The micro mobile data center is a self-contained infrastructural design achieved by integrating the storage, processing, and networking modules required to run indoor and outdoor applications in a secure computing environment. Micro mobile data centers are available in standardized prefabricated sizes that enable the data center owners to save their capital investment and the time needed in building data centers by the traditional approach. The size and flexibility features of micro mobile data centers make them ideal for use in applications, such as high density networks, remote office support, and mobile computing.

Top 10 Micro Mobile Data Center Solutions

  1. Schneider Electric
  2. HPE
  3. Dell EMC
  4. Hitachi
  5. HUAWEI MicroDC
  6. Rittal
  7. Panduit
  8. Vertiv
  10. Eaton

Top Micro Mobile Data Center Solutions Startups

Startups are the companies who have shown significant product innovations relative to competitors. They have a very concentrated range of items. However for their total market they do not have really good development plans. Some of the top startups in this space are:

  1. Dataracks
  2. Zellabox
  3. Allied Electronics
  4. IPSIP
  5. Chillmann
  6. RiverSync
  7. Cannon
  8. Vapor IO
  9. Hanley Energy


Competitive landscape includes the analysis of the business strategies and product offerings of the key players in the micro mobile market. Based on their market performance, the vendors are placed into 4 categories: vanguards, innovators, emerging, and dynamic. We have evaluated the top 27 vendors that include Advanced Facilities, Inc., Allied Electronics Corp. Ltd., Cannon Technologies, Canovate, Chillmann, Dataracks, Dell, Delta Power Solutions, Eaton, Hanley Energy, Hitachi, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Instant Data Centers, LLC., IPSIP Group, KSTAR Corporation, Orbis Oy, Panduit, Rittal, RiverSync., Schneider Electric, Sicon Chat Union Electric, STULZ, Vapor IO, Vertiv and Zellabox.


Vendors who fall into this category receive high scores for most of the evaluation criteria. They have a strong and established product portfolio, and a very strong market presence. They provide mature and reputable micro mobile data center solutions. They also have strong business strategies. Companies such as IBM, HPE, Schneider Electric, Instant Data Centers, LLC, Canovate, Vertiv, Huawei, Panduit, Rittal, Hitachi, Dell, Eaton, and Delta Power Solutions are included in the visionary leaders.


They are established vendors with very strong business strategies. However, they are low in product portfolio. They focus on a specific type of technology related to the product. The companies included in the dynamic category are STULZ, Sicon Chat Union Electric, and KSTAR Corporation.


Innovators in the MicroQuadrant are the vendors who have demonstrated substantial product innovations as compared to their competitors. They have very focused product portfolios. However, they do not have very strong growth strategies for their overall business. The companies included in innovators are Dataracks, Zellabox, Allied Electronics Corp. Ltd, IPSIP Group, Chillmann, RiverSync, Cannon Technologies, Vapor IO, and Hanley Energy.


They are vendors with niche product offerings who have started to gain a position in the market. They do not have very strong business strategies as compared to other established vendors. They might be new entrants in the market and require some time before gaining a significant traction. Advanced Facilities, Inc. and Orbys Oy are included in the emerging category.

Micro Mobile Data Center Solutions

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Zella DC provides micro mobile data center solutions and products that help manage customer demand and expectations. These micro mobile data centers are one-stop, secure, self-contained, rugged solutions that house servers and networking equipment in a climate-controlled and protected box. They meet the needs of small growing companies and those located in isolated sites. They reduce OPEX and provide rapid deployments. 

