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Apptivo CRM is one of the best CRM to manage customer accounts. The app is compatible with all popular apps like Google Drive, PayPal, Slack, Dropbox, Wordpress, Office 365 and many others. Users can also use it with QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook. It can provide users with a solid sales pipeline as well.

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Azuga Fleet's field service management offering solves the pain points faced by service businesses of managing field workers. It is integrated with real-time GPS tracking, dynamic job scheduling and route optimization to improve the efficiency and productivity of field service teams. Its powerful dashboards and reports let managers monitor all their operations from anywhere. It enables the business to intuitively track customer satisfaction, on-site performance, and service response time. Its automated invoicing reduces transaction cost and helps increase profitability.
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BRAVO uses smart AI technologies to monitor data and errors that may evolve during fieldwork and warns the users. The software works on various platforms, distributes tasks, plans working schedules and provides detailed reporting. It is easy-to-use.

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The primary USPs of ClickSoftware application lies in its accessibility, automatic contract and dispatch management. It helps to schedule and manage customer data. It also provides customisation features to the user. You can check the reviews to know more about the software application. 

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The USP for Depot is that it is a one-of-a-kind tool, which is adaptable to the needs of the users. Moreover, there are myriad options available when it comes to features. You can perform multiple tasks on it, save time and resources using this tool.

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The primary USP of Dispatch is its efficient field service operations. Dispatch provides tailor-made solutions as per the business requirements and increases productivity. It provides an extensive toolset for field service management and reduces the time and saves money.

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EFFORT+ field service management has been analyzed to produce the productivity of your business by up to 30% which can have amazing impacts. They produce solutions that are easy to understand and thereby implement better actions. It’s biggest USP is that it is a quick go-to-market which is easy to operate.
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Field Nation is the leading field service management platform, providing businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to manage and coordinate projects in the field. Its unique USP lies in its comprehensive support for businesses of all sizes, from individual contractors to large teams of multiple service providers. It features field asset management, automated paperless workflow, a mobile app, and customizable reporting to ensure that every project is managed effectively and efficiently.
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FieldPulse's unique selling point for field service management is its intuitive tools and applications that make managing staff and scheduling jobs easier than ever. FieldPulse offers powerful job scheduling and dispatching features to ensure timely service delivery and accurate invoicing. The software also offers customizable templates and integration with existing systems, helping streamline business processes. With FieldPulse, service businesses increase their overall efficiency, profits, and customer satisfaction.
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FReD field service management is an innovative field reporting software tool that produces better results in the form of better accessibility, efficient deployment of resources in hand, and complete visibility for full control. It uses the latest technologies to increase its USP to serve its customers to the best limit.
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The USP of Genio is that it is made for all kinds of industries, small or big. The software can be used by a number of companies - be it from the field of hospitality, healthcare, retail, or cleaning services. The smooth and easy-to-use interface makes the app stand out and smoothens the entire process.

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The main USP of Handyman is its automated platform for tracking and analyzing the events and activities of the field workers. It helps in building all the essential availability through which the organization can automate its functionalities. The software is fully customized and is present in a protected version which provides security and privacy. 

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IFS Field Service Management offers unmatched levels of scalability and flexibility, taking into account the varying needs and processes of customers. With an integrated multi-modal system, IFS allows customers to customize any feature of its comprehensive suite, from dispatch to invoicing, resulting in a tailored solution to meet the individual customer’s business processes. IFS's Field Service Management offers complete end-to-end coverage, with a wide range of features designed to improve efficiency and reduce customer downtime, as well as secure collaboration with third-party providers.
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Jobber is an accounting software that is compatible with all popular operating systems including, Windows 8, Windows 10, and all popular web browsers of Windows and Mac. The software also allows users to update the jobs in real-time.

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JotForm is a powerful field service management tool that simplifies the job of managing and running operations for your business. Its unique advantage is that it allows you to centralize all of your service requests into one intuitive platform, eliminating manual processes and reducing the amount of time it takes to find the information you need. With JotForm's easy-to-use templates, powerful automation, and real-time reporting, you can be sure your field service teams have access to the data they need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
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Kickserv is a complete field service management solution, designed to help small and mid-sized field service businesses and teams eliminate manual processes and grow their businesses. Kickserv provides all the tools and features needed to manage customer relationships, build and view complete job histories, assign and dispatch jobs, track your team in the field, manage teams and contracts, and so much more – all in one easy to use platform. We give you the capability to streamline your business operations and provide the best service possible.
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MIMS’s best USP is its employment of virtual intelligence and machine learning. Automatic features help in better execution of tasks in the sector of field marketing and more. It also takes care of the particular demands of unique customers and their dynamic business models.

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Mobilio field service management is a reliable software for field workflow management. Its USP stands in cloud computing technology, which helps in better communication in the network. Two-way communication between the office and field workers provides a better scope of addressing errors and overcoming them in time.

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MOBIWORK provides an innovative, cloud-based field service management solution that helps businesses streamline their complex operations, deliver superior service, and increase efficiency across their entire organization. With its intuitive interface, powerful analytics engine, and intelligent automation capabilities, MOBIWORK offers businesses tight control over their field service operations and superior performance in the most challenging of environments.
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MWM field service management software can include procurement, deployment, and management of the synchronized mobile devices. However, some of the other services may include tracking and managing the productivity and logging requirements of the software. MWM field service management makes business process management quite easier. It not only allows businesses to manage their workforce but also helps them in achieving their business goals efficiently.

