Game development solution helps companies, freelancers, and academic organizations to develop, distribute, and monetize games. These software simplify the game development process and decrease operational expenses by leveraging automation and predefined gaming templates. Most number of the software include added abilities such as user behaviour analytics, marketing management, and social features. Best game development software is easy to use, since it offers a host of drag-and-drop functionalities, which enable users to develop games with more flexibility, imagination, and flexibility for better story creation; and consequently deliver an improved gaming experience.

Best Game Development Software in 2020

  1. Visual Studio
  2. Blender
  3. Unreal Engine
  4. Wolfram Mathematica
  5. Construct 3
  6. GameMaker: Studio
  7. XSplit Broadcaster
  8. Helix Core
  9. Amazon Lumberyard
  10. GameSalad 

Visual Studio - It helps developers in creating games with the help of Unity, which is a popular cross-platform game development environment. It allows users to develop games and collaborative content and also helps in publishing to more than 20 different platforms, along with all mobile platforms, WebGL, Mac, PC and Linux desktop, web or consoles. With Visual Studio, developers can leverage the whole power of C++ to create professional games for Windows, Xbox, and other consoles driven by DirectX, Unreal, or Cocos2d….Read more

Blender – Blender is a design and animation platform which supports businesses of all sizes with solutions such as rendering, modelling, VFX, simulation and video editing. The software provides an extremely lifelike rendering system that comprises GPU and CPU rendering, modelling, video editor, sculpting, simulations, and much more. It is a cross-platform solution and functions well on Linux, Windows as well as computers with Macintosh. Blender’s interface makes use of OpenGL to in order to deliver a reliable experience. To confirm precise compatibility, the list of supported platforms specifies those frequently tested by the development team….Read more

Unreal Engine – Unreal Engine is a cloud based game creation solution that has intended for use by organizations of all sizes that help in using present technology to convert concepts into visual content. It is a game development tools that also helps in the creation of 3D films, conceptions, training imitations, persona simulations, and more. Game development package that helps in creating 3D pictures, conceptions, training imitations, persona simulations, and much more. Unreal Engine is the most open and progressive 3D creation platform. It evolves uninterruptedly to provide the creators across several industries with the liberty and control to deliver pioneering content, interactive experiences, and immersive virtual worlds….Read more

Wolfram Mathematica – It is a cloud based contemporary technical computing platform that helps SMBs and big organizations with neural networking, image processing & more. The Wolfram Mathematica game development tools helps developers with game design, special effects and generative art and offers an exclusively flexible background for creating lifelike games and animations….Read more

Construct 3 – Construct 3 is a game development tools that functions in the browser and is generally used by universities, indie designers and game developing businesses all over the world. Construct 3 is the easiest, quickest and also offers the best ways to create 2D games that can be transferred to mobile and desktop platforms. More than 100,000 developers monthly create and sell thousands of games globally. The software offers a powerful event sheet view that allows developers to create and adjust their creations….Read more (Scirra)

GameMaker: Studio – GameMaker: Studio is the quickest and simplest to use cross platform game development tools. The software has been built with usability and effectiveness at its core, enabling designers to create games in one code base and then publish them to run natively across an unparalleled amount platforms comprising Android, iOS, OS X, HTML5, and more….Read more

XSplit Broadcaster - XSplit Broadcaster is an easy yet powerful live streaming and recording solution that supports numerous live streams and recordings around the globe. XSplit Broadcaster is an ideal solution for creating and providing rich video content. The software offers the highest video quality which allows developers to stream and record in 4k60fps and beyond. It also offers projector mode which allows developers to project several scenes to any device that is connected to their PC’s GPU….Read more

Helix Core – Helix Core is an application and game development software platform for companies of all sizes that allows users to handle version histories, systematize workflows, track alterations made to the source code and digital assets and more. Helix Core enables developers to move quicker, even when they work on more complicated products. It also offers a single source of truth across development and allows contributors to sync their developments into Helix Core from the tools they’re currently using….Read more

Amazon Lumberyard – Amazon Lumberyard is a software which helps organizations of all sizes with fan meeting, visual designs and editing. It provides a 3D game engine that has been created specifically to create games and fan groups. The platform provides VR preview mode, visual scripting features, and Twitch integration. Lumberyard is developed for performance, modularity, and output. It helps in achieving excellent quality within no time and maximizes ambition, across PC, console, and mobile. Lumberyard is free of charge and comprises full source. It does not charge for any seat fees, subscription fees, or demands to share revenue. Users only need to pay for the AWS services they choose….Read more

GameSalad – It is an on premise and web-based game development solution that helps developers and educators to help individuals in learning programming ideas, video game making and more with the help of visual programming interface and several other tools….Read more


Visual Studio, Blender, and Unreal Engine have been identified as Visionary Leaders in the best game development market.


