Best Marketplace Software

Marketplace software is also referred to as multivendor marketplaces. The marketplace software helps users in creating and managing virtual stores that are used to sell product and services from several vendors. Best marketplace software help in simplifying and modernizing the whole process of creating, presenting, and handling an online marketplace, right from website design to vendor communication to shipping. Best marketplace software is alike e-commerce platforms that facilitate the development and management of virtual stores.  Nevertheless, e-commerce platforms are typically created for a single seller, while multivendor e-commerce solutions serve as a digital marketplace. Several products are provided as a separate platform, but others are solely or can be provided, as a plugin for another web CMS. As a consequence, the proprietor of the marketplace is not required to maintain an inventory but simply preserve the marketplace itself and confirm that other businesses are using it. By managing several merchants, users are very likely to have a strong support network in case any of those dealers face issues.

Top Marketplace Software in 2020

  1. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor
  2. Yelo Marketplace Solution
  3. Dokan Multivendor Marketplace
  4. ILance Auction
  5. Sharetribe Marketplace Solution
  6. Apptha Marketplace Software
  7. Kreezalid Marketplace Solution
  8. MarketEngine
  9. AppDirect Marketplace Software
  10. Apptha Buy Sell Marketplace Mobile App

 CS-Cart Multi-Vendor - Multi-Vendor is a specialized virtual market platform, which lets users to create a virtual marketplace. Users simply need to invite sellers, provide them admittance to micro-stores on the marketplace, and gain commissions from their sales. marketplace software provides everything that is required to swiftly install it and start selling. It provides a powerful collection of marketing features, a speed and mobile-friendly virtual store, outstanding SEO optimisation, appropriate and user friendly admin panel, and more….Read more

Yelo – Yelo marketplace solution helps users in creating a powerful business online and also enables them to build apps and websites. Yelo marketplace software enables users to create excellent online marketplaces without any coding in just one day. It also offers Industry-leading marketing features that allow users to run a complete marketplace worldwide in under 24 hours. The platform supports over 100 payment gateways, more than 50 languages and more than 500 integrations….Read more

Dokan Multivendor Marketplace - Dokan provides vendors with a personalized storefront. Users can start makig use of Dokan be choosing any theme that supports WooCommerce. They also get a theme free of charge, to begin with, so that they don’t face problems when building their own multi-vendor marketplace. Dokan also provides customers and vendors with access to a high-quality frontend dashboard that helps them in easily managing product inventory including deals, orders, concessions, vouchers, and more….Read more

ILance Auction - The ILance software has the ability to transform any website into a comprehensive buy and sell marketplace, with the help of several bidding and buying methods. Users can rationalize their auction bidding events by opting to ILance’s modern shopping cart experience. They can also add their own branding and personalize the look and feel to appeal to the target market they are looking at. The software is easy to use, wherein users just need to upload products to sell, create seller stores and provide them with a user friendly shopping experience to retain customers….Read more

Sharetribe - Sharetribe offers a simple way to start an online marketplace. It helps users to create a platform where their clients can lease or sell goods, spaces or services via a virtual marketplace. The software requires no downloads, no installations, and can be used without the help of a developer. Sharetribe manages all the hosting, dealings and online payments. It is very easy to use as well as customize….Read more

Apptha Marketplace Software - Apptha Marketplace is an online multi-vendor software which helps users in creating multi-vendor marketplace website instantly. This ecommerce marketplace software can be personalized and is simple to install. The newest version of marketplace software has been introduced and it comes equipped with features such as bill generation, simple order management, order termination warnings and repayment request processing all meant for the seller’s convenience….Read more

Kreezalid - Kreezalid is an ideal e-commerce solution that helps users in launching their marketplace be it for sharing, products selling or rentals. Kreezalid is a peer to peer marketplace software which supports all kinds of marketplaces. It offers a marketplace builder, which has all the features required, like a dashboard for easier user management and powerful scheduling and payment tools. It allows customers and suppliers to create an account on their marketplace as well as set up their profiles with just a few clicks. Users can understand about their customers and their buying preferences in detail. The marketplace software also allows users to check out their customer’s contact details and order history at glance….Read more

