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DCACLab PCB design software provides a convenient circuit design platform that is accessible and compatible with the needs of students and teachers. With real-life components, simple circuit simulator, and different implementation modes like current flow and electron flow DCACLab makes learning more fun. With reasonable price strata and free versions, it fits the diverse needs of users from students to teachers to hobbyists. It allows the learner to apply scientific methods, respond to questions, gather the necessary materials, follow procedures, use tools and equipment, as well as draw conclusions.

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DCACLab PCB design software is an online circuit design solution platform that offers attractive graphics and circuit simulation aimed at interactive teaching solutions and effective design solutions. It has real looking components and real-life circuit simulation that provide hands-on experience to users without the hassle of building a real circuit. With online lessons and regular DCACLab updates, the platform is accessible and up-to-date. 

DCACLab Features

→Simplified Circuit Design

  • Use real looking components and handy circuit simulation to make and test circuits easily.
  • Understand designs better using the current flow and electron flow mode to learn, assess, and rectify designs.


  • Access the software online from any location to cater to a diversified set of needs.
  • Utilize the free version of DCACLab to teach, learn, and design for any interest group from students to hobbyists. 

→ Simple

  • Simplify the design process by using the online simulation to implement circuits that would take hours in real life.
  • Trigger interest in students and enable the use of experimentation and diversification.

→ Online resources

  • Access the online blog to get in touch with other circuit enthusiasts to increase learning and knowledge.
  • Learn using free online tutorials to build real-life like circuits to test and implement ideas and designs.

DCACLab Pricing

DCACLab pricing has three slabs ranging from 120 USD a year to 799 USD a year. The DCACLab pricing slabs differ according to payment frequency i.e. yearly or monthly. DCACLab pricing is as follows:

  1. Academic- 14 USD/ month or 120 USD/ year
  2. Hobbyist- 28 USD/ month or 160 USD/ year
  3. Classroom- 199 USD/ month or 799 USD/year

DCACLab Demo

DCACLab PCB design software offers a free demo version with limited features. The demo version can be accessed through an online interface on DCACLab’s website. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its memberships which can be canceled at any time.


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DCACLab Reviews


Buyer, Manufacturing, SME

May 05, 2020

“Convenient to use”

DCACLab provides a simplified simulator with real-like components that make understanding and experimentation easy and convenient.
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James Smith

May 05, 2020

“Useful resource”

DCACLab’s online resources and community are useful resources in the process of learning.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What are major features of DCACLab?

The major features of this software are Simplified Circuit Design, Accessibility, Online resources and online simulation.

What are pricing plans for DCACLab?

DCACLab pricing for monthly plan is Student version - $7/month/student license and Hobbyist- $10/month/hobbyist license.

Does DCACLab offer free demo?

The software comes with the demo version. This can be used by users with limited features. Users can sign u on vendor website to avail this demo.

Who usually implement DCACLab?

These details will be updated soon.

What is main USP of DCACLab?

The main USP of DCACLab is its online simulation to implement circuits that would take hours in real life.

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