Helix Core and XSplit Broadcaster have been identified as Dynamic Differentiators in the best game development market.


Wolfram Mathematica, Gamemaker: Studio, and Construct 3 have been identified as Innovators in the best game development market.


GameSalad and Amazon Lumberyard have been identified as Emerging companies in the best game development market.

What are the most important features of a Game Development Platform?

Cloud Connected

A cloud connected game development software helps users in getting live notifications of all the alterations made to the game development environment and installed extensions. Best game development solution automatically takes updates in the background and also helps users to remain up-to-date with the most recent developer news.

Enhanced Collaboration

Best game development software allows users to get live presence data and enables them to work together more effectively. It helps users in managing pull requests, and do code evaluations. Users can leverage several integrated features to learn more out about any code changes made by the team.


Best game development software enables users to customize characters and design authentic movements by providing them with the most advanced animation editing tools, which may comprise features such as state machines, forward and inverse kinematics, and also the ability to test animation on the fly. Users can create and regulate multifaceted animation behaviours with the help of Animation Blueprints. The software also allows users to record simulations from motion capture associated with the characters in the scene, for future playback.

Python Scripting

Users can integrate the game development solution with their pipeline and automate their workflows with total support for the industry normal Python scripting. It allows developers to build asset management pipelines, systematize data preparation workflows, methodically arrange content in a level, and create custom UIs.


Best game development software allows users to create high quality VFX polish in real time for special effects for example fire, smoke, dust, and water with totally modifiable particle systems in the integral visual effects editor system. Users can mimic clothing and other, set clothing factors right within the editor and also view the results directly for fast and easy repetition.

Code-free Development

Best game development software helps developers to build wizards and visual interfaces for game development without requiring them to write any code.

Integrated Development Environment

The software provides a graphical user interface which helps developers with testing, debugging, and assembling the code.

Physics Simulation

With Physics Simulation, developers can implement laws of physics in a game to make it more realistic.

What are the benefits of using a game development solution?

Cross-Platforms Access

Perhaps, one of the biggest benefits of best game development software is the ability that it provides to develop, manage and deploy games cross-platform. This also means that game creators are not restricted to a single platform and therefore can operate on over 25 big platforms straddling across mobile, PC, console, TVs and more lately AR and VR. This kind of simplicity and adaptability is what makes game development solution so effective.

Efficient and Dependable

Best Game development software is efficient, dependable and is preferred by several gamers across the globe, since it doesn’t require extensive coding knowledge to develop games.

Developer and Editor

Best game development software offers a host of features such as the play mode, timeline story functionalities, instantaneous global illumination and progressive memory profiling with retarget able animators.

Multiple Rendering

An ideal game development solution must offers game rendering and deployment solutions. It should be really fast with 2D rendering models and should work efficiently with 3D rendering.

Play Mode

Best game development software provide rapid iterative editing. The play mode feature enables developers, to quickly inspect and play within the game, assess and review it as well. The software helps users by simplifying testing and shows exactly how things can function out without much disturbance and if one gets a bug or feels that the game isn’t working correctly it can be stopped and changed as per the preference of the game developer and results can be updated instantly. Frame to frame referencing can also be attained with the help of the Play Mode.

Multiplayer Systems

One of the best and easiest ways to develop a connected and real-time gaming system is by using the best game development software. The software provides an outstanding multiplayer experience and it is not only customizable but can be implemented quickly and is scalable. The game development solution makes it possible for users to create an integrated multiplayer systems that makes use of matchmakers and relay servers.

Great Visual Experience

The solution offers an excellent visual platform and a great environment for building visual experiential games. Game development software is an excellent tool to enhance visual experience and less complicated and simple compared to many other solutions.


