The Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) complies with the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), which defines the standards and policies for telecommunication. The policy management software enables service providers to dynamically control network resources to keep track of the network behavior of users by defining real-time policies. A policy management software manages subscribers, designs business rules, ensures balanced management of subscribers, and carries out online/offline charging functions and PCRF. A policy management software operates at the network core level to carry out various specialized functions and accesses databases of subscribers. With the help of PCRF, software service providers have developed policy management software to be used by the Communication Service Providers (CSPs).

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Top 10 Policy Management Software in 2020:

  10. OPENET


The competitive leadership mapping section provides information regarding key vendors offering policy management solutions for telecom operators and outlines the findings and analysis as well as rates them accordingly based on vendor performance within each evaluation criteria. The evaluation criteria are based on 2 broad categories, namely, strength of product portfolio and business strategy excellence. Each category encompasses various parameters on the basis of which vendors are evaluated. Parameters considered under strength of product portfolio include breadth & depth of offering, feature/functionality, product innovation, differentiation/impact on customer value, and branding. Furthermore, parameters considered under business strategy excellence include effectiveness of growth strategy, channel strategy and fit, geographic footprint, and vision alignment.


Ericsson (Sweden), Huawei (China), Nokia (Finland), Oracle (US), Amdocs (US), Netcracker Technology (UK), CSG International (US), ZTE (China), Cisco (US), Redknee (Canada) and Openet (Ireland) are some of the leading players that fall under the category of visionary leaders. They have a strong portfolio of solution and service offerings in the policy management in telecom market. These vendors offer end-to-end functionalities and easily deployable policy management solutions for end-use industries, such as telecom. They have adopted robust business strategies to enhance growth prospects in the policy management in telecom market.


Dynamic differentiators offer an innovative portfolio of services. They have adopted very strong business strategies to enhance their existing line of services across various regions worldwide. Over the past few years, dynamic differentiators have been consistently generating positive revenue growth in the policy management in telecom market. Currently, there are no players that fall under the category of dynamic differentiators in the policy management in telecom market.


Cerillion (UK), Sterlite Technologies (India), Formula Telecom Solutions (Israel), AsiaInfo (China), Mahindra Comviva (India), Tecnotree (Finland), NVision Group (Russia), Alepo Technologies (US), and Infonova (Austria) are recognized as innovators in the policy management in telecom market. They have an innovative portfolio of policy management solutions and a strong potential to grow at par with visionary leaders. These vendors have been consistently providing clients with innovative policy management solutions depending on their specified requirements. Innovators have been at the forefront of deploying policy management solutions for organizations and managing custom requests.


Comarch (Poland), MATRIXX Software (US), Aria Systems (US), XIUS (US), and SunTec Business Solutions (India) are recognized as emerging companies in the policy management in telecom market. Emerging companies specialize in offering highly niche and tailor-made solutions and services to their clients. A majority of emerging companies have been undertaking multiple projects and increasing their sales capabilities across regions to offer integrated services to a wide range of potential customers.

Best Policy Management Software in Telecom 2022

Comparing 25 vendors in Policy Management in Telecom Solutions across 83 criteria.
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Ericsson offers comprehensive, pre-integrated, and modular OSS/BSS solutions and services, globally. The company is focused on offering a wide range of innovative solutions and services to telecom and enterprise clients. Ericsson’s Service-Aware Policy Controller (SAPC) is one of the leading products in the policy management in telecom market.
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Huawei Investment & Holding Co., Ltd. provides a robust SmartPCC solution to telecom operators. This solution provides operators with subscriber-specific, unified access-independent service experience and end-to-end unified policy management.
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Nokia Corporation delivers policy control to wireless, wired, and advanced networks through the software platform named Nokia Dynamic Services Controller (DSC).
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Oracle Corporation offers a wide range of OSS/BSS solutions that include convergent charging & policy, unified billing & revenue management, customer experience management, unified CRM, order & service management, network resource management, and unified inventory management.
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Amdocs offers a comprehensive policy management solution, in addition to integrated policy controllers, which are aligned with network changes to accelerate business processes. The company is focused on enhancing its operational efficiency and improving customer experience.
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The company offers comprehensive, end-to-end policy management solutions for communication service providers. It also provides a wide range of revenue management solutions that include active mediation, converged rating & charging, voucher management, collections management, customer billing management, online charging system, partner billing management, and bill presentment.
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CSG International offers revenue management solutions that include cable & satellite care, convergent rating & billing, charging & policy, partner management, and billing & settlement. The company is one of the key vendors in the policy management in telecom market.
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The company offers a fully integrated suite of products for real-time convergent billing that includes Redknee Unified, Redknee Turnkey Converged Billing (TCB), Redknee Policy Control Server (PCS), Redknee Assurance, end-to-end billing-as-a-service, and smart pricing. The company’s revenue management solutions provide real-time charging, multi-play billing, Mobile Virtual Network Operator/Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNO/MVNE) billing, and wholesale & enterprise billing to communication service providers.
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The company offers ZSmart integrated Policy Control and Charging (PCC) solution in the policy management in telecom market. This solution helps telecom operators create data bundles, ensure flexibility in prices, and enhance their service offerings.
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Openet is one of the key players in the policy management in telecom market. The company offers the next-generation Policy Manager to manage real-time policies based on service, subscriber, or usage context.
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Cisco delivers products that are aimed to secure and simplify network infrastructure of communication services providers and enterprises. The company offers Cisco policy and charging control solution in the field of policy management.
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The company is one of the prominent vendors in the field of policy management. It offers Veris Billing that is a fully convergent telecom billing, real-time charging, and policy management system.
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