Landing Page Builders

Landing page builders enable technical and non-technical users to install web pages built to move tourists against a common conversion objective. Landing pages are typically built to direct users to one single practice, such as signing up for a newsletter or a free service or opting up for the service. Going further, we have covered various aspects regarding Landing Page Builders for any user to decide on the  Landing Page Builders to use in different applications. We will also learn about the Landing Page Builders providers, their applications, features and factors to be considered while choosing Landing Page Builders.

Why Landing Page Builders?

Marketer aims for creating awareness for the brand, increase the possibility of sales, and extend the lifecycle of a client/customer. When we connect these objectives of the marketer to digital marketing then these translates to Increased traffic, Increased leads, and client/customer engagement. An apt landing page takes care of two of these objectives. A strategical landing page communicates the value of the product to the client and attains an increased number of leads for the businesses. The landing page powered with customized CTA and integrated with precise re-targeting results in increased customer engagement. The landing page software aims at easing the jobs of the marketer by providing numerous tried and tested templates to create landing pages. The ease of use leaves marketer with more time for analysis and marketing strategy and quickly converts the marketing ideas to a perfect landing page.

Top 10 Landing Page Builders

These are the Top Landing Page software

  1. HubSpot
  2. Unbounce
  3. Sendinblue
  4. Mailchimp
  5. ClickFunnels
  6. Instapage
  7. Landingi
  8. Wishpond
  9. LeadPages
  10. ShortStack

HubSpot's landing page builder is available in its robust marketing platform for companies finding interest. Marketing Hub is included as a free edition but that does not involve the landing page feature. Users can switch to the Starter bundle at a starting price of £42/mo that contains a restricted edition of the landing page builders. Users would have to register for the Professional package and rates for that begins at £655/mo to get maximum exposure. Read More

Unbounce is possibly the first company that comes to mind while creating a landing page. Comprising one of the game's strongest drag-and-drop architecture, Unbounce might not be a beginner's device but it is one of most complex builders users find. Unbounce is more than purely and simply designing nice landing pages. This places all the focus on transforming landing pages-the entire purpose of first making them. Unbounce is possibly the best all-around builder around, with assistance for A/B testing, AdWords incorporation and visitor statistics. Read More

SendinBlue’s Web page builder is accessible to clients who have signed up to its Premium and Enterprise plans but users don't have to concern regarding pricing. SendinBlue is at the inexpensive end of the online marketing range, and the rates continue at a rather fair level for its Premium Program. Not only are we receiving a premium landing page software for the bucks, users're also getting email marketing, A/B testing, digital marketing, online messaging and a whole host of other apps. SendinBlue is a bit of a beginner to the landing page builders market but incorporating this to the already outstanding portfolio has done an exceptional job. Read More

Mailchimp's page builder, predictably, is targeted towards marketing strategies. It's all about creating sites that suit the Mailchimp email promotions creatively and helping users to attach contacts to the current lists quickly. The app is simple to use and offers excellent assistance with a lot of resources useful for debugging. As a landing page software, it is good for email campaigns but a bit constrained. More sophisticated users may like any of the other solutions in this collection to go with the functionality of configuration, monitoring, and analytics. To newbies, on the positive side, they can get a free landing page on the simplest stage, and then step up from there. Read More

ClickFunnels is one of the most common digital sales channel platforms in the world where users can build perfect sales pages rapidly and effortlessly that transform traffic into subscribers and paying customers. No need for tech, architecture, or coding expertise. Clickfunnels comes with instruction, videos, and seamless incorporation of 3rd party software, contact, and payment. ClickFunnels is used primarily for making funnels for sales. Alongside this, moreover, it offers resources and developers to help build landing pages, community portals, and product release pages, lead generation programs, push pages, etc. Through directing the visitors through the whole purchase cycle, ClickFunnels often improves the transaction rate. Read More

Instapage is the leader in post-click automated processes, helping digital advertisers creates extra appropriate and effective advertising by consolidating the marketing funnel post-clicking stage. Marketers can optimize clicks with Instapage by designing, customizing, and improving post-click landing pages on a scope, and seamlessly linking advertisements to specific post-clicking sites. Instapage is a great app for all those looking to build beautiful landing pages. It provides a simple drag-and-drop template which makes it easy to attach objects to the landing pages. Read More