Most of the game development solution offer built-in analytics that help game developers or even clients in gaining critical insights. With these analytics, the users can discover and make use of insights about the game in further development. It can provide great insights into building a better, more enhanced platform and also make negligible alterations for an astonishing experience for the players.

What are the factors to consider before buying a game development platform?

What is the cost and what is the value?

Pricing is essential to any business decision, but it shouldn’t be the lone factor in consideration. Basing business decision entirely on the price point alone may not guarantee if the business is getting the maximum value. It is important to remember, that a software's price does not permanently associate with its value. Buying more expensive game development software since it has a big list of additional features isn’t essentially the right move, as several of those features might not even make sense to a particular business or be practical for a particular system. When seeing at the price point, buyers need to start with a simple budget and decide on their required features within that price point. Post that, they can make a list of goo to have features and list of features that they can do without. This will help buyers in getting a superior understanding of the worth that a software brings to the business. Also, when seeing into products at the lower end of the budget, they should be aware that the software won’t grow along with them. Hence, it becomes extremely important for the buyers to forecast their business needs may be in 5 years down the line, and also check on how the software costs will upsurge with an extended amount of users, procedures, or products. Buyers, at this point may also learn that a cheaper product becomes extremely expensive matched to other options.

Is there a need for supported implementation?

Buyers may want to select a game development solution that their developer will be able to accept rapidly and effortlessly. Selecting an extremely complex model that requires a substantial amount of time to learn will undesirably affect acceptance rates. Buyers need to search for possible software options diligently so that they can make the most well-organized and valuable decision for their company and their team of developers. If the buyers decide that a more complex or wide-ranging game development tools is required, they must also look into what their supported implementation looks like. This will guarantee that they are able to get the software up and functioning instantly and deliver training to employees. If there is need to commit to a huge direct cost for implementation, then buyers need to make that they have certain timelines and costs in place before making the acquisition. It is of utmost importance to understand the software provider’s satisfaction guarantee and not to trust a software provider that doesn’t have sufficient confidence in their product.

Is the software company prepared to fix bugs?

Every game development software has the possibility of having bugs. When it comes to buying the correct software for the company, buyers need to be alert of the software business’s measures for addressing those bugs when they ascend. They should understand how the bugs will be addressed. It is important to make sure that the software provider will resolve the problems that are exclusive to the company’s usage of the software, and not just the bigger problems that most of the software’s users generally face. A great way to examine a software provider’s service and general customer satisfaction is by checking through customer. These reviews are a great source of insights into any common software related problems, how the company addresses issues, and a high-level picture on the software’s strengths and weaknesses.

What is the frequency of updates?

The best game development software companies generally updating their products on a regular basis. When in a conversation with software vendors, buyers need to ask them to offer details on how often they provide updates to their product and how those are communicated to the users. It's also vital to note if the service is ever regulated or limited because of product updates, since those could impact the business and operations. Buyers can also ask software vendors to offer a product status page to review previous communications on any product issues and updates.

Is the system flexible enough to meet all the game development needs?

Customization sounds great. Customization, though, is a trade-off, particularly when it comes to a company’s specific software requirements. A vastly customizable game development software system could also mean a burdensome and difficult system that is problematic to adopt. Price may also increase as the customization increases. Likewise, easiness might also bear a price. The less flexible the software is, the more difficult it can be to alter the system to match the company’s requirements. It may also be more problematic to use the software as the company's requirements and systems may change over time. Eventually, buyers will need to have a look at the trade-offs and the understanding of the team that will be consuming the software to choose on how much flexibility is needed.

What form of support does the software company offer?

The type of support offered can play a big role in whether software is an ideal or not for the buyer’s business. This is specifically true if the IT team is small, the software is difficult, and/or the software is being used by all game developers. In these circumstances, the buyers may need to get in touch with the software's support team for additional help. It is important to be sure to make a not the support timings for all software vendors that are into considering. The question of support timings should comprise not only the timeframes through which buyers can get support but how they will get it is also important to know. Is it possible to get phone support, or is the whole thing done by email or ticketing system? If the buyers use a ticketing system, what is the expected reply time for a ticket? It is vital that the software company’s support section is accessible whenever the users need them.

What type of security do the software providers offer?