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OnePlus Field Service Management is ideal for small & medium scale companies with an extensive customer database. With no storage limitations, a business can store unlimited customer details, equipment service agreements, and service calls. Existing data entry and information can be easily migrated to OnePlus without any data loss.

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Pega Platform provides a field service management solution that gives businesses the ability to streamline processes, enhance first-time-fix rates, improve customer experience, and reduce operational costs. The comprehensive platform provides a robust set of features, including predictive scheduling, automated resource management and optimization, customer portals, and innovative mobile workforce solutions, that help ensure service requests are addressed accurately and effectively. This helps to ensure businesses can efficiently and effectively address customer needs, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
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ProntoForms' unique field service management capabilities allow businesses to securely collect, share, and manage data, which can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere. With the ability to create and manage custom forms, the platform can streamline field service processes and improve operational efficiencies, saving businesses time and money. Moreover, the app-based design of the software makes it easy to use and track from the field and helps businesses stay on top of their turnover times and customer satisfaction.
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Asolvi is a big brand known for its automated workflows and industry-specific features. Thus, irrespective of pricing, one can rest assured to expect nothing but scalability and growth of an organization. The mantra has always been to adopt, expand, and innovate.

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The application is compatible with almost every latest device and platform. Some major operating systems like Linux, Windows, Android, Mac, all devices are consistent with the application. The software is a cloud-based suite and compatible with all major cloud platforms. This is a web-based application where pricing is also an unmissable USP. 

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ServiceTitan's unique selling point in the field service management space is its automated workflow and business automation features. Its integrated platform simplifies the work of technicians in the field, helps them to maximize their efficiency, and ensures that customer satisfaction levels stay high. With ServiceTitan, businesses can easily manage their entire field operations from start to finish, including scheduling, billing, and customer notifications. Additionally, its AI-powered insights provide valuable customer insights that enable businesses to optimize their operations and customer experience.
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simPRO's Field Service Management solution is the ideal choice for businesses looking for a streamlined, cost-effective way to manage their field services. With powerful automation and integration features backed by reporting and analytics, users can ensure peak productivity and enhance customer service across their operations. It also provides a range of customisable features, from scheduling and dispatching jobs to tracking and billing, designed to make the process efficient, open, and frictionless.
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Skedulo's unique value proposition for field service management is its unique combination of technology automation, intelligence and services. Skedulo's platform delivers increased efficiency and customer satisfaction across industries such as workforce management, condition reports, asset management and job scheduling. Skedulo's platform is customized for each customer, combining powerful technology with superior customer service. This ensures optimized delivery of services, from appointment scheduling and real-time analytics to staff scheduling, tracking and more.


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There are many add-on tools apart from those already present under existing pricing models. For example, it offers vendor management, custom web application/app development, route planning, money collection, counters management, etc. at an additional service fee starting from $100/month.

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TSM field service management has a number of extra features than its peers to ease tasks related to customer module, job quotes, timestamp reporting, and account integration. Also, it runs customer referral programs to reward existing customers when their referrals decide to go ahead with their product.

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Field Service Management GrowthField Service Management (FSM) can be defined as a hosted or a cloud-based system that integrates with Internet services to allow organizations to manage extensive resources by offering services, such as work-order management, customer management, inventory management, service contract management, reports and analytics, and schedule and dispatch, along with integrating these activities with other back-office systems.

The global field service management market size is expected to grow from USD 3 billion in 2020 to USD 5 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11% during the forecast period. The major factors driving the growth of the field service management market include rising need for mobility with IoT, need of predictive analytics and increasing adoption of cloud-based applications.

Rising need for mobility with IoT is driving the growth in the Fleet Management Market

Field Service Management Growth

This report identifies and benchmarks the best Field Service Management providers such as Oracle (US), Microsoft (US), SAP (Germany), IFS (Sweden) and ServiceMax (US), and evaluates them on the basis of business strategy excellence and strength of product portfolio within the Field Service Management ecosystem, combining inputs from various industry experts, buyers, and vendors, and extensive secondary research including annual reports, company press releases, investor presentations, free and paid company databases. Best Field Service Management providers are rated and positioned on 2x2 matrix, called as ‘Company Evaluation Quadrant’, and identified as Visionary Leaders, Dynamic Differentiators, Innovators, or Emerging companies.

The report includes market specific company profiles of all 39 players and assesses the recent developments that shape the competitive landscape of this highly fragmented market.



This report identifies and benchmarks the best Field Service Management providers such as Oracle (US), Microsoft (US), SAP (Germany), IFS (Sweden) and ServiceMax (US), and evaluates them on the basis of business strategy excellence and strength of product portfolio within the Field Service Management ecosystem, combining inputs from various industry experts, buyers, and vendors, and extensive secondary research including annual reports, company press releases, investor presentations, free and paid company databases. They are rated and positioned on 2x2 matrix, called as ‘Company Evaluation Quadrant’, and identified as Visionary Leaders, Dynamic Differentiators, Innovators, or Emerging companies.


Field Service Management Trends


Field Service Management Competitive Landscape

Field Service Management Business Snapshot

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