Landingi is a platform for end to end landing page for online marketing agencies and organisations. It allows the development, optimisation, testing and publishing of landing pages without any awareness of coding or web design. The goal behind the framework is to save marketing department energy and resources in digital campaigns. Starting a landing page that might take days, can now be limited to hours, thereby adding to the campaign’s tremendous cost reduction. This automatic builder of the landing page makes it relatively simple to build, publish, and customize the landing pages. Read More

Wishpond software is simple and conversion-optimized. Hardly use one of the models and key in the details users want to gather through the forms on the landing page. The method is perfect for newcomers as well as the more experienced consumers. The landing page software for Wishpond may be as easy as needing to invest a couple of minutes with their drag-and-drop designer. It is a software application that effectively and efficiently scales to the enterprise. It helps firms to have followers heard at a fair price and without much work. The tool is used to support organizations control their projects and simplify critical processes. Read More

Leadpages is a web tool that helps users to build landing pages and will significantly improve the conversion rate. It comes with a broad array of technical models and apps for optimisation. This application is scalable and meets market requirements of all sizes. Leadpages helps users to quickly create beautiful opt-in strategies collecting leads, attracting clients, and combining all the key digital marketing tools: from Facebook advertising to e-commerce. Easily fine-tune clients advertisements for maximum exposure through side-by-side testing of different instances so one can keep a record of what works and dissect what doesn't. Read More

ShortStack helps build fabulous landing pages for prizes, competitions and quizzes. Using one of the readymade, customized models, it lets create and publish mobile-responsive landing pages in minutes. It provides email marketing resources coupled with a simple to use the template to keep track of the leads and engagement levels. ShortStack manages all of this alone, without hiring a designer or learning to code yourself. This landing page designer also includes apps such as customized CTAs, campaign research software, email analytics tools, marketing automation, etc. Read More

Market Overview

Landing page builders make it possible for non-developers to check project designs and explore the effect and response of customers, staff, and tourists to the website. Landing page builders are a vital component of marketing campaigns for a company and advertisers may use landing page builders to construct, change, and publish site experiences without the assistance of IT or developers. Landing page builders merge directly into established web development frameworks and online content management systems to create a smooth user interface, and emerging data analytics tools to monitor visitor activity on landing pages.

A company must: explicitly interact with an established website to apply for inclusion in the Landing Page Builders group. Provide prototypes and elements predesigned. For seamless website/web page integration, allow the front-end customization of templates and landing page builders. Incorporate existing analytics, conversion rate optimization, email or marketing platforms

Landing page builders help online marketers rapidly and effortlessly create and modify landing pages. It's a web page that appears when visitors click on an internet ad or the result of a search-optimized by SEO. This landing page shows selling material, which is a connection extension, search result, or ad. The landing pages are used for producing support. Actions by visitors on a webpage assess the conversion rate for the marketing firm. Marketers and advertisers can increase the effectiveness of their digital advertising by connecting their landing pages to marketing search engines, email campaigns, and social media campaigns.

Landing page builders tools allow you to quickly build and customize landing pages to boost your efforts and conversion levels for lead generation. Numerous tech solutions are accessible on the market in this field.


The competitive leadership mapping showcased provides information for Landing page builders. Vendor evaluations are based on two broad categories: product offering and business strategy. Each category carries various criteria, based on which vendors have been evaluated. The evaluation criteria considered under product offerings include the breadth of offering, delivery (based on industries that the vendors cater to, deployment models and subscriptions), features/functionality, delivery, product quality and reliability, and product differentiation. The evaluation criteria considered under business strategy include geographic footprint (on the basis of geographic presence), channel strategy and fit, vision alignment, and effectiveness of growth (on the basis of innovations, partnerships, collaborations, and acquisitions).


They have a strong portfolio of Landing Page Builders, solutions, and associated services. These vendors have been marking their presence in the Landing Page Builders market by offering highly customized and easily deployable software for their commercial clients, coupled with their robust business strategy to achieve continued growth in the market.


They have an innovative portfolio of Landing Page Builders solutions and services and have an extensive network of channel partners and resellers to increase the deployment of their services across various vertical markets. Over the years, the Dynamic vendors have been consistently generating positive revenue growth in the Landing Page Builders market and their market position is enhanced by organic and inorganic strategies undertaken by them over the period.


They have an innovative portfolio of Landing Page Builders and strong potential to build strong business strategies for their business growth to be at par with the Vanguards. These vendors have been providing landing page builders offerings as per their customer demands. Innovators have been forefront in deploying their solutions for niche and custom requests by their clients requiring the processing of high-performance workloads.