The method through which data is gathered, protected, kept, and distributed is a vital part of any best game development software. Buyers need to make sure to evaluate the security page for any software that they are bearing in mind to buy. They may also need a compliance officer or a lawyer to assess the security documents prior to signing any agreements. Compliance guidelines depend on the product use case and the industry, but the buyers may also want to look at PCI, HIPAA, Section 508, GDPR, and WCAG.

What are the emerging trends in game development market?

Virtual Reality

The overall virtual reality video game market is likely to reach $22.9 billion by the end of 2020. Virtual reality headgears have made it simpler for companies to create games that deliver a lifelike experience to players. Merging Virtual Reality headsets with the modern game engines and Virtual Reality tools, it is now probable to create 3D graphics that replicate reality to a greater degree. The business capability along with the exhilarating new technology will achieve the focus of game developers to experimenting with Virtual Reality game creation.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality might just be a prominent substitute reality technology in the area of game development. With the triumph of Pokémon Go and The Walking Dead the area of game development is supported by reasonably easy to use tools, like ARCore and ARKit. These tools make an attractive niche to game designers.  Game creators are now seeing in to integrating Augmented Reality components into their video games. Mobile game expansion will be majorly impacted by Augmented Reality.

Mobile Gaming

The growing acceptance of games like Fortnite and PUBG along with Nintendo refreshing its arcade games for mobile compatibility has certainly unlocked the mobile game development possibility for upcoming generations. Hand-held devices are making a retaliation in the form of subordinate devices alongside smartphones and tablets, which is another key contributor to the growth of this area. Game developers will be entering into the arena of mobile game creation from basic gaming apps to progressive console-level gaming.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud computing is growing rapidly. AAA game engines like Amazon Lumberyard have made game editing much easier. Furthermore, users need are now not required to install and run updates frequently. This aspect being removed makes cloud based gaming even more appealing. Social media and concerted gaming add to the acceptance of these games. Multi-player games are growing and clod gaming offers a platform to create the same. Further games will be built for the cloud in the forthcoming year.

The 5G Effect

5G internet can bring about an uprising in cloud gaming. High-speed internet connectivity will overlay the way for game designers to test with greater quality and high definition visuals for internet gaming. Google's partnership with Ubisoft on ‘Project Stream’ is an evidence of the influence that the internet connectivity and live streaming of games have on the present industry.  The field most impacted by the growth of 5G, though, is mobile gaming. 5G will offer an opportunity for mobile game designers to try with cloud based gaming for mobile based games with console-type visuals.

Collaborative Game Development

AAA game developers have hugely led the game development industry since many years. The game development setting lately, however, has been developing into a more cooperative one. Game developers are building open-source projects to make collective alterations to prevailing games. This has stemmed in the quickly developing indie games scene. Designers can share files via SDK and create the games further.

Cross-platform Game Development

Quoting the case of Fortnite, game developers are attempting not to limit certain games to one single platform. They are creating games which need not be specifically played only on consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox or mobile, they can be played on all devices as per accessibility. Game developers and game designers are attempting to find the right balance in terms of design, visuals, and implementation to create more games that can be played on all devices be it console, PC or mobile.

Focus on the Game Experience

Going ahead, a lot of focus will remain on improving the complete experience of the gamer with typical game development. A proper engineering plan will be implemented for game development. The developers will also be focusing on creating lifelike visuals for a more enhanced gaming experience through a combined effort amid game designers and game developers. Additionally, multi-player games with a societal component via Virtual reality, social media, and internet gaming will be recognized.

Improved Emphasis on 3D

The gaming industry has been lately undergoing the renewal of 3D. The consequence of this is unswervingly visible in the superiority of visuals and the complete game design. As for game development, specialists are inclined towards creating games that are a form of rigorous entertainment with the help of 3D technology.

Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence

Voice acting has been thriving in the gaming industry since quite a few years. Though, with the modern technology and progressive game engines, game developers have been testing in the area of AI. Artificial Intelligence acceptance is growing in the game development arena. Artificial Intelligence technology has facilitated game developers to test review their games prior to the release to check and remove the bugs inside the gameplay.  Artificial Intelligence is also being leveraged in order to enhance the game experience for players. Game developers are searching for even more methods to syndicate Artificial Intelligence with facial recognition to build games that advance based on the gamer’s facial expressions. Cutting-edge game development technology that comprises Artificial Intelligence will be studied and developed in the forthcoming years.

