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CLIQR Multi-Cloud Management Platform

  • San Jose, California, US
  • 2010
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Company Overview
CliQr has strong expertise in the multi-cloud management platform offering. The company strongly focuses on offering customers an improved service experience using its multi-cloud management offerings. For instance, in July 2015, CliQr made CloudCenter 4.0 available for customers to provide approachable, secure, and manageable CMP for every IT environment, whether it be virtual, physical, or cloud. Moreover, CloudCenter 4.0 includes features such as application coverage, security, role-based graphical user interface, and application modeling and support.

The company believes in expanding its business by adding new partners to its partner reseller program. For instance, in January 2016, CliQr made significant investments to add a large number of reseller partners and appointed a new director of channel sales to support and expand program membership and meet customer demands for hybrid cloud management globally. CliQr offers innovative multi-cloud management features to maintain a competitive position in the multi-cloud management market. Moreover, the company has devised the strategy of building strong customer relationships by providing differentiated technology offerings and maintaining strong partner relations to keep innovating and grow continuously.

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CLIQR Presence in Multi-Cloud Management Platform
CliQr focuses on adopting inorganic strategies to achieve continuous growth, increase its offerings, and expand the customer base globally. In January 2016, CliQr and CompuNet partnered to offer hybrid cloud solutions in the Pacific Northwest region and CompuNet joined the CliQr reseller partner as well. Both the companies are focusing on developing and improving their offerings to meet growing customer demands. Moreover, the company has also extended its global footprint in the European market by opening its office in London. Furthermore, CliQr has been acquired by Cisco Systems, a giant player in the cloud and managed services market, which proves that the company can expand and grow its offerings and meet growing customer demands in an enhanced and progressive manner. The company focuses on partnering with market leaders to reduce implementation risks, increase customer base, expand the global footprint, and add business values.
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