HVAC contained servers are computer server racks or cabinets, equipped with self-cooling air conditioners, which are easily deployable and portable. It is a fully integrated flexible solution, and is built on a cabinet, enabling the enterprises to save their capital investment and time needed in building data centers by the traditional approach. It has redefined the way traditional data centers or computer center architectures implemented cooling, power supplies, and space infrastructure. It consists of standardized components, making it easier and cheaper to build, deploy, and integrate to any other data center at customer premises. HVAC contained servers supersede the legacy of traditional data centers by offering flexibility, scalability, portability, reusability, smaller footprint, reduced deployment time, improved efficiency, and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). 1 Core competencies of the companies are captured in terms of their key developments and key strategies adopted by them to sustain their position in the market.

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