MarketEngine - MarketEngine marketplace software is a multi-vendor marketplace software that has been created and published by EngineThemes. The platform enables sellers to create personalized profile page and present their listings. It provides all the pertinent info flawlessly within each listing detail page, which makes it simpler and convenient for buyers to make buying decision….Read more

AppDirect - AppDirect is a marketplace solution that has been built for selling, issuing, and managing cloud-based products and services. The AppDirect platform quickens the sales of the user’s apps through their online store, telemarketing, and direct sales teams by allowing distribution via the global ecosystem. The platform allows provides sales team with the tools that help them in selling as well as ordering on behalf of customers. Furthermore, it helps users to expand their indirect sales network by allowing third-party resellers to sell their products….Read more

Apptha Buy Sell Marketplace Mobile App - Apptha Buy Sell marketplace mobile app has been created to help enterprises reduce their time to market quickly. This mobile app is highly flexible as it comes equipped with AWS compatibility. Apptha Buy Sell classified mobile app offers all the features that are essential for business proprietors, consumers and venders. These features include checkout suitability, simple UI, select updates and much more. This app is accessible on both iOS as well as Android platforms....Read more


This section provides an analysis of vendors who provide the best marketplace solution. The analysis is dependant on two basic criteria: a range of products offered and business strategy or market penetration strategies. Vendors are assigned ratings based on almost 80 different parameters and are positioned on the 360quadrants. This helps buyers to shortlist the vendor as per the business requirement.


This part of quadrant includes vendors such as CS-Cart Multi-vendor, Yelo and Dokan Multivendor marketplace


This part of quadrant includes vendors such as Kreezalid, MarketEngine and Apptha Marketplace.


This part of quadrant includes vendors such as ILance Auction and ShareTribe.


This part of quadrant includes vendors such as Apptha Buy-Sell and AppDirect.

Why Use Marketplace Software?

Best marketplace software is an excellent way to establish a business that satisfy a necessity that may be tough for a solo business to attain. By offering a platform for a horde of organizations so that they can offer their services and contest to accomplish that necessity, customers are provided with an extensive diversity of selections that may be hard for a single business to deliver. Best marketplace software are harder to set up, since companies must contribute of their own will, the mechanism is simpler and can be less costly than acquiring inventory and preserving a supply chain.

Accomplish A Niche Requirement

At times, it can be extremely tough to find an exact requirement for a business to achieve, but making a marketplace makes it simple for businesses to achieve either a very precise need or numerous needs at once. Best marketplace software can be effortlessly curated so that the businesses can confirm that customers get to see a varied assortment of products or services that fall in definite set of parameters.

Reduced Expenses

Since a best marketplace software does not essentially provide products directly vented by the business building a marketplace, the overhead is significantly reduced. The company offering the marketplace platform only needs to preserve the platform itself and not source the products that have been listed. As a consequence, the expense to start a marketplace is much lesser. Still, appealing to other companies to offer services on the marketplace may prove to be much tougher than just procuring inventory. It may be less costly, but it will probably be more time-intense.


Partially because of the low overhead, best marketplace software is easy to scale as needed. If a huge number of businesses want to offer products or services on the marketplace, it is pretty simple to accommodate them rather than purchasing them and supplying more inventory. However, the more number of businesses featured on a marketplace, the more likely it is that problems will arise. A good support structure and strong security will help alleviate potential issues.

Who Uses Best Marketplace Software?

Marketplace Supervisors

Businesses that set up the marketplace more often try to bring in a selection of products or services to help their customers. Since suppliers cannot operate the marketplace platform as a whole by themselves, there is always a need for someone to supervise the logistics of operating the marketplace platform and taking care of any problems faced by dealers or customers that have to do with the platform itself.

Small Businesses

Smaller companies can particularly benefit by making use of the best marketplace software since it is the simplest way to create an online store without the stress of operating and maintaining it. Though a small company is required to offer inventory and distribute any products that are bought, the managerial tasks of preserving the platform are not their accountability.