The emerging players in Landing page builders are specialized in offering highly niche and tailor-made solutions and services to their clients. A majority of the emerging vendors have been undertaking multiple acquisitions and boosting their sales capabilities in various regions to offer their integrated services to a wide range of clients.

Types of Landing Page

Landing page builders let create two major forms of landing pages: reference and transactional.

Reference - A reference link provides guests relevant details. It includes elements including text, photographs and interactive compilation of related links.

Transactional - A transactional page offers clients with a manner with which they can include their personal information. Users can acquire their email address for their email marketing campaigns and include them in the subscriber list. This page is therefore important if visitors want to be turned into paying clients.

What makes a good landing page builders?

All of the landing page builders considered are devices of excellence, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. To offer everyone an example of why such resources have been included in this space of suggestions and how they may be able to distinguish between them, here are the main parameters for a successful creator of landing page:

  1. Quick & easy to build new pages
  2. Smooth builder performance
  3. Good templates to work with
  4. Design freedom (i.e.: ample customisation)
  5. Simplicity (this can be a difficult balancing act with customisation options)
  6. Integration with other tools (website builder, email marketing software, etc.)
  7. Reasonable pricing for the features provided

Which Landing Page Builders Is Right for You?

If you’re trying to minimize cost, go with one of the website builders listed here. You won’t get quite the same selection of features, and it will take you longer, but they’re much cheaper. But if you’re going to be making landing pages on a regular basis, go with a dedicated landing page software. They’ll cost more, but save you a lot of time, and ultimately perform better. To help you make your choice, here’s a summary table of the most important features of each tool we’ve looked at. Almost seven of the Landing Page Builders are summarized on the basis of its type, features and advantages.

Landing Page Builders


Key Features


Dedicated Landing Page Builder
  1. А/В ѕрlіt testing
  2. Simple drag and drop editor
  3. In-built wеb аnаlуtісs tools
  4. Tracks visitors, conversion rate
  5. Оrgаnіс rаnk орtіmіzаtіоn
  6. Раіd quаlіtу ѕсоrе орtіmіzаtіоn
  1. Unique design features
  2. Unlimited landing pages
  3. Traffic Monitor
  4. Solid editor
  5. Basic automation features

Dedicated Landing Page Builder

  1. Dynamic keyword insertion
  2. Аutоmаtеd ЅЅL еnсrурtіоn
  3. Sticky bars
  4. Tools for lead generation
  5. Custom domains
  1. Fully featured interface
  2. Great templates
  3. Powerful, flexible editor

Dedicated Landing Page Builder

  1. Flexible and easy to use editor
  2. Сustоmіzаblе tеmрlаtеs
  3. Іntеrасtіvе Widgets
  4. Віgstосk Іmаgе Lіbrаrу
  5. Dynamic keyword insertion
  6. Robust conversion analytics
  1. Super-fast landing page creation
  2. Good choice for beginners and experts

Dedicated Landing Page Builder

  1. A/B testing
  2. Integrations with WordPress
  3. Mobile-responsive templates
  4. Coming soon pages
  5. Social media integrations
  1. Low starting price
  2. Another great editor
  3. Quality A/B testing and analytics feature

Dedicated Landing Page Builder

  1. Marketing automation
  2. Email marketing
  3. SMS marketing
  4. Chat
  5. Facebook Ads
  1. Smooth drag-and-drop builder
  2. Fresh templates
  3. Landing page goals and reports
  4. Beyond reasonable pricing

Dedicated Landing Page Builder

  1. А/В Ѕрlіt Testing
  2. Simple drag and drop editor
  3. In-built Wеb Аnаlуtісs Тооls
  1. Easy builder to work with
  2. Flexible
  3. Solid A/B testing
  4. Excellent customer support

Dedicated Landing Page Builder

  1. Auto-fill forms
  2. Unlimited landing page creation
  3. Welcome emails
  4. Custom confirmation
  5. Google Maps integration
  1. Rock-bottom starting prices
  2. A/B testing on all packages
  3. Facebook landing pages
  4. Custom code editing

What Type of Buyer Are You?

The landing page builders are for all types of businesses including single-person businesses. Landing pages will allow everyone to easily and effectively share crucial details regarding their company. Here are the broad categories of businesses that should consider using landing page builders software for their marketing campaigns:

Small businesses - This includes growing businesses like start-ups, one-person operations, and single-location enterprises. Since the main purpose of these businesses is to gain new customers, they must aggressively market themselves. This includes the use of growing platforms and conducting various promotions to draw and turn leads

Midsize businesses - Businesses of this magnitude need Landing page builders to acquire new leads and retain existing customers as well. Bringing in new customers and retaining current customers is critical, so mid-sized companies can operate promotions on two separate paths: attraction and retention.

