The telecom, IT, and ITES industry requires data management at a mega scale due to the voluminous data generated on a daily basis in these organizations. The IT sector can use cloud-based solutions for activities such as project management, maintenance of operational schedules, connecting developers and customers, and digital data management. The industry is evolving the architecture of its networks and systems. Cloud computing complements the telecommunication and ITES industry, as it allows the enterprises to gain the benefits of cloud-based technology for their core competencies such as network connectivity, security, customer relationship, and end-to-end service level monitoring. Hybrid integration platform standards provide more choice for IT customers through interoperability and portability between on-premises and cloud environments. Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications (TOSCA) describes the topology and orchestration of IT services, including their structures, properties, and behaviors. The hybrid integration platform allows operators and security administrators to automatically deploy security policies and functions in cloud networks to save OPEX and substantially reduce manual workload. Some of the key players offering hybrid integration platform in this vertical are Red Hat and IBM.

Hybrid Integration Platform

  • 1

    Software AG is one of the prominent players in the business of digital business transformation. The company has various product offerings, such as digital business platform, IoT, business and IT transformation, analytics and decision, integration, Application Programming Interface (API) management, in-memory data, Adabas database management, cloud, and transaction processing platforms.

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    • Enterprise
    • Hessen, Germany
    • Founded: 1969
    • $500MN to $1BN
    • 1,001 to 5,000
  • 2

    Dell Boomi offers AtomSphere, an integration cloud that connects different combinations of SaaS, PaaS, cloud, and on-premises applications. The platform enables enterprises to securely build, deploy, and manage simple to complex integration processes, using only a web browser.

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    • Enterprise
    • Texas, USA
    • Founded: 1984
    • $50BN to $100BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • 3

    Liaison Technologies offers hybrid integration services on the cloud through its unified ALLOY platform. The ALLOY platform is the industry’s first Data Platform-as-a-Service (dPaaS) solution. It unifies integration and data management through a data-centric approach. ALLOY has incorporated 3 highly consistent modules, which are the integration module, data management module, and data visibility module.

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    • SME
    • 501 to 1,000
  • 4

    IBM offers end-to-end solutions in the hybrid integration platform market. The company is focused on providing integrated and one-point platform for all integration needs to improve the reliability, efficiency, and return on assets; better engage customers; reduce costs, and manage distributed databases and applications. IBM Application Integration Suite is a combination of IBM App Connect, Integration Bus, and API Connect products that can run on-premises and in IBM Cloud, AWS, and Azure.

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    • Enterprise
    • New York, USA
    • Founded: 1911
    • $50BN to $100BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • 5

    TIBCO Software has been offering digital business transformation products since 1997 and has emerged as a projecting vendor in the hybrid integration platform market. The company offers its products under 2 technology category, namely, integration and analytics. Under the hybrid cloud integration platform, TIBCO Hybrid Integration Platform caters solutions with the capabilities of API-led integration, any-to-any integration, connectivity between diverse endpoints, cloud migration, microservices, and others.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1997
    • $1BN to $5BN
    • 5,001 to 10,000
  • 6

    With over 420,000 global customers, Oracle provides a wide range of cloud applications, engineered systems, and platform services. Oracle caters its products under the category of cloud, applications, database and technologies, IT infrastructure, support and services, training services, and developer-oriented products. Oracle serves its hybrid integration platform products under the Oracle Cloud Platform. Oracle Cloud Platform consists of cloud services, Oracle SOA, Oracle API Manager Cloud Service, and Oracle Integration Cloud Service.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 1977
    • $10BN to $50BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
  • 7

    SnapLogic is a provider of a robust enterprise integration cloud. The company offers the Elastic Integration Platform that delivers real-time, event-driven application integration and big data integration for analytics in single cloud integration and data integration platform. The SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform enables enterprises to connect to any source, at any speed, anywhere, whether on-premises, on the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

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    • Startup
    • California, US
    • Founded: 2006
    • 501 to 1,000
  • 8

    WSO2 offers a range of products that enable digital innovation. The company offers hybrid integration services under its API management and integration product categories. The hybrid integration services are delivered through on-premises or cloud deployment model, which offers faster digital business goals by ensuring a higher Return on Investment (RoI) to the enterprises.