Customers who are looking for an assortment of products or services can make use of a marketplace in order to search for new and exciting products or services. Customers may also be able to provide their own products on the marketplace if they have the right products to offer. Marketplaces are generally unrestricted, so anybody with some product to offer in the set parameters can sell it to the guests of the marketplace.

Top Features

Search Capability

With a wide range of sellers, products, and services included in a marketplace, being able to effortlessly search for what buyers want to buy is a huge advantage. Some consumers may just want to casually explore, but it’s also possible that customers, most of the times, do have an idea of what they want to buy and in such cases, they expect that product to be found easily. A high quality search feature can significantly enhance the user experience of any website but particularly something as extensive as a marketplace.

Seller Pages

Every seller on the marketplace should have a page that does both, exhibits all their products and offers important information like their phone numbers, emails, or addresses. Sellers can also make use of their seller page for activities such as branding, tailoring it to be more in tune with their criteria. This also helps customers recognize them effortlessly and makes sellers more comfortable partaking in the marketplace.


The capability for a seller to personalize their products, services, and other pages related to their existence on the marketplace enables them to create an experience that is personalized to their customers. Offering flexibility is great appeals to sellers and customers alike.

Seller Dashboard

A seller dashboard makes it simple for a seller to track sales, earnings, and other data gathered by selling product or services on the marketplace. This data, when showed through a dashboard helps sellers in understanding the situation of their presence on the marketplace in a glimpse, so that they can make the required changes rapidly and with no trouble. Dashboards can also act as a central hub for all customer communication, making it simple for sellers to stay prepared and reply to customers as problems arise.

Support Capabilities

Marketplace platform is more often used by both sellers as well as customers, and both the groups may face support issues. By having a strong support system in place, marketplace platform providers can handle both points of the marketplace and confirm that no user is left behind.

Product Endorsements

Best marketplace software can be really extensive and hence, turn out to be very problematic to steer through if the users aren’t looking for anything specific. Product endorsements make it simple for buyers to look for and identify something they like based on their browsing or buying history on the site. Customization also makes it more of a possibility that customers will buy, so it’s in everybody’s best interest to contain features such as product endorsements.

Private Marketplace

Users can choose to make their marketplace private if they need it to be so. This also means that they can approve or invite sellers, or both sellers and buyers.

Social login

Best marketplace solution allows users to register and sign in with their Facebook and Google accounts.

Payments Management

Payment gateways such as PayPal and Omise are already integrated into the marketplace. Best marketplace software allows users to disable them and integrate their own payment processors too.


Both the admin as well as the vendor dashboards present the most seen items, total sales or revenue in figures with the help of a graphical representation. The admin portal also helps users to integrate their Google Analytics account for better and precise insights.


The Best marketplace software owners can create an affirmative reputation for their marketplace with the help of the built-in review mechanism. This review system not only helps in identifying high-quality products, but also creates responsibility and guarantees quality control on their products and services.

Messaging and Alerts

Best marketplace software provides tools and functionalities that simplify transactions. It is basically a community that needs communication to be able to function correctly. Sellers and buyers have to be able to interconnect with each other, and both of these parties should be able to communicate with the marketplace owner seamlessly. There are several communication possibilities available that depend on the needs of the best marketplace solution users. For a few users, internal platform communication system makes more value. Every vender and buyer has his/her own inbox, which enables them to interact easily without administrative interference. It also acts as a channel for buyer and vendors to contact the marketplace owner, as the manager of the marketplace, in order to provide real-time feedback.

What are the different types of online marketplaces?

Business to Business (B2B) Marketplaces

A B2B marketplace platform typically involves three categories of users: The Marketplace Proprietor; Businesses as vendors; Businesses as consumers. A B2B marketplace considers other businesses as their key customers. For instance, retailers and dealers. Normally, a third party runs a B2B marketplace and not the real producer of the products or services. It can be used by both buyers as well as vendors from a specific niche. Users can list their businesses or themselves to these marketplaces and gain access to advertisements, quotes, and place proposals on various products from their sector.

