a full range of security capabilities including vulnerability assessment of data, encryption, blocking, alerting, and securing sensitive data to its commercial clients. IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager offers automated analysis of external and internal risk related to data. The IBM Security solutions develop a holistic secured environment at a low cost with advanced service and easily manageable risks. IBM provides solution for securing data with advanced feature of safeguarding it despite of the location of data. In the enterprise key management market, the company offers IBM security key lifecycle manager formerly known as Tivoli key lifecycle manager. This solution offers centralized, automated process to encrypt data for securing it from attacks. Additionally, it offers secure and robust storage for keys and also helps to maintain lifecycle of IBM and Non-IBM keys by using Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP). IBM key life cycle manager can be seamlessly integrated with the IBM storage, helps to reduce maintenance cost, and offers transparent key management. The solution addresses regulations standards such as PCI-DSS, which supports all the rules related to protection of keys and processes managing those keys.
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Gemalto offers solutions for data encryption and cloud security. It provides a comprehensive portfolio of cloud service providers and enterprises to secure their enterprise and cloud assets.  Gemalto offers SafeNet virtual keySecure to centrally manage the keys used to encrypt data. Safenet has the advanced feature of scaling key management process to a remote location or cloud infrastructure. SafeNet virtual keySecure supports the keys throughout the lifecycle, for instance, secure key generation, storage and backup of keys, key distribution, deactivation, and deletion of the keys. Safenet has made the management operation easy for its customers by automating tasks such as key expiry and key rotation. In September 2016, it has expanded the SafeNet data protection portfolio to protect big data deployments in the cloud, data center, and virtualized environments.
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AWS offers AWS key management services to its clients that enabled its customers to create and control encryption keys. Its fully managed service empowers clients to protect data with this service. AWS KMS offers its customers to create, import, rotate, disable, delete, define usage policies, and audit the use of encryption keys used to secure data. In order to simplify the management of encryption keys used to encrypt data, the KMS is integrated with other AWS services including Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Elastic Transcoder, Amazon WorkMail, and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS). The company offers integration of AWS KMS with AWS CloudTrail to provide key usage logs to streamline the auditing, regulatory, and compliance requirements.
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The company offers Oracle Key Manager, a platform to store, protect, and centrally manage encryption keys. Oracle Key Manager helps to accelerate encryption deployment thereby offering the central management of encryption keys, Oracle wallets, java keystores, and credential files. Oracle Key Manager offers a variety of key features including management of key lifecycle, optimization of Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) master keys, provisions to manage endpoints, disaster recovery management, schedules automatic backup to a remote location, and supports standards compliance. Growing amount of sensitive data has increased the concern of enterprises for security and this has led to the adoption of Oracle Key Vault among enterprises.
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Venafi offers Venafi Trust Protection Platform to secure the business from vulnerabilities affecting data. This platform offers advanced technology to secure keys and certificates from unauthorized access done to steal the data. Venafi Trust Protection Platform helps to secure SSL/TLS, SSH and mobility keys, and certificates. It also offers open APIs and drivers with the help of which it can be easily integrated with any application or network device within any enterprise or over the cloud. This platform is deployed by a number of enterprises as it has advanced feature of supporting regulation standards including PCI-DSS, GLBA, SOX, and HIPAA, by applying secure key management processes, strict separation of duties, and dual control policies. The solution also offers several advantages to clients, such as recovery from security attack, reducing organization risk, streamlining audit process, and automating protection process efficiently across enterprises.
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Box Inc. is a center that provides file sharing and cloud content management services for businesses. They also offer collaborating tools so that the user can determine how the contents are uploaded to servers. They provide one of the best enterprise key management software. Besides, keys are simple to set here and also very cost-effective. A user can have a total liability of control on his/ her content in their cloud. So Box Inc. is a well-acknowledged content management company.
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CA Technologies offers CA encryption manager a comprehensive solution for automating encryption key management processes such as documentation, storage, and distribution. This advanced solution supports multiple vendor mainframes and various distributed environments including Linux, UNIX, Windows, and Solaris. CA encryption manager is an innovative, flexible solution helping to safeguard data and manage the entire lifecycle of the encryption key. This solution helps its customer base to meet all the business needs by incorporating compliances and regulations related to data. Along with this, the company offers support services to its clientele to safeguard the critical data for its business needs. The solution offers various advantages including protection from vulnerabilities attack, cross-platform support, hardware independence, transparency of management process, and reduces management cost.
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WinMagic offers complete centralized management, bit locker management, removable media encryption, mobile device management, self-encrypting drives, key management, file and folder encryption, and pre-boot authentication under its flagship suite known as SecureDocs to its commercial clientele, enabling companies to gain a competitive edge in the market. The company possesses a significant breadth of offerings in the enterprise key management arena, and its key management solution provides enhanced features and functionalities to its commercial customers. WinMagic provides reliable key management solutions with varied features including fulldisk encryption; file and folder encryption; pre-boot network based authentication; PKI/Tokens and database protection; and helping enterprises to monitor and manage infrastructure, including removable devices, portable media, mobile devices, desktop, and laptops.