Large businesses - Organizations typically have specialized communications teams and are separated by different networks. Such divisions separately use landing page builders for different function-based initiatives. Due to the often divided nature of these marketing teams, large companies can use multiple specialist landing page solutions.

Targeted Businesses

Bloggers can utilize Landing page builders to enhance their blogs.

Digital marketers and advertisers can use solutions in this niche to boost the effectiveness of their online ads and marketing campaigns.

Companies wanting to promote their products and services can make them known to their potential customers through landing pages. It also helps them in nurturing their relationship with their existing clients.

Elements of High Converting Landing Pages

All landing pages with strong conversion have the same nine elements:

  1. A supertitle to attract users
  2. Convincing Subheads to convert a lead into customers
  3. Effective clichés
  4. A description of the product offerings and services
  5. A guide to the pressure point of the client so that it stays on the page
  6. A guide to how the good or service meets an emotional need
  7. Many ways to reach users for marketing
  8. A strong guarantee
  9. A strong and crisp call to action

How Landing Pages Work?

Landing pages are specific web pages that marketers use to guide consumers after they tap on a digital advertisement. In comparison to the regular website sites, the landing pages are expressly built for the advertising, rendering them optimized to boost sales and maximize the return on ad expenditure. They can be built using frameworks and software for building application or landing page builders. The Website URL of the landing page is then connected to the ad from the favourite advertisement network.

In addition to being designed to promote the purpose of the advertisement, landing pages vary from the internet sites, because they usually rely on one purpose and do not have external connections such as a menu or sidebar. It seems strange that people do not want to access certain sites on the web. The landing page's role though is to get consumers to take any action that matches up with the promise of the commercial.

Landing pages can be used in a number of ways, but more commonly used to gather details regarding leads. The landing page typically involves an enticing bid to get a customer to happily move on their details, such as their email address. Since the ad they tap on should have revealed the deal, people will still be informed of the bid, and the landing page provides them a simple route to see what they tap on the advertisement for.

An effective landing page would easily link an advertisement from a deal through clear architecture, branding and communication. Visitors to the web can then quickly turn and include their contact details and can be used in potential digital marketing campaigns.

Steps to Create Landing Page

First, decide the place to create a landing page, and then identify the targets, pick a call for action, compose the text and develop the advertising and connect the landing page to the ad. Follow these steps to build a landing page to help improve the conversion rates:

Determine the Right Landing Page Platform

The foundation on the landing page is where you'll create the landing page. Those designing code pages would do so through the backend of their website, while those pursuing easy-to-use landing pages that do not need programming or domain skills will prefer landing page builders such as Leadpages or Instapage. If the typical person doesn't know how to compose code, he can most definitely need a creator tool for landing page.

Pick a Call to Action

CTA of the landing page needs to match the CTA of your ad. For e.g., if the ad says "have a special pass" and the landing page says "get a membership now," then a difference occurs between the two. Facebook finds it misleading business strategy to move the bid from ad to a landing page and will either refuse the ad or even close the account.

Write a Catchy Headline

The headline will relate more or less to the ad title. It's the opportunity, though, to explain the reason a customer visits the landing page. Trying to remind them that they are there holds them on the website and helps them turn more easily. Note that there is a finite amount of room on web landing pages so keep the title brief and to the point. The more we speak, the fewer hear.

Use a Simple Contact Form

The fewer users have on the landing page, the smarter — including the contact form. It's enticing to ask for loads of customer contact details, but the less often they can migrate, the more we need a consumer to have it. Of starters, if you provide a free guide that is delivered online, users don't need to ask for a contact number or postal address for a customer. Alternatively, compress the form to simply include the email id to help push further conversions.

Link Your Landing Page to the Advertisement

Users may need to change the ad's URL to that of the landing page to have ad leading clicks to the current landing page. Those who create a landing page using coding can have their own unique URL and those that use a landing page generator would be required to produce a URL that can be immediately copied and pasted.

Examples of Landing page builders

Instapage: A leading site on a landing page to optimize the ad budget. Users will use this to build, interact, implement and automate. This robust marketing agency and team platform allow you to control your post-click experience and boost the conversion rates. The provider promises a system uptime of 99.99 per cent.