Business to Customer Marketplaces

The Business to Customer marketplace model typically comprises two categories of users: sellers and buyers. In this particular model, vendors sell their products and services not to other vendors but directly to the buyers or consumers. Several B2C marketplaces are one-stop shops where consumers can buy an assortment of goods online. Since this model is one of the most widely used today, there are numerous well-known B2C marketplaces. For instance, AliExpress is a massive online B2C marketplace that comprises a large number of sellers offering various products from clothing to vehicles. is another online travel marketplace that connects hoteliers with travellers and presents a remarkable list of properties.

Peer to Peer Marketplaces

A Peer to Peer or Customer to Customer marketplace generally links people with similar requirements, preferences, and earnings in order to share products and services with each other. The basic idea of this kind of a marketplace is the following: The marketplace enables peers to offer products or services in return for money or other products and services. P2P marketplaces make a part of the sharing economy, which helps people in making the best use of resources via leasing, and not buying. The most significant thing about this kind of a marketplace is that currently an individual can be a user but later they can also become a provider. The P2P model typically has a smaller sales cycle and length of association as compared to the B2B and B2C marketplace models.

How to choose an ideal Marketplace Software?

Identifying the best marketplace solution depends on five key pointers:

  1. Emphasis of the software
  2. Range of the software
  3. The organization’s business model
  4.  Services encompassed in the software
  5. The company’s references

What is the focus of the marketplace solution?

No software solution is capable of managing all different kinds of marketplace concepts flawlessly. The more dedicated the software is to a precise online marketplace type, the more the chances that it will turn out to be an ideal software.

Different scopes influence the choice of marketplace solution:

  • Is the marketplace about vending products or services?
  • If it’s about selling products, are these products physical or digital?
  • Is it C2C, B2C, or B2B?
  • Is there a need to create a website or a mobile app?

Maximum number of online marketplaces do have a lot of necessities in common. For instance, platforms normally require listings, reviews, and user profiles in their feature set. But there may be other features that are more precise to the marketplace category. For instance, marketplaces catering to the rentals or services will need a reservation calendar, while marketplaces concentrating on products do not. So, the users will need to sure that all their standards and required features expectations have been met by the selected software.

Can the range of the marketplace be expanded?

Creating an effective online marketplace platform has to be more of process, than a project. The early launch of the platform is just the exact start. Post the launch, once the marketplace starts acquiring data by communicating with the users and assessing it, the marketplace owner should be able to continuously adjust their platform. This means that the marketplace solution needs to be simply adaptable. Best marketplace software platform is time and again a better solution for authenticating the concept and creating a least viable platform. But in any case, the marketplace owner has to develop features that are precise to their idea. Due to the exclusive characteristics of these features, the best marketplace software vendor most probably will not provide them out of the box. Creating a new platform from ground-up at this point is certainly an option, but that creation would be time and money consuming which can instead be used on growing the platform. Also, the owner would be basically investing most of those resources in just creating the types of basic features that the Saas-powered platform now has. Due to such reasons, it’s critical to think forward in case of selecting the best marketplace software. It has to be clarified that the seller offers the likelihood to outspread the platform to allow the users to grow their marketplace without having to start from scratch.

Is the marketplace’s business model aligned with user expectations?

Getting into a partnership with a marketplace solution provider is a big decision. The technology and services offered by the marketplace will support the whole business, so it is important to be sure that their offerings are aligned with user expectations. The most appropriate way to learn about this is to understand how the marketplace platform company generates revenue. If the marketplace platform provider charges a big amount of money right away, even before the users have even launched their marketplace, it is a matter of risk. In this kind of a model, the provider makes revenue whether the seller succeeds or not. This means their intention is to provide a fancy marketplace platform with just a long list of features. This might also mean that the marketplace provider is not keen on offering tools that help the users create, withstand, and enlarge their business. If the revenue-making model of the marketplace provider is based on the user count or transaction size, the platform is most likely a good one. When the marketplace provider only generates profits when the user does well, it means that they have a strong intention to create their software tools and services that would help the business to succeed. The joint benefit is normally a good starting point for any partnership.