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WinMagic provides easy-to-use and compliant data security solutions globally. The company’s products and solutions include enterprise key management, comprehensive full disk encryption, file sharing encryption, mobile and removable device encryption, server encryption, endpoint encryption, and more. The company provides an intelligent unit console--SecureDoc--that offers critical management solution for multiple OS (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android) and serves various industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, government, retail, legal and financial services. SecureDoc prioritizes cryptography and endpoint security to prevent attackers and unauthorized access.
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Google has a large volume of keys to maintain the security of data, hence these DEK are encrypted using the Key Encryption Key (KEK). For every cloud platform, there exist one or more KEK. This KEKs need high security to keep it safe from the attack of any kind of security breaches, hence for the purpose, it is stored in the Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS), a repository offering secured management of keys throughout the key lifecycle.
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Holding more than 35 years of legacy in creating innovative technology solutions, Quantum Corporation stands as an undisputed leader in the industry. Quantum Corporation’s Enterprise Key Management technology allows the organization to protect and preserve sensitive information for decades. With Quantum Corporation, organizations can efficiently and securely manage their encrypted data. Also, the storage of cryptographic keys and policies can be carried out effectively throughout the enterprise and critical management lifecycles.

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Enterprise key management software as the name itself depicts that it is a critical professional management system that is entitled to provide the encryption keys across several OS and databases. The main motto lies in keeping the data safe. The objective of this software lies in creating, managing as well as distributing the 192-bit, 128-bit as well as 256-bits AES keys for any database or applications irrespective of the company’s OS.
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Egnyte is a privately-held company. It provides an efficient workflow for businesses by introducing secure file sharing, content governance, and infrastructure modernization solutions. Egnyte’s solutions enable the user to share business files securely on-premises and in the cloud with simple management policies and seamless app integration. It makes the data easy to access and provides speed file change synchronization. Accompanied with secured access and control, Egnyte’s solutions also reduce internal threats to data stored in different repositories.
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Virtucrypt is a highly acclaimed organization worldwide. It is a leading provider of Enterprise Key Management services. The Virtucrypt Enterprise Key Management Solutions are highly reliable for managing secure encryption, distribution, storage and certification of critical information. The Virtucrypt provides innovative hardware-based enterprise cloud security solutions. The Virtucrypt EKMS are widely trusted due to their reliable services and security management. Their security technology is ideal for handling large volume keys and ciphered objects.
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CipherCloud is the leading provider of cloud security solutions. The CipherCloud award-winning Enterprise Key Management software provides robust end-to-end data protection. Prior to sending data into the cloud, the CipherCloud platform conducts real-time data encryption using searchable secure encryption. The innovative technology features used in CipherCloud Enterprise Key Management facilitate enhanced security while mitigating risks. The software also provides an insight into the user’s activity in the cloud environment.
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HyTrust is virtualization and multi-cloud security solution provider company. It offers a secure platform among various enterprises, service providers, and government agencies. HyTrust’s security solution includes cloud protection along with automated compliance and user governance privileges, data-at-rest encryption, and key management. The company has a defined cloud security policy framework and critical preventions of data theft, which enables continuous monitoring of user action and prevention of insider threat or breach.
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Zettaset provides enterprise-level programs that offer software-oriented solutions from data theft across all physical and virtual environments. Zettaset offers data encryption that prevents the breach of sensitive information with zero impact on business performance. It deals with various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and retail.

The company offers different products for different needs of data security. Zettaset’s product XCrypt Full Disk–offers full disk encryption; XCrypt Archive–provides cloud and device backup protection; XCrypt Object–protects object data stores; XCrypt Service Encryption for CF–serves security for a native cloud environment.
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DataLocker is an innovative technology organization specializing in providing enterprise security solutions. For providing organizations comprehensive security for data, DataLocker uses military-grade 256-bit encryption method. The organization offers both hardware as well as software-based encryption storage. The DataLocker Enterprise Key Management software are tested and verified to meet high-security compliance standards. Moreover, the DataLocker EKMS solutions enable easy management and deployment of devices on an enterprise network.
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ERUCES is one of the leading organizations that offers data security solutions. ERUCES’s data security products are based on key management, executable encryption, file and data-level encryption, and anonymization. The ERUCES Enterprise Key Management ensures highly crucial secure control for enterprises. This flexible key management product provides centralized management of policies and keys so that the streamlined and efficient management of operations can be carried out.
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Linoma Software is a pioneer in providing trusted encryption solutions for enterprises. Linoma’s clientele includes some of the most acclaimed organizations. Linoma’s robust encryption capabilities have aided organizations in achieving security over the most sensitive data transmissions. The Linoma’s key Management solutions surpass all thresholds of compliance and industry standards. Moreover, Linoma Key Management ensures centralized monitoring and reporting. It can facilitate the secure and quick transmission of files between any geographic locations.
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Dyadic Security offers vHSM, a software security module which can be embedded with a varied range of platform and device. The company’s software is used to manage different application including document signing, SSL certificate, code signing, app-level encryption, database encryption, authentication, certificate authority, PKI infrastructure, and VPN gateways. Dyadic Security offers innovative technology to its customers which remove the single point of failure of security. This is achieved by sharing cryptographic keys over 2 or more servers and carrying out the cryptographic operation without ever recombining them. Dyadic’s clients using software enjoys the benefit of key management irrespective of the location and deployment model as it supports the process of management for every key, site, and cloud.
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