Leadpages: Use qualified leads and opt-in features from this Landing page builders to generate leads and increase profits. It generates sales on the web, social media, in emails and by text messaging for the business. The app delivers over 130 mobile-response layouts for all sectors. Users can just drag and drop them to operate for their landing pages.

Unbounce: Outshines most other Landing page builders as it allows users to lessen wait time and turn more visitors without programming required. Marketers can construct elevated-converting popups and landing pages without relying on programmers. Of this application, more than 14,000 brands derive value. Start your conversions today by signing in for the 30-day trial.

OptimizePress: Provides an efficient way to generate affiliate gateways, sales pages, and WordPress landing pages. To create and edit the pages in real-time, use the LiveEditor system. build mobile-ready pages that are completely sensitive instantly. Choose from more than 30 models, and add more than 40 design elements to your websites..

PAGEWIZ: Makes it easier for advertisers to build landing pages, track leads, and simplify A/B research. With no programming or IT experience, you can quickly build and post your landing pages. Choose a suitable prototype to design photographs and text easily, and post the website to draw new customers. Furthermore, Pagewiz provides comprehensive one-click integrations to export your lead data and enable you to start working with your current marketing tools.

Benefits of landing page builders

Fast and easy - Until 2012, users needed to employ a professional web designer's services to build landing pages and buy-in forms because WordPress was cumbersome in that regard. Now, they can easily use the predefined models that Landing page builders offer to build sleek and appealing pages.

Specific tools for specific jobs - If the website offers too many options that frustrate users, it will prove ineffective. Therefore you need a particular tool that does a particular job to make social media promotion or Facebook advertisement more successful. Generate landing pages that provide what visitors are looking for when clicking on the post or promo. Limit the applicability to a simple yes or no to get improved outcome.

Mobile compatibility - Tech tools at the top of the landing page guarantee the websites are web compatible. This is key because today more internet searches are carried out on portable devices than on workstations.

Focus on effective templates - Users will get specifics on which models on the landing page give the highest conversion levels. Using templates can have the conversion rates to obtain good answers.

Effortless split testing - Split-testing was historically the realm of experienced internet marketers. Users can set it up now with only a few taps. The app duplicates pages and sends visitors to both pages dynamically. Landing page builders platform reveals which site ranks higher than the other to boost conversions and promotions.

Key Features of Landing Page Builders

Automated image masking - Photos are clearer than sentences. Using this tool to add an exceptional experience to the landing page. It spikes and masks the picture to fit the template, naturally. The downside is that you can save time by modifying and deleting the pictures smoothly.

Pre-filled forms - This function helps improve retention levels as the user data provided in previous forms is remembered. This, therefore, helps to raise the pressure on the landing page and provides you with the details you need for the marketing strategies.

WordPress plug-in - Allows building and posting more WordPress landing pages. This plug-in offers a sleek design, visual thumbnails and analytics tools.

A/B testing - Allows users to view the landing pages and get more information about the guests and increasing the conversion levels. Get detailed knowledge about the strategies and commit the time to those that are most successful.

Integrations - Boost the performance of the landing pages by combining them effortlessly with current integration, optimisation, email marketing, social and CRM resources.

Customizable Templates - In Landing page builders the templates are particularly helpful for building landing pages, irrespective of whether or not users have a developer on board. That's because apart from not needing to build from zero, they already include critical elements, such as compliance, responsiveness and safety. Most layouts can be customized further so that you can change specific aspects of them to reflect the brand.

Landing page builders for Enterprises

Landing Page Software benefit not only small and medium-sized businesses. By designing and utilizing a landing page as one of their communication methods, often businesses may still achieve certain advantages. Furthermore, landing pages are one of the key components in the digital marketing blend. It not only supports your company, it also encourages your company to build partnerships, enables you to know more about your customers and lets you define the next move to expand your business.

Landing pages also provide one of the effective ways to identify new customers around the world. The company can use regionally-based landing pages to reach out at certain places to the intended market and increase interaction. The company will save money along the way, as its automated.

If the company does advertising campaigns, landing pages can also be a great help in making the marketing more efficient. Material may be the king but it's not enough to motivate the viewers to take action. Landing pages will add actionable exposure to your marketing platforms by enticing website users to sign up, check out, or even follow the material user's support.

Furthermore, landing pages will help users retain a reputation in the company. Through designing beautifully pleasing and highly crafted landing pages and incorporating fantastic picture and customer testimonials into it, users will convince the customers that you are trustworthy.

