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The software being offered by Kognitio for in-memory analytics is optimized for high throughput analytical workloads and also delivers high-concurrency SQL for both Hadoop and existing data warehouse implementations, allowing shorter response times for more users and more queries. The main advantage of Kognitio platform is that it configures the available CPU power to be automatically deployed in the best way for data and analytics. The CPU power can be used to answer a single complex query over a very large dataset or the CPU power can be split to answer thousands of queries per second. Organizations can rest assured that all their resources are put to good use while using the Kognitio platform. Kognitio, however, is positioned as an in-memory database even though it only optimizes memory and does not run entirely in physical memory.

Kognitio is one of the leading players in the development of scale-out, in-memory software for big data analytics. Kognitio software can be configured on Hadoop clusters by integrating it with Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN) or as a standalone hardware infrastructure for non-Hadoop data sources. Organizations can make use of the fast, high concurrency SQL layer which allows data visualization tools to maintain interactive performance while processing large volumes of data. The company also has an analytics and consultancy team which helps organizations gain expertise in data science and big data analytics. Kognitio in-memory analytics can also be deployed using Kognitio cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS) so that the clients can integrate in-memory analytics into multiple terabytes of data in a fraction of the time and cost. Kognitio software runs on industry-standard x86 servers in Kognitio cloud or as a ready to use analytical platform. Kognitio cloud's power, combined with the inherent cost and time advantages associated with cloud-based services, allow Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) and start-up companies to use the in-memory technology using a single platform.

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KOGNITIO Presence in In-Memory Analytics Software
The company focuses on inorganic growth by partnering with organizations to enhance its capability and increase revenue. For instance, the company has infrastructure partners, software & technology partners, service partners, and reseller partners. Infrastructure partners such as AWS and World Wide Technology (WWT) support Kognitio with the expertise of hardware and networks as Kognitio solutions use open architectures and industry-standard hardware platforms for their solutions. Software and technology partners such as Informatica Corporation and MapR ensure effective integration of the Kognitio platform for many applications such as data warehousing, business intelligence, visual analytics, CRM, ETL, and data quality. Reseller partners help Kognitio market its product by providing additional enhancements in Kognitio’s offerings. By integrating with different types of partners, Kognitio is trying to enhance its market presence and establish a foothold in the market.
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