What services are provided by the marketplace platform?

Does the marketplace platform provider offer hosting, server monitoring, regular software updates and data storage? If the user is not technical, requiring to set up the essential hosting and backups might be a great thing even if the user gets the basic marketplace solution out of the box. As the user volume increases, ensuring that the platform works effortlessly and steadily can need a permanent developer and take an astonishingly big chunk of the monthly budget. Users might also want to confirm if the software provider follows all the best safety practices and manages regulatory compliance. Several vendors provide some kind of a free trial period. Users should make use of this time prior to obliging to an acquisition, and test all the features of the software carefully. Also during this time, it would be a good idea to be constantly connected with the software provider’s customer service. The user will most probably communicate more with customer support as the platform starts growing, which is why they should make sure that the customer support has to respond swiftly and to the point.

What references does the marketplace provider have?

The marketplace solution provider that has been selected is an important partner, nearly similar to a new team fellow. If this association doesn’t work fine, then the business perhaps won’t work well either. Users should consider the collection process with the same gravity as they would plan to consider recruiting.

What are the Marketplace development trends to look at in the near future?

Mobile Design and Advanced Web Apps

The amount of smartphone users is growing consistently and this won’t stop in some years for sure. To be in the trend, businesses should be able to create an online marketplace that has a flawless mobile design and consider app development for the marketplace. Currently, the technological development of mobile devices happens so fast, that there is always a possibility of eliminating the use of regular computers from the market totally. As a smart business proprietor, the user should focus on making mobile-first design in the online marketplace development process. The users need to ensure that they put sufficient effort into the adaptive or responsive design they work at and provide the users with an adequate UX quality. The added advantage to cover the effort will be an improved search-engine ranking since mobile enhanced sites are ranked well. Businesses can also make use of Google AMP technology for their site and get their web platform ranked in the search results by default.

Hyper Customization

Modern customers expect a more personal experience from shopping, that’s the main reason why customization is going to be a leading trend in the eCommerce sphere in the coming future. To be effective, businesses will have to customize all the ways of targeting and reaching to their customers effectively. It is also recommended to connect together all the digital touchpoints and generate hyper-customization across all the facets of the customer journey around the entire online marketplace. The truly exclusive user experience for each visitor will prove to be the main element of all the web-based shopping platform success. Meeting all the needs of the consumers may be reasonably challenging for businesses, though, not impossible. If a business wants to gain its users once and forever, there is a need to present them with a few, but better quality, secure and pertinent search results, precise to the numerous data points gathered from their profiles.

Voice Search Capability

The growing demand for voice technology has already completely altered the way users communicate with their devices. The human voice has been instrumental in finding and buying products now and this has paved the way for a new term “voice commerce”. It is expected, that voice commerce will reach 40 billion USD sales in the USA only by the end of 2022. So for the users’ suitability, while creating an online marketplace business should consider optimizing it for the voice search.

Artificial Intelligence

The growth of voice technology goes hand in hand with artificial intelligence, which can essentially change the modern online marketplace platforms making them more effectual for the consumers. Artificial Intelligence technology has the potential to classify goods automatically, enhance the quality of images by default, and interpret item explanations and schedules as well as messenger chats. Also, intending to deliver high-quality services and improve customer experience, Artificial Intelligence technology can endorse the items alike to the ones the consumer searches for and the ones to match his or her preference.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has already become a substitute way to view the world, obscuring the lines amid physical and digital truth it can provide consumers with an exclusive opportunity to check goods external to the physical stores. Augmented reality has the ability to improve the customer’s experience in the acquisition consideration stage, consequently to help the clients make more informed choices.

Mobile Payments and Blockchain Technology

Mobile transactions are here and they are proving to be quicker and safer as compared to the traditional payment methods. With all the user information stored on the mobile phone, there is a reduced resistance in the course of making a transaction simple. Google Pay and Paytm technologies are now pretty helpful for the growth of a web-based marketplace as they enable the creation of a flawless experience for the consumers in the course of checkout.