In fact, the lack of landing pages in today's digital world may imply lost market opportunities. However the scale of your company, this still always matters. And this is what the app for a landing page is perfect at.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Landing page builders

When the commercial interest of landing pages increasing, so does the program which is used to develop them. That is not a negative thing necessarily because more options imply more chances to find a solution that is suitable for your needs. This often encumbers the filtering method, though, which ones you want to remember. Here are some of the most significant things to remember when selecting a landing page app to support you do that:

Template Library - Getting a solution with a rich templates collection is something you should be contemplating heavily. Besides the number of templates that are provided, you will need to test their consistency. Each pre-constructed page has to be responsive, eye-catching, digital-ready, highly qualified and more.

Customization - As the templates are good-looking and competent users would still want a big personalization space. Not only to represent the brand but also to modify different aspects to suit the campaign needs. Essential choices for customization include domain names, style, Meta tags, personal codes, etc.

Integration - Assume if you use your landing pages to sell goods and they offer no way a customer can pay for them. Most possibly the next possibility is a missed shipment or an empty shopping cart. That's why you need strong application help for payment gateways and other business processes, such as CRM, communications, analytics, and others.

Number of Pages - Setting a limit on the number of landing pages you may publish might be especially bad for the company. Make sure users first know whether there is a cap on how many pages you can build and if you're ok with that.

A/B Testing - Although models that be presented for the exact style of enterprise, there is also no assurance that they can necessarily deliver the right outcomes directly for you because each strategy and market is special. This is why providing an integrated research feature would benefit the campaign in the long run.

Latest Trends

Longer landing pages - Currently, the trend is to create longer landing pages which will offer guests more information regarding their options. We like it, as it helps them to make better choices. Another advantage is that the longer landing page can include a number of strategically placed calls to action.

Modest and simple design - Companies work harder and keep the visitors offload while getting it easy to grasp. And the basic pattern of architecture is here to live. Make sure that this approach contains features such as strong readability, encapsulation, smaller total colours, different call-to-action colours, explicit direct calls-to-action, straightforward titles, easy duplication and white room.

Potential Issues

Costs can add up - Monthly subscription rates to landing page software will quickly add up particularly if users opt for extra-cost add-on apps. So be specific on what you need, and carefully pick the apps. Just take advantage of the added functionality if users currently use other landing pages for the company websites.

Cancellation can be a pain - If you suspend your landing-page system membership, you will lose access to all of your landing pages. Needless to say, especially if you use multiple landing pages in your marketing campaigns this can be a big blow to your business. Eliminate this headache by carefully selecting the vendor to keep you with them over the long term.

Recent Developments

In April 2020, Mailchimp which provides marketing automation to e-commerce business acquired Reaction Commerce which is an open and real-time commerce platform for modern retailers.

In March 2020, Mailchimp acquired Courier which is a stories of modern business reporting from London and around the world on startup culture. This is published six times a year.

In March 2019, Mailchimp acquired LemonStand which provides flexible platform for e-commerce business.

In February 2019, Mailchimp acquired Sawa which provides a platform to enhance the digital marketing aspects for the company.

In January 2019, Force24, a marketing automation company acquired SoAmpli which enables sales teams to sell more through automation of daily activities.

In January 2019, Sendinblue, which is an all-in-one platform to help grow your business through building stronger customer relationships, acquired Newsletter2Go, a powerful email marketing service and one of the fastest-growing digital firms.

In November 2018, Force24 acquired a strategic marketing agency Peppy Marketing to boost its product portfolio of marketing

Best Landing Page Builders

Comparing 35 vendors in Landing Page Builders across 93 criteria.
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Selected by small-360Analysts

Zotabox landing page builder can be integrated with a myriad of email service providers and top social media platforms. The drag-and-drop editor makes creating landing pages very beginner-friendly and the platform does not require any programming or technical experience for users to get started. Additionally, the training materials posted guide buyers step-by-step on how to use it and they are very easy to follow.

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HubSpot is considered as one of the powerful tools that can help the users in growing their business of any size with the HubSpot Pricing plan. The users can make use of several tools offered by the software for data tracking, marketing, optimization, and others apart from page creation. Of course, there are reasons why so many users are using the software today.

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Mailchimp Landing Page Builders software is a well-known name that is being used by a number of well-known firms across the world now. It offers the users to create impressive landing pages along with professional emails. Also, it helps the users to bring in more people for the business and make great impressions over the customers.
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ClickFunnels landing page builders website beautifully explains different features of the software through steps and videos. The software is not just about creating landing pages but also about helping the users in marketing the products and converting the visitors into potential customers soon towards the business. 