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Schneider Electric offers various micro mobile data center solutions, including SmartBunker, SmartShelter, Micro mobile data center Xpress, and NetShelter. SmartBunker SX caters to traditional IT environments, SmartBunker CX is a sound-proof solution for office environments, SmartBunker FX is a secure and dustproof solution for industrial environments, and SmartShelter Module and Container is a deploy anywhere solution. Schneider Electric offers the Micro mobile data center SX and Micro mobile data center FX solutions through its subsidiary, APC. The Micro mobile data center SX is ideal for data center and edge deployments, whereas the Micro mobile data center FX is a rugged solution that can perform in any environment. These solutions are single-rack and multi-rack infrastructure solutions, and include all the necessary power, cooling, security, and associated management tools assembled in a factory environment.
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HPE develops and markets micro mobile data center solutions which are self-contained, single rack, modular, software-defined data centers. These data centers are optimized to provide cloud and hybrid IT applications. The solutions incorporate storage, compute, network, and control automation along with providing security and protection. The company offers three models of micro mobile data centers which differ in resilience, usable space RUs, and power capacity. These models include Model 42–2N, Model 42 N, and Model 23 N. Model 42-2N has 2N power and cooling infrastructure along with 42 RU space.
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Dell EMC micro mobile data centers are pre-integrated small and agile data centers which are easily deployable and can be tailored as per the customers’ requirements. Moreover, they can be deployed for both indoor and outdoor environments. Dell’s micro mobile data center solutions are equipped with management capabilities that enable them to be managed in a unified software defined environment.
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Hitachi offers micro mobile data center solutions which include an all-in-one product with an IT server rack and a cooling system. These solutions provide various advantages, such as reduced operational cost and faster deployment. The company’s micro mobile data center is available in 42 RU size and is equipped with a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU. The cooling is provided by efficient cold air circulation from the bottom of the solution from where the cold air blows into the front space of the device separated by the heat shutter.
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Huawei offers various micro mobile data center solutions, such as MicroDC 3000H and MicroDC 3000L system configurations. MicroDC 3000H is a 42 U cabinet designed for applications in branches having less than 300 persons. MicroDC 3000L is a 24 U cabinet designed for branches having less than 100 persons. These MicroDC solutions provide pre-assembled hardware and pre-optimized software platforms which integrate facilities, ICT infrastructures, and common enterprise applications into a single package.
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Rittal offers micro mobile data centers which provide optimum protection and are suited for SMEs. The company’s product offerings consist of Level A, Level B, and Level E micro mobile data centers. Level A data centers are ready to install with integral cooling. They have inner TS 8 frame structures, having front and rear 19 inch level of racks. Their base comes with ground clearance and provides a high level of security which is tested by well-known institutions. Level B data centers are available in a modular layout and hence, they can be easily installed in rigorous locations.
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IBM offers micro mobile data centers that are ideal for edge and IoT applications. The company’s micro mobile data center product named Micro DC XPress is prefabricated, provides customizable configurations, and is available in 24 U and 42 U. The micro mobile data center is rapidly delivered within 2–3 weeks, which further lowers the total deployment cost.
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Panduit provides micro mobile data center solutions which offer rapid deployment, increased capacity, and cost-effectiveness. The company’s micro mobile data center solutions are pre-configured and are available in 42 RU dynamic rated MDC, 24 RU dynamic rated MDC, and 42 RU MDC. The 42 RU MDC offered by the company is designed for house switches, firewalls, servers, storage, and UPS equipment of up to 200 devices. The 24 RU MDC offered by the company is designed for house switches, firewalls, servers, storage, and power equipment of up to 30-50 devices within the manufacturing floor. These solutions serve as an end-to-end network hub catering to the demand of manufacturing companies.
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Vertiv provides micro mobile data centers which operate at the edge of the network and are critical to businesses. The company provides SmartCabinet to facilitate the deployment of micro mobile data centers with fully integrated enclosures. SmartCabinet is a complete IT infrastructure solution available in three pre-defined configurations of basic, eco, and top, providing options based on the users’ applications and requirements. SmartCabinet is designed for a broad range of applications, such as retail stores, telecommunication sites and branch offices, healthcare, educational institutions, finance, transportation, government, and business process outsourcing firms.
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Instant Data Centers offers Relocatable Adaptive Suspension Equipment Rack (RASER), which is a micro mobile data center with 42 U rack enclosure that comes with industry standard 19 inch wide and 42 inch deep server racks. This micro mobile data center is equipped with closed loop cooling which can support 12 kW of IT. It also includes shock and vibration isolation that helps to prevent damage in transit. The company also offers HD RASER, which is a 42 RU, high density micro mobile data center capable of cooling IT loads from 20 to 80 kW.
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Eaton offers micro mobile data centers which are easy to configure solutions for IT equipment and are designed for edge computing applications. The company offers its products via the Electrical Systems and Services segment. The principal markets for this segment includes institutes, governments, utilities, commercial businesses, residential, and IT enterprises. The edge data center offered by the company includes power systems, standard rack and cooling units, and an integrated monitoring system. The company’s edge data center solution reduces installation time and minimizes TCO.
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Canovate offers the Micro mobile data center CPJ-X-2460A-T2K to cater to the current business environment requirements. The company’s micro mobile data center offerings are plug and play data centers, which offer cooling, fire suppression, monitoring, power management, and protection. They also offer remote management capabilities through the Environmental Monitoring System (EMS), which facilitates unified management from the group’s headquarters.
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The Micro Data Center by Delta Electronics has been developed for smaller businesses and regional environment IT applications. It is based on the newest technology and is a highly integrated modular data centre solution. All the sub-systems, including UPSs, cooling, power distribution, wiring, airflow management and intelligent monitoring are integrated and coordinated. Racks are used as the data-centre carriers. The specialized modular approach makes sure that the data centre environment is safe and secure for all operations to execute smoothly.
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Hanley Energy helps other organizations in the planning, supply, installation, and maintenance of customized energy and demanding power solutions.