Latest Developments in the Game Development Software Market

Nov 2020 - Flipkart buys Accel, backed by Blume, a gaming company called Mech Mocha.

Nov 2020 - Esports Mogul has got into a partnership with a leading mobile game developing company called Supercell.

Oct 2020 - JetSynthesys acquires a game development studio called Nautilus Mobile, which is based out of Pune.

Aug 2020 - Subcontracting of game development to India gains grip. Indian game building companies that are delivering art and animation solution are currently in demand as global game makers are considering on outsourcing their work to minimise expenses and meet launch targets.

Best Game Development Software

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It is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is expedited to develop computer programs, web services and mobile applications. The most comprehensive resources it provides to create and manage magnificent applications on preferred applications including android, windows, cloud and Linux. 

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Blender has been a widely appreciated game creation software worldwide as it manages to produce remarkable renders, courtesy ‘Cycles’, its high-end production technology. Its modeling technology is very comprehensive, equipped with features like sculpting and retopology.

Blender has been renowned for making quality animation and feature films as well using its advanced video-editing techniques. It also possesses a very interactive interface.

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It has a robust multiplayer framework for over two decades and has been battle-tested across many platforms and game types to produce some of the industry’s most compelling multiplayer experiences. It ships with a scalable and proven client/server architecture to bring instant viability to any project multiplayer component.

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It is a computational software program based on symbolic mathematics, developed by Wolfram Research. The Wolfram game development software provides a large amount of built-in tools to make the designing solutions even more convenient, efficient and user friendly. 

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GameMaker Studio with the lucid interface with superior functionality has gained popularity among game developers. GamerMaker Studio drag and drop feature allows users to create games without even typing code is unique about this platform. Various inbuilt software aid in creating real-life characters and provide high-quality animations.

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This software runtime enables developers to package the same code into native applications and games for Windows and Mac OS desktops as well as iOS and Android devices, reaching over a billion desktop systems and mobile app stores for over 500 million devices. It is a cross-operating-system runtime that lets developers combine HTML, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, and Flex technologies, and ActionScript to deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) on a broad range of devices including desktop computers, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, and TVs. 

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The USP of Buildbox is its user friendly and interactive interface which where no prior knowledge, skillset or development of coding is required. These features provide lead to many initiatives which ultimately leads to improvements and performance enhancements in game design and play. Efficient leadership allows suggestions and healthy criticism to follow through and helps to manage the Key-Based performance indicators ( KPI's ).

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GDevelop has proved to be stated a little more advanced than any other tool. It makes desktop and mobile-ready games. It saves player data in the browser storage or on their devices. It has major support for touchscreens & multi-touch which makes it more realistic. The sound effects and music and also kept in mind to be considered as an advanced feature.

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Every product has some USP and  Rankwatch as a software has lots of services to offer such as providing necessary inputs to improve rankings in search engines, developing and processing analytics to predict the patterns and take decisions, provision of reports for regular improvement and optimization.

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Helix Core enables game development companies to function quicker, even as they create more complex products. The software offers a single source of truth across the whole development cycle. Helix Core helps developers in automating and implementing workflows and also integrates with the developer’s toolset, so that they can version files in their preferred tool.
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XSplit Gamecaster offers the best tools that help create and deliver exceptional gaming experience to the gamers. XSplit Gamecaster provides the easiest way to live stream and record PC or Console gameplay instantly. It alters all of the essential encoding adjustments directing users through the setup to confirm their stream is of the maximum quality and performance.

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Construct 3 offers a powerful event sheet view that enables developers to create and alter their creations. It offers an exclusive block-based method that is easy and stimulating way to start creating games. It doesn’t even need users to learn the syntax of complex programming languages.

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Amazon Lumberyard offers a game development software that has been built for performance, modularity, and efficiency. It helps developers in reducing time to quality and maximizing determination, across PC, console, and mobile. Lumberyard is free of charge and comprises full source. Users only need to pay for the AWS services they need to use.
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GameSalad offers a game design tool that is easy to use and help in creating high quality 2D games with no coding required. GameSalad Creator also supports developers in publishing their games to a host of different platforms.
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