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Unbounce landing page builder can be taken as an all-in-one software for getting a ready landing page for the business. It allows the users to create, design, and customize the pages for better optimization of the pages. Also, the software offers a wide number of other features such as free hosting, integrations, security, and others.
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Instapage landing page builder is now being used by a good many numbers of users across the world as it is easy to use and helps in creating customizable landing pages in just a few minutes without the need of a developer. Also, it has some of the powerful tools that help the users in having various facilities that can help in the optimization of the page and attracting viewers and converting them into potential customers. 

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Sendinblue offers designing of the landing pages in the most premium way so that the users can offer sales and marketing experience to the customers in the most ultimate way. Whether it is communication or personalization, every feature is helpful for the users to attract more viewers and turn them into potential customers. 

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Moosend Landing Page Builder lets users create exclusive drip campaigns and landing pages that lead to high conversions. By sending subscribe interactive content and relevant emails, marketing strategies crafted by the software are designed to work. What's unique is how it strikes a delicate balance between design and marketing, thus making audiences more likely to be engaged and sign up instead of sounding too promotional.

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MailerLite offers the users to create landing pages and has campaigns that can make the customers grow on the site and the pages with ease. There are also options in the software that helps in optimizing the campaigns and delivering notifications and message alerts to the customers about different promotions. 

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Landingi landing page builder is an affordable site for making landing pages for marketing campaigns. It is effortless to use with extensive features. It optimizes landing pages and runs A/B tests by itself. Its lead inbox provides tools that help transform leads into customers. It also comes with in-built anti-spam features. These features enable the software to become an affordable landing page creation platform for digital marketers. 

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Leadpages Landing Page Builders is mainly for small business owners to create landing pages and webpages to promote their business and attract visitors on the page. The Leadpages pricing plan offers the facilities of getting insights and tracking details so that the performance of the business can be checked out.
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TARS landing page builder not just offers a great option in creating and customizing landing pages for the business but also offers a number of other amenities to the users for attracting traffic. Users have different features to use such as that of messenger, channels, customer focus, and many others for making the pages interesting and attracting more traffic. 

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ShortStack landing page builder is an integral, innovative software that can transform and improve upon the capabilities of any website or business. A large number of available tools, coupled with a dedicated team, allows easy capturing of contact information and enables subsequent rises in productivity. It helps in channeling customers from a specific source like social media to a webpage with a narrow focus.

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Brandcast takes engagement and marketing to another level. For anyone who is serious about enjoying higher organic reach, the landing page builder along with the training guides, live editing, and different features start getting results pretty soon. The customer support team is also very helpful and open to answering any queries.

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AWeber is listed in the best landing page builders. A number of users from different fields are using the software AWeber due to its amazing features such as the capability of creating beautiful landing pages for the users. And the AWeber pricing makes it an exclusive buy. Users from different profiles such as fitness, food, and many others can get the software to get started with a landing page online with ease. 

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Wishpond landing page builder makes creating landing pages easy. By providing cutting-edge analytics and an extremely user-friendly interface, users are able to test out different marketing strategies and find out what works best for them. With automatic alerts, website popups, cart abandonment emails, and more, this is a platform that turns new leads into returning clients.

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AGILE provides the best landing page builders. AGILE landing page builder holds a global network of 15,000 customers and 170,000 users. Its modernized features make it easy to implement stunning webpages. It offers great support at an economical rate. This software avoids data leaks and data redundancy. Moreover, its extensive customer support features provide a personalized experience to all customers and keep them satisfied.

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Ontraport landing page builder is a convenient and affordable option for businesses to market, grow, and connect to customers, expanding their reach and reaching high levels of productivity. Its sophisticated developer tools, built-in templates, and analytics help improve sales and analyze customer interaction. The modern interface and smart design make the whole process smooth and easier for both the user and the visitor.

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The Kartra landing page builder software is available with its features at a much affordable cost structure. Whether it is the features in Karta pricing plan of page building or marketing or attracting the visitors to convert them into potential customers, everything has made a number of users across the globe now to get started with the software. 

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AdPage landing page builder professional templates create powerful landing pages, lead generation campaigns, courses, and e-books in just a few minutes. Deliver amazing experiences to visitors with attractive pages, quizzes, widgets, and forms. The best part is you don’t need coding skills to use the software. Connect your collected leads with existing marketing tools to automatically and effectively follow up and nurture them to conversion. Customize and personalize pages by adding the elements and colors you want and go live quickly. 