Hanley's micro data centre is known as PowerHive that is already pre-assembled and is helpful for small offices, IT branch offices, or even non-IT companies. It supports IT deployment anywhere and anytime it is needed, thus saving space, cost, and deployment time.

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Sicon Chat is an electrical and electronic manufacturing firm that concentrates on providing uninterruptible power supply, China module UPS, No breaks, Microdata center, along with a few other products. For storing data, the companies require a cost-effective and efficient product, and this is where Sicon's micro data center comes into the picture. It comes in a box cabinet that has integrated cooling, power supply and distribution module, monitoring, network cabling, and so on.
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Dataracks offers micro mobile data centers in the standard 19 inch rack size with integrated cooling, security, and power supply options. The company’s micro mobile data center solutions are highly efficient and operate at a PUE of 1.21. They utilize direct expansion or chilled water cooling systems and are equipped with intelligent power distribution units and uninterruptible power supplies.
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STULZ GmbH is a solution provider of energy-efficient temperature and humidity control technology, particularly for essential mission purposes. The company also offers micro data centers for dynamic storage support and can also be scaled as per requirements. STULZ's micro data center can be used for a wide variety of purposes like high-performance computing, server optimization and cooling, edge to DC on demand, etc. With the help of this data center, each device can be independently configured.
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RiverSync markets concentrated micro data centres, modular data centres, and dynamic support devices, including the Frigo 2500 AC. These solutions let businesses use their computing infrastructure swiftly. The company sells its solutions to giant corporations as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises across multiple exchanges.
RiverSync mainly focuses on prefabricated data centres to let fast on-site assembly. This not only is a benefit for the company but also for clients as this saves time and costs.
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Chillmann is an Information Technology and Services based company that designs modern data center cooling technology. The company's cooling mainly focuses on creating dynamic and consistent cold air to remove heat from the environment.

Chillmann's data center owns the same cooling, power, and security services of a conventional data center, but on a decidedly smaller order. It facilitates the speedy installation of the machine while also saving costs and space.
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Orbis Oy has provided a variety of solutions for different data centres. They have robust fibre management solutions for network construction and data centre. They apply simple mechanics with maximum flexibility to make sure that the product works in different applications. The microdata centre is built to be very lightweight and mobile in its structure which has a systematic integration of various functions like airflow, humidity, smoke and temperature. It is very suitable for smaller businesses and also schools and office facilities.
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