BEELINE in IoT Device Management

Florida, USA
$101MN to $500MN
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Beeline is a software as a service company dealing with solutions for sourcing and managing the extended workforce. The company ranks among the most extensive vendor management system (VMS) providers. The discussed provides Workforce Management Solution Design, Consulting, Account Management, Global Strategy and Governance, and Data Analysis.

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Beeline works with a simple step by step process mentioned below:
  • Use any communication channel between M2M devices. 
  • Create accurate navigation and monitoring systems, monitor sensor readings, and automate business processes.
  • Save on data transfer - choose a package solution and pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • Multichannel data transfer: Use any data transmission channel: Internet, SMS, CSD in one package. All available at any time - choose them depending on the tasks and conditions. This, in turn, provides a reliable and continuous process of data transfer between devices.
  • Housing and communal services: Track the readings of household meters to get accurate data on the consumption of water, gas, electricity without delay.
  • Safety and security: Organize security systems at various sites. Install video surveillance and alarm systems - burglar, alarm and fire. Use SIM-cards in protective equipment kits for residential and office buildings, vehicles.
  • Energy and IT sector: Network sensors that transmit data on the functioning of equipment (turbines, compressors, etc.). It analyzes equipment loading and wears to prevent breakdowns and improve energy efficiency. It helps build an IT infrastructure monitoring system.
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