Customer Participation

In the near future consumer participation is going to happen on a bigger level. So, the question is, how to create a highly engaging online marketplace? As a clever developer, businesses should invest in multifaceted software for data gathering and examination and also inspire the users to produce content. A better customer engagement program results in the users’ being loyal to the marketplace platform and it also has a better marketing effect.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is one of the key trends in the current and future development of the marketplace. It is all about providing the buyers with the best price that suits their budget. For this, businesses must also know the price that their opponents are offering, so according to the opponents’ pricing, a business has to set its pricing. Also, many of the times, pricing totally depends upon the market demand or response.

Best Marketplace Software

Comparing 28 vendors in Marketplace Software across 82 criteria.
All vendors(28)


Being one of the industry-leading solutions, Yelo marketplace software comes up with some of the powerful features that are crafted to run the global marketplace. This comes along with ordering the dashboard, which permits users in accessing control and manage marketing without any issue. They try to fulfill the customers’ requirements in every possible way.

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The USP of MarketPlus marketplace software is its purpose to track, discover, and analyze from anywhere, just like a professional. It gives allowance to track in real-time. It can analyze on mobile platforms. Besides scanning profitable business chances, it gives alerts on the signals. It is also popular for its Pro FNO Tools.Its multi-payment gateway allows more flexibility in money transactions that users cannot lose any prospective customer.

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CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a standalone professional marketplace platform designed to create an online marketplace. CS-Cart software offers over 500 built-in e-commerce features. With CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, you can invite vendors, allow them to access micro-stores on your marketplace, and take on commissions from their sales.

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Dokan is a Multi-vendor Marketplace Plugin and e-Commerce solution for WordPress, designed to easily customize the market store. With Dokan, anyone can create and manage their own online multivendor marketplace without much trouble. It can deal with many issues through one interface and manage all aspects of operations to run its own store. Dokan software is compatible with several WooCommerce themes.

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ILance is web-based auction management software that helps you to transform any website into a complete buy and sell marketplace. It can use various bidding and buying methods for selling single or bulk items. ILance Auction software is 100% customizable and supports multi-languages for your customers. The software provides an end-to-end auctioning solution for open selling and web-hosting of auctions.

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Kreezalid is a SaaS-based e-commerce solution that helps businesses create their own marketplace, without using any coding system. The solution is mobile-friendly and offers essential features such as listings, reviews, calendar, shipping, geolocation, and more and extra features on demand.

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MarketEngine is a free WordPress multi-vendor marketplace plugin developed by EngineThemes. The software is designed for those businesses who are looking for any niche e-commerce solution. MarketEngine platform manages language support for local online shops, real-time reporting, sales analysis, multiple currency payments and their processing, customer inquiries, support, door-to-door logistics, and delivery.

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Sharetribe is an innovative and easy-to-use platform to create and start your own online marketplace businesses. With Sharetribe, users can sell or rent goods, spaces, or services online. Anyone from aspiring entrepreneurs, to established corporations to web development agencies can build their own customers. The platform takes care of all technical aspects and handles all the hosting, transactions, and online payments, allowing you to target your business.

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Apptha Marketplace is a ready-made software, allowing you to create a multi-vendor marketplace website like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba within a short time span. Apptha Marketplace is simple to install and easily customizable as per your needs. Apptha Marketplace is designed for online merchants to create their own cloud-ready marketplace site and launch products in less time.

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Apptha Buy Sell marketplace mobile app is a copy of the Letgo app that offers several features including checkout convenience, simple UI, exclusive updates, and more. This classified mobile app is designed for business owners, buyers, and sellers to help them minimize their time to market products speedily. Apptha Buy Sell app is compatible with AWS for real-world selling.

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AppDirect platform sells, markets, distributes, and manages cloud-based products and services. AppDirect helps to monetize and manage your digital customer relationships. The platform connects all providers, developers, and customers onto a single ecosystem and manages the cloud services from a central location.

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