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    • Enterprise
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 2005
    • $11MN to $50MN
    • 501 to 1,000
  • 9

    Red Hat has marked its position in the hybrid integration platform market by serving the ever-growing demands in the field of API economy. Red Hat products help in connecting data, devices, and applications to conduct digital transformation. The company caters a hybrid integration platform named Redhat Jboss Enterprise. The product line consists of JBoss Fuse, JBoss AMQ, 3scale API Management, JBoss Data Virtualization, JBoss BPM Suite, and Mobile Application Platform.

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    • Enterprise
    • North Carolina, USA
    • Founded: 1993
    • $1BN to $5BN
    • 10,001 to 15,000
    • SME
    • Bretten, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
    • Founded: 1986
    • $51MN to $100MN
    • 501 to 1,000
    • Enterprise
    • 501 to 1,000
  • 12

    Axway provides complete API lifecycle management and bridges the difference between the developer team and integration architect. The company has a diversified portfolio in the hybrid integration platform market. Axway offers its products and services under its unified platform named Axway AMPLIFY platform, which is a data integration and engagement platform that enables organizations to gain business value from a collection of data sources to transform the customer experience.

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    • SME
    • Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    • Founded: 2000
    • $101MN to $500MN
    • 501 to 1,000
    • Enterprise
    • Washington, USA
    • Founded: 1975
    • More than $100 BN
    • 1,00,001 to 5,00,000
    • Enterprise
    • Palo Alto, California, US
    • Founded: 1995
    • SME
    • Massachusetts, USA
    • Founded: 1988
    • $51MN to $100MN
    • 101 to 500
    • Enterprise
    • Palo Alto, California, United States
    • Founded: 1980
    • $11MN to $50MN
    • 101 to 500
    • SME
    • California, USA
    • Founded: 2005
    • $101MN to $500MN
    • 501 to 1,000
    • Startup
    • Bonn, Germany
    • Founded: 2012
    • Below $10 MN
    • 51 to 100
  • 19 Flow provides a digital business platform to help organizations accelerate their digital transformation. Flow is trusted by Fortune 500 companies, game-changing startups, and governments around the world, to provide a new generation of digital experiences. Flow, the award-winning integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), enables anyone to connect any tool – across any department and any industry – through its cloud-based integration tool.

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    • Enterprise
    • San Francisco, California, US
    • Founded: 2007
    • 101 to 500
    • Enterprise
    • 501 to 1,000

Hybrid Integration Platform in IT and Telecom Quadrant

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Below criteria are most commonly used for comparing Hybrid Integration Platform tools.
  • Breadth and Depth of Product Offerings
    • Services
    • Technologies
      • On-Premises Application/Data integration
      • API Management
      • iPaaS
      • iSaaS
      • Managed File Transfer
      • B2B integration Gateway
      • Message-Oriented Middleware
      • service-oriented architecture (SOA)
    • Professional Services offered
      • Training and Consulting
      • Support and Maintenance
    • Product Offerings
      • Platform
      • Standalone
      • Tailor made
    • Organization Size
      • Small and Medium Enterprises
      • Large Enterprises
    • Industry Verticals
      • Retail and Consumer Goods
      • BFSI
      • Manufacturing
      • Government and Public Sector
      • IT and Telecom
      • Other Industry Verticals
  • Product Features and Functionality
    • Service rating
    • Service rating based on functionalities
    • Product Features offered
      • Transformation
      • Communication
      • Orchestration
      • Intelligent Routing
      • B2B Gateway
      • Adapters
      • Monitoring
      • Management and Administration
    • Number of Platforms
      • Integration services
      • Development platform
      • Life cycle management platform
      • Governance platform
      • collabration
      • cloud stream marketplace
      • Monitoring platform
      • Management and Administration platform
      • secure connectivity to on-premises platform
    • Managed File Transfer features offered
      • User Authentication
      • People and Mobile Devices
      • Big Data and the Cloud
    • Endpoint Management features offered
      • Automated Deployment
      • Application-to-Application
      • Logging and Monitoring
      • API Keys
      • Easy integration
    • API Features offered
      • Policy Management
      • Security
      • Policy Enforcement
      • Security Extensions
      • Message Oriented Middleware
      • Developer support
  • Product Quality and Reliability
    • After Sales and Support Services
    • Product Quality
  • Focus on Product Innovation
    • R&D Spend
    • Product Innovation
    • Recent New Product Development
    • Innovation Strategy
      • Qualitative
      • Quantitative
      • Analytical
      • Others, please specify
  • Product Branding
    • Product Branding
    • Product Branding Factors
      • Purpose
      • Consistency
      • Flexibility
      • Employee Involvement
      • Loyalty
      • Competitive Awareness


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