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ConvertFlow landing page builder allows businesses of any size to create, customize and launch beautiful landing pages. It allows for deep integration with some of the most popular marketing tools like Shopify, WordPress, MailChimp, Zapier, and Google Analytics. Users do not have to be familiar with coding in order to build effective landing pages.

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Force24 landing page builder supports more than 700 integrations and users can seamlessly integrate it with their existing POS/CRM applications to facilitate smooth data transfer and to extend the software’s functionality. With this software, marketers can tailor their communications, streamline their processes, gather meaningful insights, and generate quality leads.

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GreenRope landing page builder offers organized CRM functionalities to help businesses boost sales and revenue. Users can manage all CRM tasks and efficiently handle clients’ needs and information. Utilize collaboration tools to improve communication with team members as well as with customers. Marketing teams can leverage strong lead production and nurturing capabilities to create a robust consumer base. 

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Lander landing page builder not just offers a fast way of creating the landing pages but also offers a number of other facilities such as testing of the landing pages and integration of the tools. It offers the users to have a personal touch on the page so that it can attract more visitors on the page and can be converted into customers for the business.
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Pagewiz Landing Page Builders allows businesses of any size to create, customize, and launch beautiful landing pages. It reduces the overhead of maintaining the most important part of the funnel by integrating with important CRMs, managing important client accounts, saving on development time, and providing a flexible landing page builder.

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PhoneSites landing page builder enables users to build a website that captures information such as the name, phone number, and email of visitors. Users can craft such sites using their phones without needing to download software or an app. Even lay users can easily generate a mobile-optimized website swiftly without needing technical skills or training. To resolve user issues, the vendor offers excellent support and guidance.
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ResponsiveAds landing page builder creates customized landing pages for products. The suite features all the tools needed to optimize page load times and give users cutting-edge mobile-first experiences. Engagement quizzes and surveys can also be created using the platform which ends up reducing visitor bounce rates and boosting site sales and conversions.

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Unstack landing page builder merges collaboration, design, and data under one platform to swiftly test and scale marketing programs that drive demos, leads, and sales for companies. Enterprises need not invest in separate tools for websites, landing pages, analytics, and other purposes. Eliminate data inaccuracies and reduce costs by using this software as a single system for all marketing requirements. This software is utilized by hundreds of organizations to design, publish, and collaborate on data-based marketing campaigns.

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VerticalResponse landing page builder allows businesses of any size to create, customize, and launch a great email campaign. It allows users to create beautiful and engaging emails that can be automated down to the second. It also integrates a landing page builder that supports and boosts the campaign. Users can also monitor their campaign’s performance closely and learn more about what their customers care about with timely surveys.

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Visual Stories landing page builder optimizes for mobile devices, speed, and search engine rankings and harnesses the latest web technologies like PWA and AMP. Use a new domain or publish Stories on a subdomain or in a subfolder of the existing website using the brand colors.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Several landing page developers offer free options for creating landing pages. For example, Ucraft offers a free page creator to choose from, with a number of different templates. However, if you want the best features in design and form, you should go with a high-quality paid option.
No, users don't need a landing-page website. They can have any of the resources on this list without having to own a website to create a separate page. Some landing page system even lets users create a small, multi-page website. If users operate a targeted advertising campaign onto a landing page, they can still have a distinct website regardless of each other.
Landing pages are created from the marketing campaigns to deliver relevant traffic. The emphasis of a landing page is to transform a viewer with a form and online sign-up into a lead. But at the other side, web pages, like About page, Contact page, Services pages, and more, are inflexible, evergreen pages which live on the website.
No, landing pages are not damaging to the SEO. The aim of the landing pages is to deliver targeted traffic to but not rank on Google. The only thing which can affect the SEO is if there is any unsecured link present on the landing page. This effects the SEO ranking and the credibility of website.
A decent landing page should include a strong audience offer and entice visitors to take action. Developers should compose the advantages and features aptly so that readers can easily recognize the deal. Good landing pages are quite well-designed, including captions that show significance, pages of subject matter that are simple to read, photos, a call-to-action (CTA) tab, and a sign-up form.
Putting navigation links on landing pages is good when optimizing the customer experience. But sometimes it is advisable not to put navigationlinks and sometimes it is necessary. This depends on who the target audience is and what the company objective is for that landing page.